AMMO Plum Wheel Cleaner Review | Is It Worth It? | FocusOnDetailing

AMMO Plum Wheel Cleaner Review | Is It Worth It? | FocusOnDetailing

Hey everyone! First of all sorry for the late upload. School is coming to an end, the work is compounding and I really have been wanting to focus on that.
This video was created from a recommendation in the comment section. I thought it was a good idea but needed to allow some time for postage as well. It only took around 2 weeks to get here from America. It’s not exactly cheap to bring chemicals from there but I know from experience that AMMO is a great product.
AMMO Plum cost around $76 in total so I really wanted it to doing an awesome job of cleaning rims. When filming this it was actually the first time I had tested it properly so my interest in seeing how it works would be at same level (hopefully) as anyone that clicked on this video.
I hope you enjoy/enjoyed this upload
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Is the plum safe on chrome?

Ahmed ojaimi says:

I think brown royal is the best product it doesn’t need any thing accept applying the product on the tires and rimes
Try to make a review about brown royal

Mad69Russian says:

Just washing and scrubbing would of done the same job, without spending $20 on worthless cleaner.

Clive Mitchell says:

Nice to see you wearing the standard Australian safety shoes.

MikeEM1 says:

Try Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener if you don’t have any coatings or waxes on your wheels. You don’t have to wait minutes for it to work. It works right right away and you probably won’t have to agitate. Paying that much for Plum is not worth it.

HenkkaWRC says:

Great review! The only down side is that the sales volume of AMMO products is so low that they can’t ship them as cheaply as some other bigger detailing product companies can.

Michael’s Detailing says:

Very small bottlesI wish he would give what you pay for

Ken Lawton says:

Definitely not worth it when you can go down to supercheap and buy Bowdens Own wheelie clean that does the same thing for 20 bucks. Also Iron x is readily available and also does the same thing. I did my BMW wheels the same way you did yours and I can assure you my wheels were much worse lol Bowdens did the trick.

Rick Baker says:

Ammo is $20USD – to say it was $70 with shipping is very misleading. The AMMO NYC products are second to none and keep my GLK350 in perfect condition. That tire shine looks like olive oil… say NO to greasy kid stuff!!

THE MEL says:

I’m appreciate the video but honestly you use more water than needed and the amount you spent on the plum wheel cleaner is more than the rim you cleaned worth. Just my thoughts…

Peter Kizer says:

Fortunately, I live in the US and shipping cost really isn’t much of an issue. I use Larry’s products exclusively.

G Dub says:

Noice Toire Shoine Mate!

MotorNation says:

Poorboy wheel cleaner is voodoo magic. Literally didnt need to agitate a inch and got off baked on brake dust of 8 months.

Zook Inthe6ix says:

Could have done be exact same shit with dawn dish soap

marbran7 says:

we need a reseller in au

Riskabuen says:

Whats that intro song called? Great vid btw

Baerchenization says:

Rim cleaner cleans rims in the year 2017 – who would have thought? The chemistry behind it isn’t rocket science, after all. So it would have been more interesting to know the range of application, e.g. is it intended for coated rims, etc… pH range, bla-bla… not every “good” rim cleaner is good for all rims.

Mitchell says:

Love the vid mate, keep it up.

Sonny says:

I think there are cheaper brands on the market doing the same thing. IE Gyeon, Carpro , Dodo Juice.

Tru Blu says:

Why do people spend money on this crap just use the same stuff you wash your car with lol

FocusOnDetailing says:

For everyone understandably saying that the price of AMMO Plum is a little over the top I have to explain that it was the shipping that made it so costly. I wouldn’t go out of my way to say that any product isn’t worth it due to me having to buy it and get it sent to Australia. The price is $20 US and it did an awesome job of cleaning up my wheels. I was really happy with it and would recommend it highly!

Partners In Grime Detailing says:

Good to see another Adelaide local detailer enjoying some world class products. Shame the US dollar isn’t down more often, bloody good wheel cleaner. 

Should come by one day, have plenty of wheel woolies and brushes 😉

Take care,
Keep up the great videos!

– Jordan

philo lee says:

Nope not worth it. Nanolex works much better

MisterBassBoost says:

Good! Keep it up!

Eyad Jam says:

you from Australia ? i have a lot of questions about living in Australia . and you just got your self anew subscriber.

zeroyon223 says:

Have you given scholl concepts rim 7 a go? Turns purple-black, smells foul, but works very well. Little more expensive than megs and the like, but worth it imo.

