Armor All Ultra Shine Wash and Wax Review and Test Results on the Hyundai Tuscon

I had a request for this, So I hope you all enjoy! This was a decent car wash but not the best. The Armor All Wash and Wax does a ok job but nothing mind blowing. If you need a good wash and wax, try Meguiars Ultimate, Mothers Wash and Wax, or Eagle One Nano Wash and Wax. Thanks for watching and please take a moment to like and subscribe!


NAZAHA says:

looks like watered down meguiars gold class 

Leo's Mobile Car Wash says:

What part of Florida do you live ? I live in Lantana, Florida

MrSfinn9mm says:

I just bought a gallon of this stuff today washed my brandy new subaru legacy for the first time ! Great channel just subbed

Yo Stop says:

hey man, which one for you is the best car wash and wax brand, need your opinion ty? I mean the best one?

Hugo-Garcia HGX says:

I saw the red Z in the garage. I bet you wouldn’t use that cheap armor all on it.

pighater951 says:

dont know what your talking about it works great✌

Orlando Dashcam says:

This is what I’ve been using as its just so cheap, I don’t mind needing to use more soap, I can pick up a huge bottle of it for $5 and it does a great job getting the car clean.

lightningsmokerXx says:

Hey ArmorAll,

Comon let’s get Mr.Chad a boodle bag.

He’s got all your washes and the only thorough reviews on them.

wax and wash says:

Why meeeeeee

Gerardo Ortiz says:

You have a very nice house !

Larry Tuliao says:

I’ll try it . thanks,hey nice nice you got

Yvely Michel says:

sounds good, for what it’s worth I have an Asdociates degree a CNA certification, is that good enough for you?

jake hanzvik says:

Why would anyone by a Hyundai Tuscon?

jay thompson says:

Great video bro . I’m starting my own detailing business and I’m at the point where I’m testing products and trying to figure out what products I want to carry and what will give me the best results . great test , thanks bro .

eddie lewis says:

What should I do If I can’t wash my SUVs roof because it’s too high up

GalaXy808 says:

Is it really a good wash shine & wax? Do I need to polish or that’s it? Wow! I wanna buy that product I’m seriously, thanks man….

wantsanewvehicle says:

About the rain..same thing happening here in PA. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are supposed to be nice. It was nice out yesterday with a 20 percent chance of rain at 4,5,6 pm… 0 percent chance the rest of the day before and after. So I washed the car all up at 4 to wax it because it was nice and sunny without a dark cloud in the sky. I get back from the car wash at about 4:30 and the sky is starting to get dark so I decided to do the windows and tires to make sure it passes over. At about 4:45 it sprinkles a little, no biggie I can wipe a couple drops off. Sky gets darker and by 5 it’s pouring and continues for the next 3 hours, you’re kidding me 🙁 Try again today…

SoundlessSundew says:

Ur house is badass

Bootyslayer636 says:

You Should Try Out Ammo..You Wont regret it! good videos btw..

GOW says:

I use dish soap to wash my car lol

Edward L. Hern says:

You use it on a new car, why bother…Duh

Daniel Minikus says:

I doubt it will perform well in extreme heat.

gjwmet says:

Question, can I attach a garden hose to a kitchen sink to use to wash my car?

GeneralSirDouglasMcA says:

Will this protect the paint from fading like a real wax job will?

Alex R says:

3D pink car soap is excellent. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!!

ABC 123 says:

I want it all, Armor All Benz and endless papes

Joel Garza says:

great vid

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