Best Car Rinse-less & Waterless Wash Products and Techniques Reviewed

A discussion on waterless and rinse-less car washing products and techniques


Nick M says:

Excellent job! Try mixing CarPro Echo with Reload for an unbelievable glossy shine, for use as a detail spray.

Tpr1634 says:

Love ONR, never tried the wash and wax.

Sherukka says:

Meguiars gave up the rinseless wash products, maybe because there is too much competition and still too little money involved? Not sure about their waterless product, maybe it is still in production?

NotALibertard 99 says:

Do you know if it is possible to after using the rinse wipe to remove the dirt; if it is possible to DRY the car with say a Metrovac/leaf blower (or something of the like), instead of drying it with a towel? In order to prevent micro scratches/swirls (and the like)?

I’m already touching the car with the cleaning part, trying to minimize the hands on when possible.


shameer kammadam says:

Are these products are wax and sealent friendly ? i have seen polish angel in your quick detailer review as a QD , but how it comes under ” car washers” heading ?

Shawn Amison says:

Just recently found your channel, really like the content you have. I just discovered onr a few months ago and have been using it for maintenance washes since November. I’m always skeptical of new “miracle” products as everyone claims their product is the newest bestest greatest thing. Onr blew me away. I pre-soak all the panels first, and do a rinseless wash one panel at a time with a folded microfiber. What is the difference between both optimum products you listed here? As far as I can tell, onr and opticlean are very similar. They can both be diluted for clay lube, quick detailer, etc.

Ken Lawton says:

Fantastic review mate, very interesting. I use Ultima waterless wash concentrate that I got on Amazon US, costs about $40 au but the dilution is amazing! the results on my bimmer are excellent! I did a full rinsless wash using 1 ounce to make three gallons yesterday. I couldn’t stand the road grime from all rain we’ve had lately in Sydney so I carefully, and using multiple microfiber cloths, gave her the once over. Here is the Amazon description:
“Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate is a hyper-concentrate that can be used to make the Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ spray wash formula or as a no rinse car wash solution in bucket. Just 1/2 oz. makes 22 oz. of Ready-to-Use Spray Wash and just 1 oz. makes 3 gallons of No Rinse Car Wash Solution. Either way, Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ will not only meet your expectations, it will exceed them in both cleaning ability and gloss enhancement. Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ quickly and safely cleans painted surfaces, chrome, plastic, glass and wheels without the use of water. No hoses. No rinsing. No drying. This Boosted by Polycharger formula not only cleans your vehicle’s surfaces, it protects from the harsh elements and harmful UV rays.”

love this stuff, makes a very cheap and effective waterless/rinsless wash.

nicholas libertyrx says:

another great vid sandro. Two that ive used and love are the Garry Dean Infinite Use Detail Juice and also the Duragloss one (smells like strawberry milk)

John Emmel says:

excellent video. I have recently become an ONR user and absolutely love it and my customers do as well. I was considering the Poorboys but was on the fence. After this I will stick with my optimum. Keep up these awesome vids. John@Carefree Auto Detailing

Andrew Reichel says:

What dilution ratio would you do for ONR for clay lube, detail spray, and waterless wash?

Jorge N says:

Have you tried Wolfgang Uber Rinseless wash?

Matt Woywod says:

Great video! As always! I’m glad I was able to hear your thoughts on Echo2 before purchasing. I’m not sure what the exchange rate is in Australia, but meguiar’s waterless wash can be had for $10 in the states. I also prefer opti-clean, but I do wish its scent matched its performance. Thanks for another phenomenal video! ~Matt (Kansas city, Kansas)

vanev says:

Excellent video!

Andrew Reichel says:

I have blue ONR no wax trying to add some slickness wax to it, what products can you recommend to add? Meguires xpress wax?

hamood al maskari says:

sandro, Is ONR safe for vehicles with ceramic coating??

Mitchum Pacifico says:

Which was one your professional go-to waterless solution?

郑泽楷 says:

Awesome vid! Any thoughts on the duragloss rinse-less wash?

HitmanAtM16 says:

The actual dilution ratio to use Carpro Ech2o is between 1:10-1:15. Corey Caruth from Carpro USA did extensive testing, and came to conclusion to use that ratio. Carpro did not do complete testing and the dilution on the bottle is way too strong. I did testing myself and was blown away with it at 1:10, as it did not streak. I was in touch with Corey for all this information.

