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David 1256 says:

I want to try those two. Wonder how they will do in the foam Cannon

samuel montes says:

Mix turtle wax carnuba with gold class

Subaru WRX 17 says:

What’s the code spelled exactly for the discount

DevilStrider1 says:

Chemical Guys is trash. Glad I haven’t spent money on them.

edward molina says:

Have u ever mixed soaps before ? The gold class mixed with mr pink works amazing in a foam cannon real slick and throws foam like crazy

John Perez says:

BUCKET WASH: Adam’s Car Shampoo
FOAM CANNON: Honeydew Snow Foam

Julian Rada says:

I actually just bought the turtle wax car wash I loved the smell glad to hear it’s at least a ok product

SXT Prodigy says:

Can you use the limitless in the foam cannon?

OFTwify says:

Be careful with that turtle wax max… it will take off your plasti dip even when completely watered down.

XxAlphaxX XxGamingxX says:

Have u tried turtle wax ice

Robert Barth says:

Ammo….got a couple hundred bucks of his stuff. Not going to confuse you pages of choices….I know you don’t want to hear about ammo but you are ordering chem guys try Larry’s stuff

kobalt.seven says:

My biggest gripe with these smaller boutique companies like Limitless, Masterson’s, Wax Gods, etc… is that yeah they start out great; very good quality products, competitively priced given the quality…and once popularity hits them, the prices go up, the quality comes down…we’ve kinda seen it happen with other companies in the past, and when it does, you always go back to old faithfuls (like Meguiar’s Gold Class) until the next company comes out of the woodwork. Nothing against them, I will ride the wave just like everyone else, but once the prices start jacking and/or the quality is anything below what I’ve expected from previous uses, I’m out. It’s just kinda sad, but I guess business is business.

Joe Marks says:

I haven’t tried the Limitless or the Wax Gods….will give them a go…..I have tried a lot of different brands myself, I like Ultima Paint Guard Wash, Optimum Car Wash, and Duragloss 901…….the soap I like the best is ridiculously over priced….Lusso Auto Bathe.

joe repetsky says:

Not to bash by any means love your channel, definitely saved me some $$$ but if you look at Meguiars channel they sat suds don’t clean, hence why there ultimate wash is the way it is & when it comes down to cleaning especially with my Chicago weather that’s when you’ll see Meguiars shine in comparison to Mothers Gold glass, Armorall, etc. All good products but for the BIG brands Meguiars is truly Imo the ultimate. Obviously like you said not like some of the smaller online companies but still great for what you pay for.

Got memes? says:

I have meguiars wash and wax and i hate it. It definitely waxes a bit but that also brings the problems of waxing with it, it leaves white speckles behind that i have to wipe off every time. Also i find that the finish got slightly worse, a little more hazy and when i go over the paint with a towel afterwards it kinda feels a bit sticky or grippy, not smooth like a fresh layer of wax. It’s also not that cheap, at least here it isn’t, they recommend 28ml per 4l water which is a lot so not many washes with one bottle, most soaps by more professional brands are in the end cheaper. Take in mind though that i’m a perfectionist with high expectations and i wax my car 4 times a year, for others this might give better results.

EpyonRoyal says:

Where is the Ammo NYC?

joes04redrx8 says:

Almost impossible to find a good car shampoo without all the synthetic waxes and gloss enhancement crap

Mark Williams says:

Hey which over the counter car wash shampoo do you recommend for a foam cannon?

ben weekes says:

Wax gods raised their price to $13 a bottle right after this came out. I don’t understand how shipping costs are killing him when he charges for shipping?

Daniel Gomez says:

Which one do you recommend for a foam cannon? Great review Chad

jesus Hernandez says:

West coast customs is really watered down its actually made by black magic and it the same as the red one black magic sells its just blue and different scent kinda like chemical guys does

PoooPanda says:

Not sure how long this will last but my Target has the 64oz. Meguiars gold class on sale right now for $6. I stocked up on a few and might grab some more. I checked my Walmart but they only had the 48oz. and it’s $7. Great price at Target for a larger bottle.

Rick B. says:

Chad, if you had to pick one soap, would it be Wax Gods or LimitLess?

67GreenBay says:

I find teh ultimate car wash suds would last longer then teh cheaper alternative

Taking Bomb says:

Acc0rd79 try out KillerWaxx products please!

Atzael Sanchez says:

Man I miss my RED GTR… stupid transmission also the solenoids on the trans gets messed up.

Slater Roberge says:

If you haven’t already, can you do a reveiw on purple power vehicle and boat wash?

matiasg97 says:

Can you start adding the products in the description, maybe with links.

Justin Shrug says:

Lmao as a detailer, they fr rip u off

David Arndt says:

What about for the inside
I know ur gtr doesn’t have cheap seats and materials
What do u use for the inside

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