AMMO FROTHE: The Best and Safest Hoseless Wash !!!

AMMO FROTHe: the BEST and safest hoseless wash! In this tutorial video, you’ll learn how to use the new AMMO FROTHe, a hoseless wash that will allow you to safely wash your car with the use of free flowing water. You don’t need a hose, pressure washer or foam cannon to use this system. AMMO FROTHe is perfect for those times when using water isn’t an option. AMMO FROTHe creates thick shaving cream-like foam that contains humectants that act as lubricant to protect your paint from scratching during a hoseless wash.

FROTHe can be used on wet or dry paint and does not require a final rinse. The concentrated formula will create 25-30 washes per 16oz bottle. That comes out to only 1$ per wash. This is very economical!


Q: Does this replace a traditional wash with water?
A: I want to be clear. This is not a substitute for a normal wash with water. It’s meant for times where the use of water isn’t an option, such as, but not limited to:
someone living in an apartment or condo
someone living in the desert or during period of drought or water restrictions
during the winter months with no access to a hose
someone at a car show who needs to wash their car
someone who doesn’t have access to free flowing water or to a hose
the car has been sitting in a garage for a while and has a light layer of dust
great for self-serve car washes: no need to carry buckets and mitts

Q: Will FROTHe scratch my paint?
A: I can’t say that you will NEVER get scratches. Too many variables need to be accounted for here. However, if you use the proper techniques, it will minimize the risk of scratches thanks to the great lubricating properties of FROTHe.

Q: Can I use FROTHe on a really dirty and soiled car?
A: No. FROTHe is made to be used on a lightly to moderately soiled vehicle. If your car is covered in mud and dirt, than only a traditional wash with water should be performed.

Q: Why do you use AMMO Hydrate after FROTHe?
A: To pick up any remaining contaminants left by the FROTHe process. Also, it acts as a spray sealant to help increase shine and ads a bit of protection.

Q: Can I leave the FROTHe mix in the aerator for many weeks?
A: Yes. Just make sure you release the pressure after each use.

Q: Is FROTHe safe for use on ceramic coated cars and cars with PPF of vinyl wraps?
A: Yes.

AMMO FROTHe can be used for wet or dry washing. If you have access to a pressure washer, then great! Start by pressure washing the majority of the loose surface dirt and then proceed with FROTHe. The main purpose of FROTHe is to lift the dirt and carry it away.

Pour 2 oz (6 capfuls) of FROTHe into the aerator with 40 oz of water.
Mix the solution.
Pump up the aerator until it’s hard to pump meaning that it’s fully pressurized.
Spray the mix on the paint by releasing the trigger 1-2 feet away from the panel, using a back and forth motion.
Roll a clean microfiber towel on the surface to scoop up the dirt.
Go over the section with a clean and dry microfiber towel.
Spray AMMO Hydrate on the dry and clean paint.
With a clean microfiber towel, massage Hydrate in the paint, flip the towel and buff clean.

Make sure you use a “wheels only” microfiber towel to clean your wheels.
Don’t panic if you see a bit of FROTHe residue on the paint. It’s normal. It will evaporate.

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Shift Gears says:

Foam pump is way over priced $60 for plastic bottle u can get one from rag company for like $30 and it’s like lary just bought R8 and he except u to pay for it

Eddie Luna says:

I find this really expensive in my opinion. You’re looking $150 dollars which is insane , not saying it doesn’t work. But Carpro echo2o is only 16 dollars and it’s dilution ratio for a rinseless is 1:200.. and it has a SILICA sealant that it leaves behind . Super slick and safe . Videos out there show no scratches or swirls left behind even on black cars . $16? Silica sealant or $150 ?
Also how is this doing 25-30 washes from a 16 oz bottle if you have to add 2 oz per wash . ? Lol
I love ammo because I have reflex on my car but this one pretty overpriced

Arjun Singh says:

Thanks for this review! I choose to go with an iK sprayer and Frothe. Working well!

Kevin Marriner Jr says:

Do you think that using reload instead of hydrate for the final wipe would be fine? Reload is my favorite sealant/drying aid but I’d like to give FROTHe a try for sure.

gotskittles says:

is it safe to use frothe on tree sap or bird droppings thats been sitting on paint for over a week? thanks! great video

Andreas Gulli says:

I like how you give an honest review without being paid to talk about the products, this shows how much you care about detailing 🙂

Big Rick says:

Pan have you tried using the big red sponge with this in a bucket of clean water? Wipe then rinse sponge in bucket instead of using towels?

Thamac15 says:

I have not been able to buy in on any waterless wash product. Too scared to give them a try.

tulsi beepat says:

Ah Pan good lecture format as usual, I think you’ve covered all the possible uses for this lovely product nice to have Larry’s input he make a realistic statement about the scratching issue is about the conditions and your care in the said process. Thanks allot to you both love you guys and keep having fun while you work!

Scotty B says:

How’s this Frothy on windows?

Lee Winik says:

Hey Pan! Just joined the channel and I love the vids. Can you pick up Ammo products in Canada? I can’t seem to find a reseller. Keep up the great work!

