Auto Finesse detailing products: test and review! Established in 1999, Auto Finesse started its journey into car care as a man, a van, and a passion for detailing. It is now one of the most renowned detailing companies in London, producing some world class car detailing products for enthusiasts and professionals.

This video was made possible by one of their distributors in France called Detailing AutoShop. It’s a father & son owned business, and their website offers many products from major car detailing brands and they also give amazing customer service!

►To order these products, visit these websites:

In France:

In the UK:

Here’s a brief description of the products presented in the video:

Avalanche: Snow foam that is wax-safe. Infused with Citrus Power. Good for removing traffic film.

Imperial: Non-acidic wheel cleaner that removes brake dust and road grime. Safe on wheel sealants. Safe for use on all wheel finishes. You can even clean tyres with it.

Citrus Power: Bug and grime remover. Safe on waxes and sealants. Safe for use on paintwork, glass and plastic. Great for cleaning door shuts and badges.

Lather: Wax and sealant-safe car shampoo. Tangerine scented. pH neutral surfactants. 4 capfuls for 5 gallons of water (650:1 dilution).

Iron Out: Removes brake dust and iron particles. pH neutral formula. Suitable for paintwork, aluminum, anodised wheels, glass, chrome, plastic, and even rubber. Also contains strong degreasing agents to help loosen road film.

Glide: Clay bar lubricant. Bubblegum scented.

Clay Bar: Fine clay bar to remove organic and inorganic contaminants from paintwork.

Tripple: All-in-one cleaner and polish. Removes oxidation. Reveals a deep, wet, glossy finish. Provides a thin layer of carnauba wax (1 month durability). Can be applied by hand or polisher.

Finale: Quick detailer. Water-based solution. Effortlessly remove fingerprints, light dust and watermarks. Easy way to boost gloss (warm carnauba glow). Sweet maraschino cherry scent.

Tough Coat: Easy to apply paint sealant that lasts 3 to 6 months. Glass-like shine. Carnauba wax friendly. It can also be topped with any carnauba waxes for added warmth, depth, and protection.

Radiance: Liquid carnauba wax. Lasts up to 3 months. Easy on, easy off formula. Leaves a deep wet look shine. Suitable for use on all colours of paint.

Verso: All-purpose cleaner and degreaser for interior and exterior. Can be used on carpets, fabric, rubber, engine, door jambs, wheel arches, tyres and convertible fabric tops. Dilutions: 1:10 for interior cleaning. 1:7 for fabric and carpet cleaning. 1:5 for wheels, tyres and wheel arch cleaning. 1:1 for heavy degreasing (engine bay, door jambs, etc).

Dressle: Water-based plastic dressing with UV inhibitors. Protects plastics from fading. Suitable for interior, exterior and engine bay trim. Dries to a non-greasy finish, leaving a natural sheen.

Satin: Layerable water-based dressing to achieve the level of shine you want: matt finish or wet and glossy. The more layers you add, the more super-wet high gloss shine you get. Contains UV-inhibitors.

Crystal: Alcohol-based window cleaner. Leaves a streak-free finish. Safe on tinted glass.

►For more information on the products, visit the official Auto Finesse website:

►Full disclosure: This video is sponsored by Detailing AutoShop, distributors of fine automotive detailing products such as Auto Finesse. However, I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the company had no influence on my content.

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Frank Miano says:

Best detailer on YouTube your precision must be why you are such a good YouTubed and detailer really enjoy these since I have a mostly black car it’s a blessing and a curse

Albano Nascimento says:

Thanks Pan 😉 know i can add some of this to my arsenal! Keep the good work 😀 why not do soming like a lite version of the awords.. so many products now snd i love to see your opinion on then! 😉

Mario Adragna says:

Great products. Awesome review pan.

Professor Lacy says:

Thank you for the review. Please review Mothers, which has been around a long time, but is lesser known than Meguiars.

R/Ice_Poseidon says:

Most wholesome man on YouTube

shakabe hussain says:

Do autoglym

James F says:

Hey Pan, quick question, hope this isn’t the wrong platform. I’m getting my detailing business up and running and did 2 cars today, one was just mildly dirty, did exterior and interior, the 2nd was very dirty it took me roughly 9 hours to do both. Am i taking to long?

Jude Jean-Charles says:

I was searching on how to proprely detail your car and one of your first videos shows up. I’m from France. Having to watch your videos in French is a blast. Thank you

Apples yo says:

I don’t speak French but i really appreciate the fact that you put in extra work by making a second video in French. The extra details, must be why your such a great detailer!!

Issam Son says:

You live in Quebec

Adam R says:

Pan you absolute legend! thanks for doing this review i remember asking for this video a few months back 🙂

John William says:

Another great video by Pan. But items not sold in the US..

