ANGELWAX Car Detailing Products Brand Review

In this video, I do a brand review of Angelwax car detailing products. They really are known for their world class waxes, but Angelwax also make a full lineup of car detailing products for the exterior and interior of your car! This high end car detailing product lineup is aimed at the more discerning car detailer.

The Angelwax story begins in Scotland, near the city of Glasgow (UK). With nearly 30 years of experience in the chemical industry, timing was just right in 2009 to invent and develop the world’s best waxing and detailing products. All their products are made by hand in small and precise batches that are strictly tested in their laboratory. Matt, John and Bob are the co-founders. Matt is the marketing and brand design director. John and Bob are the industrial chemists. Their products are shipped globally.

►►Here are some links to the Angelwax products if you want to check them out:
►UK buyers:
►USA and Canada buyers:
►France buyers:

Here is the list of the products discussed in the video and a brief description of each one.

Angelwax Shampoo: highly concentrated pH neutral bodywork shampoo. Safe on waxes.

Fastfoam: snowfoam that creates a blanket of sticky foam that covers the vehicle and clings to its surface before removing dirt, traffic film and other deposits.

Vision: superior automotive glass cleaner

H2GO: creates a hydrophobic coating on glass surface, that will chase water off the glasswork.

AnGEL: clean and protect interior plastics and vinyl

Elixir: exterior dressing; it rejuvenates and protects the rubber, vinyl & plastic exterior components. It adheres to the surface and creates a waterproof barrier to the treated surface. Great tire dressing.

Corona: synthetic spray wax that can be used everywhere except for windshield. It protects and rejuvenates plastics, vinyl, rubber. It seals the surface and creates hydrophobic barrier.

QED: Quick exterior detailing spray, adds a layer of protection on top of existing wax coatings and gives the appearance of a freshly waxed vehicle

Bilberry Wheel Cleaner: removes brake dust, traffic film and other contaminants.

Heaven for leather: gentle leather cleanser and conditioner that revitalizes, nourishes and protects leather interior.

Hide-Rate: moisturizes the leather and protects against drying effects of sunlight.

Revelation: pH neutral fallout remover to remove harmful metals from wheels and bodywork. The coloration of the product turns to purple/red when it reacts with iron particles and makes them water soluble.

Absolution: carpet & upholstery cleaner.

Guardian: their most durable wax that can last for 6 months or more.

Drift: wax for white vehicles.

Ag: hard metallic silver detailing wax, enriches silver paintwork.

Luminosity: wax for matte painted or matte wrapped vehicles.

Bilberry: wheel sealant, protects your wheels by creating a barrier on the surface of the wheel, preventing build-up of brake dust and traffic film and makes cleaning easier.

Dark Angel: wax for black vehicles.

Desirable: adds gloss and up to 5 months durability.

Enigma: the latest creation from Angelwax, this ceramic wax offers a high gloss finish and greater water sheeting and self cleaning capabilities, and up to 12 months of protection. The complex ceramic molecules bond to the vehicle’s surface and fill microscopic holes and pores in the paintwork to ensure a smooth and level finish. This property improves overall gloss and finish and also aids in better water sheeting and self cleaning capabilities.

The Fifth Element: high endurance show wax. It’s blended from a complex recipe of four top end waxes and a secret fifth element. Lasts up to 4 months. Can be used on top of ceramic quartz coatings.

For more information on the company and their products, visit:

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DBZHounour says:

What wax would you recommend for a carbon grey metallic color? (color code la9w) A collinite 915 carnauba wax or angelwax the fifth element?

Marcus Cassius says:

UK is making great products.

Frank Keiller says:

Hi pan thanks for the time and effort making the video. I’ve just started using this range of products after your review. I actually work in the very same street where angel wax are based and didn’t even know they existed. The products are a bit expensive but I think it will go a long way plus I can save on postage as I can just pick up from the depot. Happy days.
Would it be possible if you could make a video regarding machine polishers. I just bought a rupes ss70 one of the very first made by rupes. The problem I have is I have learned that it’s a orbital polisher and I don’t really know what that means. I just noticed that there is DA polishers orbital polishers etc etc. Is there any difference between them???

Hariz Poljakovic says:

What is the name of the song at 14:03

Savas Ruiz says:

Pan. I am 15 years old and I am becoming addicted to cleaning cars. Thank you for your videos they really show me a lot

Living Life says:

Some of this stuff works good but not all of it

Akila Dulanjana says:

Sir! Please can you tell me a good product for a cheap price to use in srilanka ? I am going to stat a new car detailing shop.

Juan Perez says:

Sorry pan I forgot to mention do they have wax for white pearl colour

KRELL 427 says:

Excellent informative videos Pan. Any idea of where to purchase these products in Canada. Would very much like to try some of them on my carbon black BMW.

