AMMO NYC car wash products review! In this video, I do a brand review of the car detailing products of AMMO NYC, a car detailing products company based in New York, USA. Larry Kosilla, the founder of the company, was a trader on Wall Street before quitting his job and deciding to pursue his biggest passion: car detailing. He founded AMMO NYC in 2011, a business of detailing cars and selling high quality car detailing products.

His motto is “Drive and Protect”. Larry wants you to drive and enjoy your car, and also to detail and protect it to maximize its beauty. As Larry often says, cleaning a car should be part of the joy of owning it and I fully agree with him!

In the video, I will talk about many of the AMMO NYC car wash products, explain what they are, what they do and more importantly how to use them. They are truly some of the best detailing products on the market today.


Foam paint cleanser. Provides a constant layer of lubrication between your wash mitt and the paint. The dirt is gently released from the paint and into the foam. It can be used as a pre-wash soap as well if added to a foam cannon. It will not strip waxes or sealants.

Hydrate paint moisturizer. Eliminates scratches that occur during the drying process. Apply two or three sprays of the product onto a dry microfiber towel and lightly wipe the paint in straight lines to pick up the water and leave a layer of protection behind.

Skin Defense Coat. Super durable polymer based coating, also known as a paint sealant. It adheres to the clear coat and you can layer it to increase shine and protection. Lasts up to 6 months. Apply it in straight lines, one panel at a time. After 1-3 minutes, buff off with a clean microfiber towel. Can also be applied to headlights, tail lights, chrome and rims.

Spit Emergency Shine. Quick detailer that removes light dust or dirt when you have no access to water. It safely encapsulates the dirt and leaves behind a clean and protected surface. Lightly spray on the affected panel and gently wipe with a clean microfiber towel. Lightly buff to a shine with a second microfiber towel. It’s a spray wax that offers a quick and safe way to perform on-the-fly touchups.


Brute Wheel Soap. Specifically designed for wheels only. It was engineered to be tough on break dust and road grime.

Plum Wheel Cleaner. It releases brake dust and iron particles that are embedded in the wheels. Rinse the wheel, then spray Plum on the wheel and let it dwell for 30 seconds before agitating with a wheel brush. As the wheel cleaner begins to work, it will change color from clear to plum. It will not damage paint. It’s a non-acidic oH neutral formula.

Mud tire gel. Tire dressing that contains oils that moisturize the rubber and protect it against UV rays. This product doesn’t produce tire sling. It offers a well-balanced shine, not too glossy and not matte either.


Lather Interior Cleanser. All-purpose cleaner for plastics and leather. Perfect for cleaning and restoring interiors. Simply spray on the surface, and gently agitate with an interior brush or microfiber towel and wipe away.

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hunterz2006 says:

Is this a sponsored review?

Brbo82 gta says:

???? en francais stp

Jay Yoon says:

I feel like ammo is slightly more expensive than other companies products. Is it worth the extra premium?

wilmer mendoza says:

Chemical guys next

JR007 says:

the most detailed ammo products vid…ever…thank you!

Paint Correction Officer says:

Larry is so dreamy. Lol.

Andy's Auto Care Plus says:

Good review Pan.

fischputza says:

The inventor of the brusch….Heureka!

Derek A says:

First wash with some AMMO products. I’m satisfied!

Charlie F says:

Another fantastic brand review Pan. Thank you, and keep up the great work.

Human Being says:

Can you do reviews on Adams and Limitless Car Care? Thanks from Ontario!!

pgadrmer1 says:

Hey Pan, I found Larry’s vid’s years ago and have seen many of them over that time. Larry is a guy that has so much passion for detailing cars and for sharing his knowledge with as many people as possible. I have wondered about his products but I too felt his prices were a bit out of my league just to take a chance on. Having said that I thank you for a review on his products, as usual it was informative.  Just some food for thought…I would love to see you do a comparison side by side with some of Larry’s products with another well known company products…like a product shoot out!

