Best Car Interior Cleaning Tool – The Tornador Black is one of the best car interior cleaning tools on the market. Check it out for yourself!


charles Lane27 says:

can it be used to clean carpets?

Curt Abis says:

Do you still need air compresor right?

Art Houston says:

Every video that I see online for this device uses a music only soundtrack whenever the device is being demonstrated. This suggests to me that no one wants you to know what this thing sounds like while you’re using it.

Jason Carner says:

Where can I get that thing at the sprayer for the cars for the rigs

Sharon D. says:

You didn’t mention that it has to be connected to an air compressor

issoloko2412 says:

You guys ship internationally?

Ferenc Szini says:

how much is it?????


I want this….

Robert Horbaly says:

What PSI is necessary? Will a small pancake compressor power it?

Данил Смуров says:

Where is interior cleaning??? Are you idiots?

Cigan Ovidiu says:


lex-dex says:

I buy that garbage tool from amazon pay 175$ doesn’t work at all will return get my money back

SIFSG Productions says:

thanks this was sooo helpful

Enrique Portillo says:

What kind of PSI gallons will be good for air compressor to work with this

Ray Jones says:

How do you get the brush attachment?

asasial1977 says:

How is this not just forcing the dirt deeper in the fabric? Yeah it might look cleaner but all you are doing is moving the dirt

Carlos Chibas says:

How to turn dust into mud…101

gera extreme says:

How many gallons of the compressor you needed??

dave wagner says:

what’s with the Prison Tatoos????

bradspicks says:

What drives or powers the tool ????? ……. is it just me, or am i missing something ???

Bill Angelopoulos says:

I’d rather just sit in my car with a cat and sneeze at 200 mph.

Zee Man says:

Do not waste your money it’s completely useless

Amir Abdullah says:

The only thing this needs is more accessories. Longer, thinner fittings for it. This thing cleans like gangbusters.

diyarizona says:

too much air??what kind the compressor for 1 or 2 guns same time??

Mary France Biyok says:

I wonder if I could clean my couch with this.

Naaman Geist says:

So, you’re basically just blowing the dirt from one place to another. But now, it’s no longer dirt, it mud!

OfficialJoeKingOne says:

…..or buy a spray bottle from the .99 cent Store.

rick says:

what people fail to see is that your forcimg water and solution into to the creases and crevices of everything…that water and moisture stays trapped ..while its evaporating over time, its damaging the paint, the upholstery, the seals, the fabric , and eventually if it doesnt dry fast enough it will start to stink..evebtually it will cause things to start to rust…you cant do your seat covers the way they shpow in the commercials,,,because there is no extraction happening ..only fluid being added and forced into fabric under pressure.. who has time to remove their seat coves to use this…when i first saw this i though…AWESOME..then i thought about it for just 30 seconds and came up with the above……

Fidel Jaime says:

What cfm does this need to function

DAM8658 says:

What about the seats?!

Scale Modeling USA says:

Why not use a cheap paint gun from Harbor Freight? $200 for this is crazy. Maybe $50…

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