Amazon Soap Fest Review of Optimum Car Wash

In this video I will test and review Optimum Car Wash Wash. We will use the MTM submachine gun style foam cannon to test the foaming ability of the wash and then test the wash out in a hand wash scenario. The link to where I bought the wash is below at Amazon.
Mothers Optimum Car Wash
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∙Washing and Drying:
MTM Hydro PF22 foam cannon▶
MTM Hydro SG28 Spray Gun▶
Stainless Steel Hose Swival▶
MTM Foam Cannon▶
Chemical Guys Glossworkz▶ (my number one favorite car wash)
Adams Car Shampoo▶ (My number two favorite car wash)
Lambs wool wash pad▶
Microfiber “pluffle” towel I used in the video my favorite▶
Microfiber drying towel shorter nap▶
Microfiber drying towel shorter nap but just a little larger▶
Eagle Edgeless 480gr microfiber towels▶
Meguiars X-Press Spray Wax▶ (my number one favorite detail spray)
Optimum No Rinse mixed with distilled water as detail spray▶
Double Mist Sprayer 1/2L ▶
Mini 1oz “shot Glass” I use in each video▶

∙To build the Submachine Gun Style Foam Handle parts are below:
Forney Spray Gun▶
Forney Quick Coupler Male Socket▶
Forney Quick Coupler Male Plug▶
Blue Monster Thread Tape▶
DUSICHIN Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips▶
MTM Foam Cannon▶
Flexible Blue Wand▶
Stainless Steel Hose Swival▶
Neptune Rubber Hose▶

∙To buff out swirls and scratches below:
Porter Cable Polisher▶
Rupes LHR 15 Mark II Bigfoot Polisher▶

Orange Waffle Pad▶
Adams Microfiber Cutting Pad▶
Meguiar DA Microfiber Cutting Pad▶ (my number one favorite buffing pad)

Sonax Profiline Perfect finish▶
Adams paint correcting and finishing polishes▶
Adams Liquid Paint Sealant▶ (my number one favorite paint sealant)

Eagle Edgeless 480gr microfiber towels▶
Clay Bar▶

∙Interior Detailing Supplies are below:
Metro Vac N Blo model Pro 83BA▶
Eagle Edgeless 480grm towels for the tint▶
Chemical Guys Wonder Wash for the window solution▶
Chemical Guys Glass cleaner▶
Heavy Duty Spray bottle (Made in USA)▶

∙Wheel and Tire Cleaning Products are below:
Mastersons tire and trim shine▶
Long Handle Wheel Well Brush▶
Super Soft Updated Wheel Brush▶
EZ Detail Brush (Racoon) My Favorite!!▶
Wheel Woolies in three Sizes▶
Simple Green▶
CarPro Iron X▶


S_J_P says:

Good review!! I planned on trying this soap (one day) but I may look at different soaps besides this one.

tony soprano says:

I have also used this soap and for whatever reason, I liked I more than Adam’s.

S Kahl says:

Excellent video Russell! This has helped shed some light on a much hyped brand for sure. As usual, thanks for all your hard work in making this video possible, everything from taking the time to set up your tripod, add gas to your pressure washer etc. etc. and finally edit the footage. A+! Thumbs up everyone!!!!

Daniel Hagerty says:

Is there away to measure and dilute things you here about it all the time please HELP

jean-françois Sanchez says:

Thanks for the review of this optimum shampooSo a good surprise for you on hand washI use ONR since 10 years for claying

Grant l says:

This soap is ok, nothing special.

rockhills says:

Can you someday show the collection of soaps you have?

Grant l says:

Anyway you can upload more often? :/

sportscarnut says:

In my experience half the amount in the foam cannon and it would rinse without any issue. In the bucket… even with hard water (300 TDS) my mitt glides over paint with this, very slick.

Spencer Beck says:

Great detailed review. I appreciate someone showing it with a foam cannon, foaming in a bucket, the lubricity, viscosity, etc… Thank you!

hakman239 says:

Try brand x car wash

Robert McNamara says:

Interesting thought it would have done a lot better

E.Y AL Kaabi says:

Nice video… there are some design for foam cannon produce very thick foam they are from Autobrite company they called pre-wash snow foam soap i think you only could find it online like ebay or amazon

Tpr1634 says:

That’s my favorite

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