Auto Detailing Products: Walmart Edition

Some tips and tricks when buying detailing products at Walmart!


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Jonnie Bangkok says:

Good shopping list for newbs…can’t go wrong with Maguiar’s products and a good call on the Ultimate Wash and Wax. I personally use their Detailers and Mirror Glaze line of products but their consumer stuff is not bad.

AD SQUAD says:

What if they have like a brown dashboard can you still use Meguiars?

Sheldon John says:

Editing skills on point

Charles Espinoza says:

On the shelf stuff is crap… only thing I’ve ever been happy with off the shelf is Griot’s

Detailing and stuff ! says:

You should try the tuff stuff if you haven’t, its a work horse for sure. Pretty sure it is sold as an apc so dont have to worry about hitting plastic with it. I got a can of the shout haven’t gotten around to using it yet though.

Ed Clark says:

Screaming music, & cant hear his recommendations ! Sup wit dat?

bigbtb says:

The only real problem I have with this video is recommending others try something you haven’t tried. It might be a solid bet that it’s a good product but even a well respected brand can have a dud here and there.

john Perez says:

san antonio??

sabkhat Allah says:

thanks I am looking for products for new users helpful

Grayson Throckmorton says:

My favorite part is how your voice gets quieter while you’re inside! Haha! Dude, shooting videos can be so awkward if you’re around a bunch of strangers. Cool video by the way!

Terry Tucker says:

Very informative keep up the good work. I think your future might be bright with this reviewing stuff.. And yes I hit the subscribed button .

OnTheGo AutoSpa says:

the track is hot! !!!

Daniel Hagerty says:

What is a good polishing microfiber one you never mention that ?

The Rusty Scooter says:

This has nothing to do with the video I know (it was great btw) but you are really attractive

Kev Y-CityMobile Detailing says:

Good vid! I tell ya what, been trying out new stuff for detailing in different departments, lession was read labels, Works great!!! Thanks for the info bro!

Matthew Swindail says:

Don’t listen to him, waxes should be applied every few weeks to keep on top of protecting your vehicle…. ONLY clay your car is the paint feels rough, do not clay the paint if it isn’t needed… before applying a new coat of wax, put a little bit of dawn dish soap in your wash bucket to strip the old paint of the old wax….

All2skitzd says:

0:56 to skip a bunch of bullshit

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