Adam’s Polishes Foam Cannon vs Foam Gun Car Wash

Showing off the differences between the Adam’s Polishes foam cannon and the foam gun! Both products work great for their intended purpose in preventing swirls in your paint. Probably my favorite step in the car washing process just because it’s quite entertaining to do!

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Simply Tuned says:

I always wash my car in the rain 😀

nathan t says:

I just bought a foam gun.. but is it really worth the extra money and hassle for a pressure washer/foam cannon? I mean, I won’t be ditching my 2 bucket method.

Marchelo DeFacto says:

So you don’t need sponge? Just foam it and wash it?

Kevin B says:

lol good video rain ending was funny

Darius Branch says:

Nothing beats hand washed,nice vid btw.

Waffletime says:

that washer does not have enough power for that foam gun though very thin and runny

Josh Hernandez says:

I have a way strongest pressure cleaner type of thing would it mess up my cars paint? Or should I just buy those green pressure washers

craigsclocks says:

I have the foam canon and love it. I don’t put any water in mine because I really like the thick foam to sit on the car for awhile to soak.

New England says:

i love my 2016 Jaguar XE so much. When washing I shoot it with my own personal foam and it sticks better.

Andrew Robinson says:

The right side of your car is going to be really clean.

The Outdoors Quality says:

I know this is a old video but all my followers on insta and snap say the same thing about why i was my truck at night lol. Adams Polishes stuff is great doe ahaha great vid man

Kent Kollath says:

nature just wanted to give you a spot free rinse

white kid that says nigga says:

ima go ahead and put the thop back on lol

518NYGiantsfan says:

Whats the best way to dry your car

Mange Hil says:

Cool Dodge

richie salvatore says:

the foam gun is awesome

Mario Madrigal says:

I got a 2200psi gas powered pressure washer and I see people saying in time it damages or dulls paint?

New England says:

i love my my 2016 Jaguar XE so much. When washing I shoot it with my own personal foam and it sticks better.

Mopar Nut says:

Adams foam cannon provides the wash, Mother Nature provides the rinse. Dust reduction is a bonus.

Robert Lopez says:

You can still scratch or mar the paint if your not switching out your towels or wash mitt, adding a grit guard in your bucket helps prevent that aswell. The foam cannon helps spread the soap making it easier to wash the vehicle

Nesto JR says:

that was hilarious vid and with rain to top it off. i was waiting for another distraction like a marching band to come parading by

MegaHomieJ says:

i actually wash my car at night and then wax it around noon the next day for all my cars.

Adam Williams says:

There is no such thing as call a cement truck. It’s called a concrete truck

Cajun Kevin says:

Give Chemical Guys Maxi-Suds a try.
Works much better for about half the cost.
I’ve tried both and prefer MS!

Bryan Hairston says:

“Pretty close to almost all the way full”

ForeignBorn Patriot says:

The more PSI the better the foam? Because that pressure washer seemed shitty. Almost had the same consistency as the foam gun attached to the hose.

Fenixcroe says:

the “much thicker foam” of your foamcannon is still waaaaaaayyyy to liquid ..


Your foam looks watery

Juan I Abdala says:

That foam is poor

Deathmonkey N says:

fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me, fool me my whole life.. ur a weather man

Knife Nut says:

Is that your sisters car?

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