DraZ noKk says:

Salut Pan. Est-ce que ce type d’appareil peu également fonctionner avec n’importe quel shampoing auto. Car je possède un pulvérisateur du même genre mais je n’ai jamais essayé. Et ça m’ennuierai de gaspiller du produit inutilement.

Christian Grossetti says:

The detailing community is so awesome!
Let’s keep on doing what we are passionate for, and inspire other future detailers!

jserrano316 says:

Thanks for the great review! I have a Brembo ceramic brake system. Is it ok if the frothe gets on the disc’s?

Rails Life says:

Hi Pan. Kinda late to the party but I’ll ask anyway: Can I use p&s beadmaker instead of Hydrate?

Apex Predator says:

Is AMMO Hydrate ok for coatings? I have Ceramic Pro and I’ve been told that putting anything on top of the coating would negate some of its properties.

Carlos Rivera says:

I will give my opinion. This product works great, if you have access to a garden hose you could end using less MF towels. I rinsed dowm, frothe then spray wax and only used 4 towels for the paint alone. For wheels, with 2 towels is enough. 20 min work in total

vavachikunju says:

Paaan I have a question ☺
Which one u suggest for hose less wash ???
Optimum No Rinse or AMMO FROTHE

Steve Harrison says:

Another solid video Pan. I am definitely going to pick this system up. Looks like Larry put a lot of time into research and development of this system.

Gipsy Avenger says:

how does this stuff work on ceramic coated vehicles?  p.s. time to upgrade to an AMG.  LOL

Voltis_5 says:

For $125 (not including hydrate $25) which is more cost effective. Say compared to ONR/WOLFGANG UBER?

Dirt2Clean Carwash says:

Any tips for me? I Recently bought an aerator and using with meguiers car soap for a foaming type spray but it does not foam, not sure if I’m doing soap to water ratio wrong? It seems to throw out water with not much soap lubrication nor foam, what can I do?

Sean Ha says:

I went to their website but there is no info about the size of the AMMO AERATOR. Can you share me how big is the AMMO AERATOR? Ex: 2 Quarts etc etc

Ricky Tapp says:

All the respect to Larry and his success, but I wish his products were more economical. I have purchased Ammo products in the past and feel that you can achieve the same results with much less expensive products. As a professional detailer using his products is not practical.

ForeignBorn Patriot says:

This system is good in theory but it’s too messy in real world application.

Allen Jun says:

Thanks for answering the question about coated cars, but I was wondering if Hydrate is better than the Echo/Reload mixture for drying.

GOG - Glitter or Grim says:

Can you apply a sealant and a wax over a ceramic coating?

Dominic V. says:

ONR wash or Ammo Frothe wash.. what’s better and why?

James Beane says:

25-30 washes with 16 oz bottle. 2oz to fill the 40z aerator. So i can get 3-4 washes per aerator fill? Thats impressive if i can foam a small car with 10oz.
Next question, how many towels does it really take to wash and dry a small car? You think 6 will be enough, 3 for first wipe and 3 for finish/drying, maybe another 3 if you want to apply the hydrate? I use 6 for rinseless now, 3 to wash, 3 to dry.

J. Gandara says:

I have it and love it! it works awesome and its really easy to use.

Eric Koenig says:

How does it compare to ONR at that pricepoint? Im sure its better, but is it THAT much better?

martin gonzales says:

Great video thank you

Brien Golden says:

Hey Pan!! Awesome coverage on this product. I happened to have ordered this product and the kit itself!!
Stay blessed Pan!! #salutefromOhio

Drew Miller says:

How do you get 25-30 washes per 16 oz bottle if you use 2 oz per wash?

Rob Fsociety says:

They should offer 15-20% discount to folks who view this video and want to buy their product 🙂

Anthony Paz says:

You don’t remove tags off mf towels??

Kiran Patel says:

Hey Pan, how do you find frothy compares to ONR?

Nando 5280 says:

Hey Pan! Another awesome video! Pan my questions is about the wheels. How would go about cleaning in to the rim barrel like you would with water ? like a wheel degreaser than water than wash. How effective is frothe for the same finish? Thanx Bro!

Joaquim Thomas says:

this guy has the voice of cartoon character i used to watch, i just cant remember. Somebody help.

David Carter says:

This will be my first winter with my new car that has PPF on the front and has been ceramic coated (CQuartz 3.0). The car is garage kept, but living in the northeastern U.S., it will be too cold to wash the car most of the winter (December-February). Super nervous about using waterless washing, but may have no other option since my garage doesn’t have a drain in the floor. The car is a DD, so at some point it will have road salt and other winter grime. Any suggestions??

Stephen Bissett says:

Wow, impressive product. Def need to give it a try. Is the Hydrate product safe for sealants from other companies? I currently use Zaino

Philippe Wouters says:

Félicitations PAN pour ton grand succès sur youtube !!! J’ai des doutes avec cette méthode sans eau, le risque de créer des tourbillons et griffures dans le verni ?, bien que je trouve le pulvérisateur très pratique pour rapidement faire un foam si ont n’a pas son karcher avec soi. Et je suppose que les produits mentionnés ici sur ta vidéo sont difficiles d’accès en Europe ?

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