Best Car Detailing Sprays/Quick Detailer Products Reviewed

Products Reviewed in video:
Meguiras Mist and Wipe

Optimum Instant detailer

Meguiars X-Press Wax

Turtle Wax Ice Spray Detailer

PoorBoys Spray and Gloss

Fast Clean and Shine

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz

Pinnacle Crystal Mist detail Spray

Detailers Pro Final Gloss Detail Spray

Polisgangel Presto detail

Scholl Concepts Speed Wax

Zaino z6


Trung Do says:

Thank you for that review , information rich and serious .
I am using poorboy’s world spray & gloss and it’s a fine product .
I have heard that the effect of quick detailers do not last long compared to waxes , what do you think ?

John Perez says:

You shouldn try Adams Detail Spray and Chemical Guys Hybrid V7

Allen Jun says:

Which of these is the slickest? I’m looking for a more affordable alternative to Ammo Hydrate. He also mentioned that he added a small amount of the polymer from Ammo Skin to make Hydrate which I guess the ones with a synthetic wax/sealant would resemble it more.

Tomato Industries Detailing says:

I think I started out using Meg’s QD but switched to Optimum Instant Detailer because it comes in a concentrate that IMO can’t be beat for value. It also does work well in the off label arena. It also surprises me with it’s endurance occasionally. I’m contracted by a local business to maintain their fleet of SUV’s and many a time I’ve gone to service a car that’s been used for the last 2 weeks and it’s still beading. I also did a vid about 2 weeks ago on a Black Jeep that is 4 years old, never been clayed or polished and has spent most of it’s life as a daily driver that was never garaged. The paint is pretty lifeless. I just NR washed it using OCW and sprayed the OID on it and I remember looking through lens at the bonnet and thinking ” wow look at that reflection “. I’m sure the majority of these products work really good and would have delivered the same or similar results. Personaly I rate the gloss enhancement of OID about 8/10. Hey rougegeek if you think Sandro is a noob ( this guys a gamer for sure ) go to my channel and you’ll be able to write a thesis. And remove that thumbs down, it’s more a reflection of you than him.

MrJRN91 says:

I know Turtle Wax sucks major donkey dong but it’s really cool to hear an Aussie talking about a company that’s based out of where I live. I honestly didn’t know Turtle Wax was global. Just thought it was limited to the US

Pliatsikas says:

Once again, great video!

shameer kammadam says:

Btw Zaino and carpro reload , which one does hv more gloss ? And which one do u prefer as a QD amoung them?

sabey01 says:

Hi Sandro, great review. I was wondering if I used Poorboys EX Sealant would it be better to maintain it using Poorboys spray wax and quick detailer or does it not matter what brand I use. Thanks

LeonFR says:

Sonax BSD is great product.

MCGamer says:

You’re right about TW being watered down too much. According to their MSDS it’s about 90% water, but so is Meguiar’s Synthetic Spray Wax. Meg’s best ingredient is POLY(DIMETHYLSILOXANE) which is used in many of their products. Wish others would use it as well as they do. Other than that they all use Petroleum Distillates and Calcined Kaolin which is used in Nu Finish. For a great spray wax you can dilute 2 – 3 oz. of TW Liquid Hardshell into 28 oz. of distilled water.

Review The Cheapest says:

So many products.

moon 5th says:

I have a question. does waxing your car help it in reducing the effect of color to fade when struck by sand while driving on a high speed? where I come from, there are lots of sandstorms nearly all the time and I really want to maintain my car. thanks

Ross Lesser says:

I am a professional detailed from Long Island New York. You need to get something called Ride and Shine. It’s from a company called Shine Supply and they are based in California. I have tried them all, and there is nothing like this anywhere. It is smoother and glossier than reload (and I basically use all Car Pro products)It’s a detail spray though, not a sealant but it’s the most amazing thing in the world. I don’t know if you ever heard of it. Shine Supply has amazing products.

Jamie C says:

Hi Sandro,

I’m working my way through all you videos & so far they’re all great!

My LSP is Reload. I’m looking for a product mainly to remove bird poo safely without compromising the protection & finish of my LSP. Would Meguiars Mist & Wipe do the job?

Also Meguires in England sell Mist & Wipe as part of a clay kit with a clay bar. Like yourself I think it’s brilliant if one product can do multiple tasks, but do you think Mist & Wipe would also be good as a clay lube?

Stephen Boyd says:

Thanks for your videos……really informative and well made.


HI Meguiar’s Mist & Wipe detailer has any wax compound? Is it water-based or oil based?

Dean Phung says:

Amazing review Sandro!! Anyway my black car is ceramic coated. which product would you recommended to best enhance gloss and shine. Many thanks

shameer kammadam says:

Nice review mate. keep it up. cheers from india

Juan Perez says:

Man you a the best in Aus I think like my other comment true and honest views on all products including coatings

I’ve just purchased a new car and I want keep it the same condition as new
In eyes whats the product for my car I love using sealants waxes detainers etc what do you recommend

nicholas libertyrx says:

keep up the good work sandro

7071t6 says:

I believe there’s a Detailing supply place in Campbellfield,which has larger size containers of the most recognised brands like meguiars. 🙂 Also love you channel great uploads and straight to the point and real world application and information based on real world applications as well and also for professional detailers as well ?

Elton Battle says:

can i use this right after a wax job or do i have to wait a curtain amount of time after a wax job.

Matt Woywod says:

It doesn’t get more comprehensive and thorough than that! You already have the best channel with the most extensive real work detailing knowledge, but now you’re just showing off! Haha, keep them coming Sandro!! -Matt (Kansas city, Kansas)

Levi Gates says:

Gorgeous Setup!!!

Ken Lawton says:

Great video! I use meguires xpress spray wax and have also used many other details sprays including bowdens own fully slick, griots garage speed shine and Adams detail spray. All fantastic products with excellent results, however none compare to xpress spray wax imo.

vanja tomasevic says:

Like your work! What do you think about sonax brilliant shine detailer?

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