No Name says:

Why is the steering wheel on the wrong side of the vehicle ?

dennis davis says:

What is the name of that song? it seems to fit the image of detailing you post, I love your videos, they are concise rambling free, and get’s to the point, thanx.

Thomas Frizzle says:

NASA neff GG-0201

Alan H says:

Have you tried foam applicator pads for waxing instead of microfibre?

Rhenne Cervantes says:

where do i buy in the US?

tricky dicky says:

I have the Fastfoam and the shampoo, both do a good job and the shampoo smells of bananas!!

CSTP auto details says:

Salut Pan, deux questions :
1- Quel est selon toi le meilleur produit pour ‘shinner’ les pneus sans laisser de traces sur l’auto ?
2- as-tu essayé les produits québécois Silverwax? Si oui, ton avis


Aaron Anderson says:

Hi Pan watching this video and I seeing the excitement on your face. It is just like when I use autoglym. You should try the ultra hd wax from autoglym. Would love to hear your review on it.

steve kemp says:

Hi Pan: GREAT videos – huge help – thank you!! I found your you tube videos simply be searching for car detail videos and took a liking to your opening line, “Paaaan the Organizer!”, so now I’m hooked. Lol!! Anyway, I have a brand new 2018 BLACK Mustang GT that I messed up the paint on by washing it incorrectly. It now has severe water spotting that I’m having a local detailer remove via a cutting and polishing. When I get it back, my plan is to do the following in this exact order: Wash; Dry; Wipe with CarPro Eraser; Apply Angelwax Ti-22 Titanium Spray Sealant; Apply Angelwax Enigma; Apply CarPro Reload. Am I on the right track, or overkill? Any products you would change out for others? Thanks!

DBZHounour says:

What is a good wheelcleaner for polished wheels?

RubyRedEcoboost says:

So which of these waxes do you recommend for my Ruby red paint in my mustang?

Ratherbgolfing777 says:

Epic as always!!

tricky dicky says:

If I ever get to move to Florida, this will be the range of products I’ll use. What DA and pads would you recommend to use with the compound and polishes? Also, I notice they don’t do a clay bar….. What would you recommend?

Philip Chang says:

Pan, I love your brand review series. I’m interested in angelwax Fast Foam because it is advertised as a product that is sort of a hybrid between foam and traffic film remover. Have you found it to be effective in removing traffic film (oils, brake dust, transmission fluid) that lands on cars and hard to take off with a conventional PH balanced soap or an iron remover? Thanks.

Roger Chou says:

Enigma sounds awesome! How does layering work with that product? currently on a line of chemical guys products Im trying. I heard layering doesnt really work though. Ive been doing 2 layers of jetseal and a layer of wax on top. Not even sure if I am layering them.

Ricardo Carneiro says:

Hey guys; I live in England and use alot of Angelwax products I like their range and find that they know what they’re doing as all the products Ive tried work; the best thing for me is value for money, especially against Carpro products awesome high quality alternative, not sure if you get the same value over the pond but I highly recommend them.

SoundWave Decepticon Soldier says:

Can enigma wax be applied over a ceramic coating?

VF90 Dark Looters says:

Is fast foam ph neutral and wax save ?

Juan Perez says:

Hi pan i
How does is compared to swissvax products
Does angle wax have a entry level product
As always I enjoy watching this channel great video and info
Thank you

Roberto Chiuz says:

Hi Pan,

Great video. I just ordered a sample of the Enigma kit (wax, shampoo, & qed) . After buffing off the product with a microfiber, can I just clean the towels as usual and use it for future applications or is it garbage time for them?

2 steeves says:

wish angelwax enigma  was easier to get in Canada . we can only get the 250ml size and not the 30ml @ Pan TheOrganizer

Weekend Warrior says:

Car looks great but 200 bucks for wax…. ehh I can’t do it.

William Gaves says:

Excellent review

Mick Taylor says:

If only other people on Youtube were this easy to watch and learn from. Saves me so much time and already I know what are the best products to use plus best value. Thanks again. Await you next new video.

hakman239 says:

Desirable is 5-6 months fifth is 6-12 months btw is there any real difference in the gloss between them?

Sushi says:

you can see the whole street just from the reflection of his car.

George Karaferis says:

Just another perfect video from Pan the organizer….. The TOP BEST detailer I think in the world
Thangs alot for your videos make our disisions easy….

hakman239 says:

Pan fifth element is 6 months + I’m going to be buying a pot would you consider doing a video on it

Miners cat says:

US/Canada link no longer available.
On FB page people are telling Matt and Bob no longer in a company.

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