Prashant lunawat says:

Pan the organizer …dude you’re the best. Thanks to you, detailing went from a cumbersome task to a simple enjoyable Sunday treat

Claude St-Pierre says:

Excellent comme toujours 😉 j’aimerais beaucoup une revue des produits de la compagnie Quebecoise Silverwax. Merci.

Élie Yari says:

bonjour , pan ,sa va ?? peux ton avoir cette video en français ,pourquoi est t elle pas disponible comme d habitude , es  ce que c est un oublie ou volontaire ?? en tous cas super te video , je te suit depuis le début étant donne que nous avons la même passion et le même métier

Joey Grant says:

Team ammo for life!

J Coz says:

I use AMMO HYDRATE, and I love the way it works. Puts a nice shine on my silver Civic. BTW Pan, you have gotten so many more subs since I joined, I’d like to see you get up to 100K soon. UPDATE – What new car did you end up getting.?

MTM Porsche says:

Why didn’t you talk about price?

Jan-Roger Kviteberg says:

Thaaaaaaank you Pan! 😀 been waiting for this! 😀

i would still Love if you could Check out Max Protect! 😀 another awesome brand! they actully have the only top coating thats made out of ruber membrane! 😀

Jose Emiliano Boone Macias says:

You are the best pan!!

Bryan Nuñez says:

Man! I’ve been waiting for this video so much, thanks a lot for take the time to do it, I really admire Larry so much he’s a big detailer, and if you can mahe a video on hydrate specifically will be awesome to see in action in you hands, thanks a lot, you two are great detailers!

Anthony Heflin says:

You should do a Chemical Guys review, me personally think their prices are ridiculous and their products are to far fetch but if they actually work then I may consider.

Johnny Appleseed says:

Mud smells amazing!

Kurt McCafferty says:

Love Ammo NYC Larry is a really cool guy and love chatting with him, have a few of his products, but quite honestly Pan really enjoy your video’s and Scott from Dallas paint protection because don’t get to work on alot of high end stuff, you guys are great and looking forward to 2018 product awards keep them coming Pan. Kurt from the Burgh

Halen 19 says:

Why doesn’t he sell them in bulk? Money money money…

Quentin Landa says:

Pas de version française????

Dillin Coombs says:

I’m looking for a interior brush head for my swirl killer mini, do I half to buy a certain back plate and brush attachment or just a brush attachment that screws in

Todd Halstead says:

Thanks Pan for reviewing the entire AMMO NYC line. Great products and every time I have contacted the company via email, Larry himself has replied. Great guy and you can tell detailing is his passion if you have ever watched one of his videos. Just like you!

Patrick Laurin says:

I’m a fan of Larry and the ammonyc youtube channel. Great stuff i’m going to try this summer!

Hey Pan, do you clean under your cars at home? If yes, how do you proceed?

Alex Felix says:

Any new full detail videos coming soon?

Malcolm Bale says:

Protect & drive I think would of made sense, my thought only!!

steven jones says:

Great video Pan,ideal range to use on your car.

andrew pulcini says:

Larry’s the man !!

Mr Guillaa says:

Dommage que je ne puisse pas tester cette gamme de produits en France, les FDP sont exorbitants …

Mobey650 says:

There are so many great products on the market I can’t believe any single individual has invented anything completely different. A lot of marketing savvy going on. I saw a drop dead detail on a vette the other day and asked the guy what he used…to my surprise he told me Mother’s!

ChizAfterHours says:

Great Video Pan! I was really excited when I saw you Gyeon review and just as excited seeing this pop up today! I was just wondering if you plan on reviewing Larry’s Wheel Gelee when the new formula comes out? I have a pot of the last version and I like it a lot. Really makes the wheels pop and last a good amount of time. Can’t wait for your Reflex video now either.

David Saucedo says:

Pan and Larry are the Legends of YouTube forsure. Also very humble and hardworking my hats off to them!

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