Charles detail N says:

Thanks for another great video. Always looking forward to the next one. Very informative.

Tomato Industries Detailing says:

Nice vid Sandro…Your the David Attenborough of the Detailing Youtube Community… Allow me to enter discussion…. These products definetly have there place in the Detailing or DYI market place expecially where water or time restrictions apply…With societies obsession with quick fixes needing to be fed products such as these will be popular. For detailers that already have reg customers that ask for maintanence washes for their mostly garaged cars it’s a godsend as well as the the high volume wash operators. Less time spent on job, same $$$$ charged. Does this method do more damage? Most punters don’t care they care more about the $$$. Lets face it the majority of people care less for their cars than we do as Detailers. In my world I have little or no use for NRW products so I have no experience with how they work.
The majority of my work is single or 2 stage paint correction / long term paint protection so the days of washing multiple cars each day are very few and far between thank God. I did have the opportunity to use this method the other day on lightly dusty car using my normal low ph car wash and after wiping off finished down with Carnuba Spray wax. I’m going to mix both products in a spray bottle so next time I get opportunity I can cut to chase quicker. And if it works I won’t have to buy another product. Not sure if that will work but I’ll give it a go. Also, I’m not sure if my car wash ” emcapsulated ” the dirt but it did ok. Realistically if you look at car paint for too long it will scratch so what damage is done is negliable.

Daniel DVK says:

Missed the Duragloss #931.

Ross Maddison says:

Hi Mate, Great video. Where’s the best place to get hold of the Optimum Opti Clean Concentrate? I’m in Melbourne.

maxwired 223 says:

You should give Ultima Waterless Wash Plus Anti-static Dust Repelling Hyper Concentrate a try.  I’ve found it superior to ONR in every way.  It can also be used as a detail spray.  Available on ebay, amazon, etc.

Jack Stone says:

$35 for meguiars wash and wax anywhere?!?! It’s $12 for that bottle in the United States. Why is it so expensive in Australia?

Greg Sullivan says:

I’ve tried quite a few waterless wash products now, and whilst I like this way of cleaning a car, not one of them is truly easy to COMPLETELY buff off, in my opinion, and I worry that the amount of buffing required will cause a lot of marring. The latest one I’m trying is the ECH2O and it’s no different. Also, I don’t really think it is suitable for applying in the sun (contrary to CarPro’s claim) – if it is allowed to dry, one must buff VERY firmly to remove it. So, I find that I kind of keep having to apply more, to re-wet the area. What we need is a product that kind of dries to a loose powder, which is easy to remove once dry. I remember decades ago that this is how car wax behaved – it was very easy to remove.

A&J says:

Hello…nice video. One question about Opti clean. What dillution ratios do you use? I know 3:1 or 4:1 is for a waterless wash and about 8:1 for interior cleaning. What ratio do you use it for a QD?

Gotallofthem1 says:

Did you say “over scratch prone sponges”? So you are saying the foam sponge the Optimum sells for their ONR product, Scratches compared to your wash mits?

Adam Ford says:

cheers Sandro this video came at the right time..never liked the idea of this but it’s a pain in the rear getting water spots this time of year so I might give it a go.

Christopher Benjamin says:

What’s your favorite wash media for rinseless washing? I’ve been using plush microfiber towels with no problems for a while now, but I’m looking for something that is a little easier to use and allows me to use less pressure especially on horizontal panels. I tried Optimum’s big red sponge which works great, but on vertical panels it pours product out the bottom and my garage floor gets soaked. Recently I’ve been using the BRS on just horizontal panels and then switching to a MF for vertical panels. I’ve been thinking of picking up a Microfiber Madness incredisponge as it’s a blend of sponge and microfiber. Any thoughts?

Also, this video’s title includes “techniques”…would have liked to see a comparison of various techniques.

Ben Prior says:

Another great video Sandro!I think you have sold me on the Echo.  I was tossing up between the Ultima Waterless Wash Plus and the Echo. Have you used the Ultima?Keep up the good work!

John Perez says:

Great video.

You should try Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash. Its an awesome all-in-one, plus its super concentrated.

Robert Serman says:

i bought 50ml sample. for how many liters of water is enough for that sample?

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