Chris_Audittr2108 says:

I live 30 miles from their headquaters!

Jude Jean-Charles says:

Hey Pan! Thanks your videos
What is the best leather cream can I use to restore my leather seats. Thanks a lot. Waiting for your answer

MrSolveMYMaze says:

Great video, Pan. I’d have loved to hear your thoughts on Vision. I bought it to mask like scratches in the glass but it didnt work. I’m not sure if you can get it in Canada, but Autoglym do a glass polish that cleans really well and stops the windows from steaming up which is ideal in cold conditions.

Jaye Dee says:

Great vid and i love auto finesse products , even better as i pay trade price at halfords lol. Avalanche is that good , that ineven use it on my house windows to clean them , And yes indo get wierd looks from my neighbours when inapply snow foam to the front of my house . But does a cracking job .

camaro2400 says:

Great video Pan! Any chance we will see an Adam’s Polishes product line review?

janis lapsho says:

Can i use a Verso on the waxed car ? Is it pH neutral ?

Bourbon Plays says:

Great as always!
Would you be able to elaborate on which products can be used with each other? For example, I have triple and tough coat, can I layer these and would it be triple first, tough coat and then a soft carnauba wax on top? (I have Victoria wax concourse).

Thanks, rich

Edson Rocha says:




! Hello Pan, Edson From Brazil Once Again !

! I’ m Sure That If I Lived in Europe I’d Use AUTO FINESSE Products !

! By The Way, As I’m a Crewmember, I Went To USA ( Miami ) and, Once There, To Two Auto Shops : AutoParts and AutoZone Looking For The Products Mentioned In One Master Classes os Yours !

Even The Most Known Like Meguiar’s APC and Super Degreaser, In Both Stores, No Clue About Them.

Without Mention All The Other Stuff Like –

Mckee’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
The Rag Company Microfiber Towels (Edgeless Ones)
Gyeon Leather : The Cleaner and The Coat

And So On !

Yes I Know I Can Use Other Products Instead But, You Know, I’D Rather Use “The Real Deal” !

I Found Out Also That Amazon Do Not Sell to Brazil !

Well, In Any Case, I Bought Some Meguiar’s Products And It’s Always Very Nice To See Your Excellent Explanations !

! Thank You Very Much !

! Good Bless You !

! À Bientôt et Bon Journée !

tricky dicky says:

They do a very good spray wax, shame they didn’t send you any. My only complaint is the trigger on the sprays leave a bit to be desired.

Graham Gardner says:

Great video pan, products work great, only issue I have is the actual spray guns as they are very small and difficult to hold??

Doug Ullery says:

Tires look unreal.

GMAN S says:

WOW, Thanks Pan! That looked amazing @14:24 in the evening light. I do have my eye on a couple of products. I use the Auto Finesse smaller storage Bag as my Grab n’ Go Bag for road trips. Carefully organized, I fit a good amount of stuff in it.


Hi great video, could you recommend a product for stainless steel exhaust, something not to abrasive that can be used regularly. Thanks

steven jones says:

Hi Pan,great review on the Auto Finesse products,its a hard choice between Meguiars and AF as I use both,but thanks for helping me what each bottle does in detail.

James Patterson says:

Hey pan when is the best products of 2018 video coming, fall?

grant powell says:

Hi. Another top video thanks. Have you heard of another British company called AutoGlanz? Would love to see a product review of their range with your know how!!

Jude Jean-Charles says:

Thank you Pan! It was really helpful

Patrick Tuggles says:

So do citrus cleaners clean better than regular alkaline APC?

Jonas P says:

Hey Pan, you should review and test the products from LIQUID ELEMENTS
A company from Germany wich got great products, very enviroment friendly and great price.

Countryfan116 says:

Great video, i think i’ll stick to meguiars and adams though. Have you done an Adams Polishes review?

Mohamed Bendahib says:

Thanks Pan for this product’ review.

Matthew Siwula says:

Thanks for making this video, I have been wanting to try their stuff. Would love free samples as I still feel Gyeon, Adams, and Carpro are still better.

Rudy Perez says:

hey pan what do you recommend for decontaminating a car?

Chris says:

I do quite like AF products but it’s the triggers I absolutely hate

Urban Šurk says:

Pan can you tell what was your mixing ratio of the Avalanche? I use it as my snow foam at the moment, but I can’t get foam as tick as yours in that video. Thanks and greetings from Slovenia!

boxersq1 says:

I’ve been waiting for a review by a Canadian on the Auto Finesse line. Thanks Pan! Great video and review again!

martijn bammens says:

I really really like the reviews you do

Can you please do one of “autoglym” products?

The Young Car Spotter says:

Ayyy finally!! This is going to be great!! Watching all the way from the UK!!

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