What’s the secret to easy patio cleaning?

An easy way to clean and keep your patio clean. Also works on bricks and roofs!
NEW – Backpack sprayer recommendation (good value) on
Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2oJ8GuV
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2pkFgau

Here’s where to get the chlorine solution (UK): http://amzn.to/2lkmzPq
See more links in the description below for more places to buy the right stuff.

Please read the instruction and warning labels on any products used. When using any chemicals wear waterproof gloves, preferably something like these:
http://amzn.to/28ZXmaN for USA
http://amzn.to/2mCqzh8 for UK
And a suitable breathing mask and eye mask to protect you according to product instructions. Use old clothes or an old coat when using the backpack sprayer as it will bleach clothes.

You can also get the liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite solution) on eBay uk (they ship international) by clicking here:

Or you can also get the liquid chlorine via eBay USA by clicking here:

The liquid chlorine solution will also kill weeds and grass and stop new ones germinating for a while. Of course it may also kill off other plants one doesn’t want killed like flowers, so take care with where the liquid goes. It will also bleach your clothes so wear old ones and rubber boots (wellies). I would recommend keeping pets off the treated ground for a few days.
This solution is what swimming pool owners use to give a big increase in chlorine content of a swimming pool, in what they call shock treatment. The level of chlorine released by the solution goes down over time and eventually drops to zero and it becomes harmless. People swim in it after all!

Glyphosate weedkiller (much more cost effective than garden center prices) can be had here, on eBay uk:

Or the weedkiller on eBay USA by clicking here:

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thank u! we also have slabs on our house arches, any ideas for cleaning those? we have a veranda on one side, and a rose garden on the outside

colin mcglinchey says:

I dont follow..whats the prescribed sequence of events for using it ?

Unknown says:

Sweep in some polymeric sand into the joints and wet the area down. When it dries, the sand Wil be hard as cement and will stop weeds from re-growing.

Kingz Play says:

Does this remove oil stains from driveway

Konrad Dorfling says:

I have been looking for common products that contains sodium hypochlorite and realized that household bleach is about 3% sodium hypochlorite. Not that it will be cost effective but in a pinch using straight bleach is close in ratio to your mix. Hopefully this comes in handy for someone.

Dani Dani says:

can i clean a roof title with sodium hypochlorite ?

Mabeth Paterson says:

that ratio do you use for the patio?

Owen Tomos says:

Very useful and informative, many thanks.

PROfloor-restore says:

whats it like on decking?

Blast Away says:

It’s lichen not algae

abbey property care 80 says:

good advice

Michael O'Connor says:

hi how soon until you can you give it a final rinse off?

ryan Hourican says:

I spray it as pure I don’t mix it and it does a better job

Dana St John says:

Does this work on brick tiles aswell?

Mowtown NI says:

I haven’t used a pressure washer in about 5 years since finding out about Sodium Hypochlorite. Also try farming supplies shops as is used for cleaning dairy parlours. I pay 12 pounds for 25 litres.

abbey property care 80 says:

good advice

abbey property care 80 says:

good advice

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