What Happens To Your Skin If You Bleach It?

Ruining your skin to change its color

In the west – pale meant nobility – but now it has evolved to be the sexual preference.
On both sides of the spectrum – women put chemicals on their skin to change its color
Lil kim has come under fire for some recent instagram photos sporting her new, caucasian appearance – from her slimmed down nose, to blonde, straight hair… to her surprisingly white skin. And it’s not just Lil Kim – powerful woman of color from Beyonce, to Rhianna, are speculated to have lightened their skin to appear “more caucasian”.
Lil’ Kim’s body image issues are no secret. In a 2000 interview she said:
I have low self-esteem and I always have. Guys always cheated on me with women who were European-looking. You know, the long-hair type. Really beautiful women that left me thinking, ‘How can I compete with that?’ Being a regular black girl wasn’t good enough.

The thing is – women on both spectrum’s are taught to want the opposite – this is classic economics.. Making people want more than what they already are…

But focusing on self esteem as the only explanation for her new look is a bit unfair, making it seem like Lil kim’s skin whitening is abnormal behavior. In fact, a recent study by the University of Cape Town suggests that skin whitening is extremely common – one in three women of color bleaches their skin – particularly in Africa and Asia.

And with good reason. Being light skinned has financial benefits – studies repeatedly show that light-skinned people make more money and enjoy more success. For example, a 2007 study found that lighter-skinned immigrants in the US earned 8 to 15 percent more than their darker-skinned counterparts. Another study, published in the Labor Law Journal found dark-skinned African Americans face huge discrimination throughout life than lighter skinned African Americans – they have lower levels of education, lower wages, that they receive longer prison sentences, and are less likely to be promoted at work.

So given the huge incentives to be lighter skinned, it’s a good idea to bleach your skin, right? Well – extensive research shows skin bleaching it’s not safe – with adverse effects from itchy burning skins, to scabs, to cancer.
The main chemical used to stop the skin from producing melanin is hydroquinone. Research commissioned by the FDA found using hydroquinone may trigger blood cancers such as leukaemia, cancers of the liver and kidneys, as well as a severe skin condition called ochronosis, a form of hyper-pigmentation which causes the skin to turn a dark purple shade. It’s so dangerous that most countries including Japan, Australia, and the European Union have banned hydroquinone… but somehow, it’s still legal in the US.
I think the point here is not that Lil Kim has somehow done the wrong thing with her new light skinned look. I mean, having surgery and altering hair and skin is something that we kind of expect any famous woman do, regardless of their race. The problem is beauty standards that actively penalize blackness – and science shows we penalize blackness to an extraordinary and demoralizing degree.

Women of all colors are beautiful.
Should we be concerned about this? She does all kinds of other stuff

What do you guys think?

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Love Home says:


そっちは右だよ says:

We realize the most important thing after we lost it but it’s too late

Jehoshaphat Roi R. Inso says:

as a young filipino. it is normal to have brown or tanned skin. but sometimes you got teased because your skin is too brown. 🙁

Lana Amour says:

I went to Thailand and it’s like the opposite of the uk in skin care. In the uk everything is tanner and darkening, in Thailand it’s all whitening. I thought it was aweful but then I released it’s the same just different. As long as you’re healthy and happy I don’t think other people should get involved in your decisions

KdJ2's Twin says:

I honestly dont think they THAT racist and white worshipping. Everybody wants what they dont have. Blacks want white skin. Asians wants white skin. Whites want to tan themselves.

Berrie Berrie says:

What even its not biological ya pricc

MME Mashups says:

I really hate how my face is tanner than my whole body 🙁 I’m fine with the color of my body, but I just can’t stand my face color….

VivnightcoreMsp says:

I remember once when i was a kid i told my mum i wanna bleach my skin when i get older cos i hated my dark skin. Boiii she got mad af and told me if i ever bleached my skin she would never be happy with me xD

Nyakallo Bridgett Mosia says:


Tety Chadily says:

I’m a white African woman but i have some spots that are darker than my real skin color because of the sun here

john clhugyugihjbvgbkj says:

You look better without the “tan.”

Kim Butterfly says:

I want to be light skin individual but i dont want to have a cancer so Im not trying in anyway to be lighter cause i dont wanna die young

Nyle Quiche says:

Well treating skin imperfections like acne or marks is a different thing but bleaching the perfect natural skin is the worst thing. Like skin colour can’t be changed. You can only remove tan that is darkened by sun or any external forces. People can’t changed their natural skin tone. Ugh the responsible for such growth of skin cancers is the cause of unstandard society.

Dezirae Annamalia says:

A lot of people lighten their skin to fix discoloration.

YEEAAHHH Sucker 100 says:

I’m black but I look Latin I want to be blacker

GypsyFairy85 says:

Its not just lighter skin color, what about about blue eyes over brown, blonde hair over dark. And then there are facial features, voice, accent and don’t even get into body type.

Wednesday War says:

Yes I always did. Because of my hair and color i always looked in mirror and thought im in the worst race !! But growing up i just realized the midia is stupid, my skin tone is fine

Clorox Bleach says:

Only way to find out is to put me on your skin

Puppy Diamond says:

Have I went to ever alter my skin color no not really dosent cross my mind at all
But If I want my skin altered id love for it to be light blue and yellow that be so cool lol

Phantom_ Wiz says:

Guys be greatfull for what God already gave you

Lena Well says:

She still does not look white

ItzNaeNae says:

*Donald Trump is orange.?*

Roxas Uzumaki says:

not every man cheats.

skills1ent says:


Lazy Natural Tori says:

subscribed….cause you on some real shit!

Ankita Minhas says:

Why do you have to spread misleading information telling that dude will always cheat on you so do women cheat.

Roger says:

I stop watching and DISLIKED as soon as she backed up her rhetoric with Young Turk.

Shanice Carter says:

She looks good with her regular color as a white woman. I good with my chocolate skin as a black woman. Lil Kim is…well bless her heart. I wish she didn’t change so much. We’re beautiful and diverse naturally. Without diversity the world would be a colorless shell of boredom.


HOW “THEY” destroyed “OUR” minds worldwide and created Self-Hate.

Ziyue Wang says:

Came onto this video because accidentally got some bleach on my skin… wtf

Beer says:

What The fack am I watching?

Farah Million says:

White skin easy got cancer skin comparing with dark Skin.

bb kk says:

I dont think black is beautiful on human skin u don’t have have black skin so u don’t know what type of issues black people face. So don’t say if u without pass from that situation

Anitha Tolle says:

Even girls cheat you stupid

E Cat says:

I want blue skin

I dont identify as a yellow raccoon says:

Damn if she found a good guy who never cheated on her, she probably might not have turned into a white girl. Might.

Totally Subliminals says:

This whole topic annoys and confuses me.In western standards apparently Lighter skin is more desirable yet people want a tan?

Nyla Williams says:

I’m carmel☺

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