Best Car Interior Cleaning, Dressing & Protection Products Reviewed

Products Reviewed in Video:
Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner

Meguiars Super Degreaser

Meguiars Quick Interior Detailer

Meguiars X-Press Wax

Meguiars Glass Cleaner

Goo Gone

Glitz Leather Cleaner

Bissell Spot Clean

CarPro Leather

CarPro Perl

CarPro Fabric

Autoglym Freshener Spray

Autoglym Odour Eliminator

Stoner Invisible Glass

Duragloss Leather Conditioner

HD Protect


Paul P says:

My new favourite interior dressing is Prima Nero ( mmm banana smell ) and exterior dressing is Prima Infinity. Pity ZAS are not going to stock it anymore….Bugger!

Sinister.Shelby says:

My favorite interior dressing by far is Wolfgang Vinyl Rubber protectant. I love the smell and finish. I recently tried 1Z Cockpit, and Meg’s Express wax. Cockpit has a very similar finish to Wolfgang, but I don’t care for the smell, however it does clean as well protect. Express wax IMO smells horrible, and seems to leave no finish at all. Hope this helps someone. Love your videos!

Ryan Clayton says:

Hey mate awesome videos. Quick question, do you now use carpro perl on leather seats also? I bought my first car with a leather interior and want to find the right maintenance cleaner. Do you use perl for the seats or hd protect?

AFS says:

Does meg super degreaser safe for cleaning leather?

Matthew wright says:

How’s it going man? Great video very informative thanks. What do you think about Auto Glym products like their Interior Shampoo?

michael miranda says:

witch product for removing really bad stains on carpets

pepecoco says:

Thanks for taking the time to make these videos on top of your work. Very informative and makes a lot of sense. Please keep the videos coming. Looking for problem solution type videos from your customer’s cars

Polis Samsonidis says:

have ever used hyper dressing by meguiars in interior????

Mark B. says:

No love for 303 aerospace protectant? It is always highly rated among detailers. Very nice video otherwise.

William says:

Hey man I follow lots of detailers and your videos are surprisingly well made and informative. Keep up the good work bro. Thx.

Debbie Davidson says:

Have you tried white vinegar and water on your windows? It’s not my favorite smell but it really works well without any streaks.

Little Rookie says:

A few questions:
1.) What is your opinion on Lexol?
2.) What about Meg’s Ultimate Interior detailer? Why the quick one over their ultimate line?

I trust your judgment so I am asking 🙂

Hassan Raza says:

Hey man I’m a bit doubtful about using a vinyl dressing on my bmw dashboard. Any tips?

Marcb 116 says:

Great video as always Sandro! Thank you. Have you ever used Nextzett Cockpit Premium?

italianwjt says:

What’s a good product for leather dash, doors and seats?

G C says:

What do you suggest as a good protectant for alcantara?

Jamie C says:

Hi, another good informative video.
I would test it first, but in your opinion would Meguiar’s APC be safe to use on alcantara interiors or would I need to buy a specific alcantara product?

nicholas libertyrx says:

Another great vid Sandro. Im glad you elaborate on some of your product choices. It all makes perfect sense. Its taken a while but good to see you are liking the PERL. I love it lots although most people get average results with it watered down as it ends up streaky on plastics and trim that dont take nicely to it, even if prepped properly. Sensational on tyres undiluted the cured with heat gun.

I hear what you say on the Megs APC but my go to is HD Total. Absolute great allrounder and leaves no residue either. For interior dressing, 303 aerosspace has to be up there too as one of the best products, non greasy, non streaky and leaves durable matt finish with tons of UV protection.

hakman239 says:

The best interior protectant is gtechniq c6 Matt dash durability 3-12 months gives a nice Matt finish only around £5 for 100ml but not available in a larger size

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