Best Carwash Technique: 15 Steps + Tools

This is a detailed video describing the exact steps, tools, and products I use to do a very simple weekly wash. We are not discussing, clay, compound, polish, or waxing in the video. This is what I call a “maintenance wash”. Hope you enjoy!
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jmdunnify says:

When I do windows, instead of 2 microfiber towels i just flip the one towel

a says:

Sold my nice car and kept my old crapper, helped the ocd no end.

MAGA BABY! says:

What gender do you identify with? This is how a very anal girl would wash a car. LOL! Not logical at all. Do you put on an apron before you clean the kitchen? Probably!   “Lug nut brush”? How about a cotton rag? nothing works better, and you won’t have all those otherwise useless one trick pony tools cluttering up your garage!

The Captain says:

You’re a cleaning freak that’s for sure xD But I love it.
I hate vacuuming xD

Steeve Knight says:

This guy TOTALLY needs medication. But he does know hi sh*t. Be ready to drop some coin on AMMO

NjunThatCould says:

I still use my old sweat rags and my water hose bro and she is still showroom quality

Closer2theheart 68 says:

Larry is my Yoda when it comes to car washing/detailing.

Dont Look says:

I love that guy ding dong around cars and washing, vacume and drying windows…….When my wife looks over my Ipad and see me watching looking at videos of some american dude washing cars, she thinks iam an idiot, but i just love it, and the videos are so great…..Thx dude and keep up the good work.

Jonatan Granados says:

Wow! This is amazing….

G21 says:

Larry AMMONYC = King Beast!!

Billy McAuliffe says:

So that cars really filthy ????? An over drematic American that car is not filthy

clayton God says:

Grit guard are 25$ aus for 1, kinda expansive for a bit of plastic

StRoRo says:

Nothing wrong with the word gunk.! Use it as much as you want 😉

Ruud the Diamond says:

Master Gunk Blaster Larry:)

Based says:

AMMO products are so cool but sooo expensive

911s73targa says:

I use rain water instead of tap water.. No particles in there that need filtering.

Cameron W says:

Larry, you should make a video of how to clean an entire car in sub zero temperatures, 0 degrees Celsius that is. I would love to see you clean the exterior of a car with a steamer in the dead of winter, this is something I would like to see if it is possible with a good result.What do you think, is this possible? Cheers…..keep up the great work.

Ryan Parish says:

Does anyone else here an electric guitar in the 20:40 to 21:20 region of this video.

Gregory Heath says:

What about using “4-oooo” fine steel wool to clean the front wind shield ? Saw that in another vid.

Rahar Gaming says:

ok, i have one big problem… i live in an apartment… and the building rules say “no watter spray of any kind”… so i cant use a hose or a water pump of any kinds… is there any other way to apply the foam?… like… manually?…. and one other things… microfiber towels… u mention in one of your old videos to use WINDOW microfiber towls… are those regular towels with smaller threads?.. or are those some sort of special microfiber that i need to look up for?

chris10699 says:

Where can I buy the hydrate?

Daniel Murray says:

Top quality and very useful.

Sea City420 says:

Much Appreciated !

Ed Kaempf says:

Does the Spotless water filter reduce the pressure coming out of the hose. My water is pretty clean already, but the filter would make it even cleaner. I just do not want to lose much pressure from my hose for rinsing if I use the filter. Thanks. BTW, I just read the car wash article in The Wall Street Journal, which mentioned your YouTube videos.

Martin Petráš says:

Im so happy there are same freaks like me out there who is so into clean cars 😀 We are mostly misunderstood by relatives and friends 😀

MAGA BABY! says:

Total overkill – not efficient at all. Ridiculous. I can wash a car just as well with 1 bucket, 1 sponge, 1 cotton rag for the wheels, and 1 scrub brush for the tires, which you do last so as not to contaminate the water in the 1 bucket. Start from the top down with the sponge, hosing it off before dunking back in the 1 bucket of soapy water. In less than 1 hour, my car is PERFECTLY CLEAN. All that silly stuff you bought is completely unnecessary.

Brandon Auchterlonie says:

And I thought chrisfix’s steps were extreme…

The1andonlyBYack says:

326 people who have cars that undoubtedly look like dog poop… lol

joe henry says:

where do i get that shag spray, some girls i want to spray.

SLT Streams says:

Do all the homosexual detailers where purple rubber band bracelets? I was hoping you guys were a bit more trendy. Peace.

Mikhail Pozin says:

I was surprised that Larry didn’t do a dry wipe down of the engine bay to begin with. A good degreaser wipe with a cloth will help remove a lot of contaminants that he ended up washing down further into the engine bay when he just popped the hood and hosed it down. Learned that one from the ChrisFix video on engine bay detailing

Rick Kerr says:

Just found your videos; Excellent. Thank you for taking the time to teach.

MAGA BABY! says:

I have NEVER worn gloves washing my cars…but I don’t use strong chemicals like wheel cleaners that can etch your clear-coat paint on your wheels. Gentle dish soap and water is all you need.

Riley Borges says:

your black bottles would drive me insane.

Daniel Ruhr says:

Absolutely love how finicky and fussy he is with cleaning, can entirely relate and I’m entertained the whole while. I’ve been watching car cleaning videos for the past 4 hours and I keep finding my way back to AMMO, Love it.

Jimmay Teed says:

You missed a “junk” at 11;03

MAGA BABY! says:

You must drive your wife NUTS!!

Andrew Stewart says:

one trick i seen for the seat issue, put a piece a masking tape from the lower seat section (near controls) to the lower panel by the door or somewhere in that area tear the tape before the seat is moved, when you slide the seat back you can slide it forward to nearly the exact same position. don’t have any tricks for the reclining though.

gary63693 says:

leaves his alternator uncovered, lol

J. Sanchez says:

Cant find the wheel woolies on your site dude/

Joyce Fung says:

Best 25 minutes ever spent. You’re amazing Larry!!

GpD79 says:

After sex, I bet this guy leaves his woman’s box cleaner than before!

Hao Quoc says:

Thanks Larry!

Mohadib Granados Cid says:

Great video

Peter Gao says:

Quick question, you get paid probly hundreds dollar per hour to detail others car, do you really detail your own car the way you do your client’s cars?

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