ATV Television – Slick Wash, Slick Clean, and Slick Shine

Slick Wash, Slick Clean, and Slick Shine – ATVTV Product Review Video
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ATVTV says:

I imagine that riding your ATV will do more harm to the environment than cleaning it will 😉


Sir that was far from mud you had on that “trail” bike and who shines the underside of a 4 wheeler   lmfao

Hale Cooley says:

good product bad reviewer

Nicholas Dreher says:

The Slick wash, suds and cleaner are all Biodegradable. Source: Slick Products Website

ATVTV says:

She’s used to being around the shop and all the assorted noises of trucks, ATVs, and machinery….I’ll let her know she helped 😉

ATVTV says:

Well, I’m honored….

tuggod says:

Haha you are probably the only person I would trust with it.

joseph chop says:

Does this product come out with suds? Would it work in a foam gun?


Hey Doug,
Try using a dirty, muddy machine when using that Slick Wash instead of a machine thats already clean as a whistle!!!


Oh that must be a trail riding only ATV. I apologize!

Ben says:

I agree, it gave the video a homey look. strange that there was nothing that motivated the cat. great video though. It convinced me to order the slick wash…lol

ATVTV says:

If this thing was as ‘clean as a whistle’ you need to have your eyes checked 😉

ATVTV says:

I may be a nut, but I’m not such a nut that I feel compelled to have everyone’s machine clean……..Well, as long as I don’t see it anyway. Now if it was parked right outside my office or shop I may have to wash it. BUt you’d have to leave the key in it 😉

Michael Sciblo says:

You talked about film , I know what you mean soI have a small tip you may even be aware of mostly while cleaning glass but I find it works as well on everything – The towels are the criminal here ) If you wash you’re cleaning towels DO NOT use fabric softener or use the drier sheets .Wash cleaning cloths in hot soapy water rinse well and just let dry the softener and drier sheets leave a chemical on the cloths which transfer to the finish . The micro most never see FS or those drier sheets

ATVTV says:

Thanks. That’s usually what I do, but I think the towels tend to get contaminated by using them for multiple uses…

ATVTV says:

That’s precisely what we do with our ATVs – explore the mountain trails here… mud bogging for us!

ruyguy8888 says:

Geeze I wish I had that much water pressure out of my garden hose! Are you running a second pump for that hose? Id love to have that pressure come from my well. Thanks for another honest opinion, Doug.

Ben says:

anyone notice the cat at 4:12 (looks like it is on top of the front rack)

tuggod says:

Doug you are welcome to wash my Brute Force anytime.

ATVTV says:

I agree, but I was even thinking further – the way ATVs tear up the ground……But we should be enjoying this not picking at it 😉

ATVTV says:

I noticed it 😉 But though that it gave the video a nice homey look. And did you notice there were no mice, rats, or even snakes anywhere in the video ?

Benjamin Franklin says:

get rid of that damn banner please!

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