Adam’s Polishes Wheel & Tire Cleaning / Product Review

Cleaning my 22×14 xd riots on Atturo Trail Blade MT’s. with Adams wheel cleaner, Adams Tire and Rubber cleaner, Adam’s all purpose cleaner, Adam’s tire shine, and Adam’s car shampoo. My truck is a 2011 dodge ram 2500 laramie fully deleted on a 160 hp tune.


thebozman1000 says:

So clean to start with, could of used just water, would of looked just as good.

DJR5280 says:

For wheels that clean you can just dillute some APC and save a few $$$

rkelim84 says:

Awesome tutorial video on that cleaner well done Jesse music needs Lil more tuning

MariachiMario says:

You take very good care f your truck

R Langdon NY says:


jbright97 says:

all these how to clean videos on a spotless vehicles, why?  drive your truck through some mud then show us how to clean.

Mauricio Felix says:

Wow! I’m loving this product! Giving it a shot

Vinay Verma says:

Good technical video.Very useful forTransporter

Ryan R. Burns says:

What hose nozzle are you using?

kyle mcgee says:

Good to know how to clean wheels

Sir_Liam 25 says:

Dem rims tho!

Blake Latta says:

Im not a big fan of dodge but im in love with your truck lol nice video man

fischputza says:

Great truck!!

Siv Johansen says:

AWesome truck!

Tractus Adumbratio says:

Nice video

adam abbiss says:

Looks perfect

MrzzT87 says:

Nice video, loved the truck

Brin Goodale says:

Love the wheels

SmashingGames007 says:

Could you maybe ease into the music and turn it down a bit. It sometimes catches me off guard. Other than that great video.

Jen Michalies says:

nice job!!

Krikaryan says:

hot wheels bro! 🙂

Vinay Verma says:

Already commented

JordanKeyesFord says:

What song what that towards the end ?

Blake Hall says:

Awesome products!

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