Kiefer Grossett says:

Just be safe using jack stands while any part of your body is under your vehicle is the best on the floor keeping the jack there for extra support be safe and keep up the wicked review videos dude

Andrew Hallett-Patterson says:

Great video again. Just be warned using imported waxes, polishes, wheel cleaners, etc as many of the chemicals used will cause long term damage to both the wheels coating, that being paint, clear over, chrome, plating, as any small scratch or defect that has exposed either the primer or the bare substrate will allow product to penetratie deep, via osmosis , under the coating and will eventually cause delamination from the substrate, and secondly, depending on the porosity of the metal used in manufactoring, embedded within the metal itself, this cause deep corrosion issues. The same processes occurs with paint but on a much larger scale. Carefully read the contents than find the MSDS certification, then research what the long and short term effects of continual or partial use are. The wheel cleaner used here contains very high concentrations of high ph acids and salts. Just some good advice for everyone.

Aussie Pom says:

Nice to see you back Tim. That wheel cleaner is expensive but did do a good job which it should for the price. But as for myself no I won’t be importing it and I won’t tell you what I use to clean my wheels inside and out as it may detract from that wheel cleaner. An old tooth brush is good but it’s hard to use in recessed areas. Perhaps an old but clean small paint brush and just keep it for that.
I once hear someone say that specialised cleaners or any specialised tool will cost two to three times as much as a standard tool which will do the job equally well.
I’ve been thinking of using a water based degreaser so that I can thin it right down. I had a look in Super Cheap Auto and they had multi purpose degreasers in 5 litre plastic bottles for over $60. I took note of the ingredients and then had a look in Bunnings in their cleaning isle. They had a water based degreaser with the same ingredients which came in a 5 litre plastic bottle and could be thinned right down for $15. Both degreasers recommended that they be used on car and motorbike engines, garage floors and for getting rid of general dirt and grime off hard surfaces. I wouldn’t use it to wash a car’s body work. No. But for the insides of wheels and wheel arches, yes.

Sami Hamady says:

Try the Sonax wheel cleaner… i own a BMW m3, the wheels are constantly covered in brake dust after track days or long drives, it cleans all of it off in no time, it is far less expensive and made in Germany so shipping cost will be far less expensive. Dont forget, Ammo NYC is brand name so it its going to be pricier than the same product from a non brand name manufacturer

07wrxtr1 says:

I think the other part to it is simply cleaning them more often so you’re then not in a situation where things get perm caked on. Nice video! I’ve only used the chemical guys diablo + wheel “woolies” brushes, works fine, but there’s still room for improvement

Kurt says:

Wheel brightner will make that wheel easy work and save you $$$

Ben Michael says:

Great video mate! What editing program are you using to create your introduction?

Micke says:

u dont carry the wheel on the hub? u need to use your feets?

TJ Moynihan says:

What did you expect? Shipping from anywhere outside your country is going to be expensive for almost everyone everywhere! These products are some of the best engineering on the market, and in my opinion WELL worth the money. Once you use it the first time, you need ALOT less product. The cost is on point for effort, market, and performance.

cottonwoodz1 says:

Why not just use iron X?

DJs_Triple_D Detailing, Dips and Drives says:

@FocusOnDetailing Great video!!!! I really like his products too! If you’re on the fence about Reflex or Skin, GET THEM!!!!! I’ll have a video soon about them, over on my channel!

slappy915 says:

Try looking into Gyeon Iron, you may have a easier time getting it there. I think its an awesome product. I used it with a pressure washer on wheels that had not been really cleaned in months. Gyeon Iron and a few mins of time, then hit it with pressure washer they were done. I did not take off the wheel and clean but the barrel was clean from what I could access from outside the car.
That being said it is not my every day wheel cleaner. I use CG Diablo since its cheaper and I can cut it with water. If the car is cleaned regularly, thats all I use. If i get a car that is just nasty I use Gyeon Iron.

I am not sure how accessible it is in Aus. but in the US its not the easiest to find. Its a UK company but from the stuff I have used I was seriously impressed.

diver dave says:

L.A. Awesome cost $1 dollar at the Dollar Store and it works GREAT !

Andrew says:

I like Larry, he’s a cool guy that’s passionate about cars but good god either his products don’t last long or he’s just super anal. In his video about his friends blue M3, his cleaning regimen is crazy. Guy actually recommended to wax every single month, that’s insane. Shit, I wax my car with Dodo Juice Supernatural once a year and use a spray wax every 2nd wash.

I couldn’t be bothered sampling products anymore so I’ve stuck with OPT as my only detailing products as they’ve got top notch products and are reasonably priced.

SYO_NARA says:

So what, if you want to use the tooth brush ‘which is now a wheel brush’ to brush your teeth. I won’t judge…..

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