Best Spring Cleaning Car Wash to Remove Salt!

Here is the step-by-step guide to how I prepare my cars after winter and into spring. This should be performed at least twice a year to keep the frame of your vehicle clean and salt/dirt free. A link to all the products used is listed below. -L

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white toast says:

Awesome videos. You are a true professional..quick question for you..or anybody watching..what’s the point of 2 bucket method? I get that your trying to rinse off the mitt (towel) but it doesn’t make sense to me. After you rinse the first time doesn’t water gets dirty? Your always rinsing mitt in dirty water then going to soap bucket. I don’t care how many grit guards you have the water is still gets dirty. Why not just use the hose to rinse off mitt instead? Why not use clean fresh water vs dirty water in a bucket. Its simple quicker and more effective to me. If I’m wrong please tell me why. Thx.

Josh Perrie says:

I wish my moms Subaru looked that shiny.

Kushal G says:


Allan Boliarini says:

watch your movie is a terap for me !

ratnick says:

Be nice to have the time to do all this.

Lucky sharma says:

its too good. i am fan of your all videos.

RebeccaBlackVideos says:

This guy breathes this shit

Ramy rc says:

You didn’t worn me

TheFamely Vlog says:

if i wash my car like this,i will drive only inside my home

Great Drums says:

FREE LIFETIME OIL CHANGES?? How the heck did you pull that off dude!? Thats awesome!


What about all the crap going on the floor and get spray in the nature? Is your products environmentally friendly?

A. Bach says:

Fantastic video! So much detail thats actually helpful. Then when you finish and take your car out for a drive it rains. Then you get to repeat these steps lol

NPAMike says:

It makes me wonder what he does to his more precious cars instead of a subaru outback

Alexey Sanchez says:

Great video… Very satisfying… But I would have done something to the rusty areas as well

m721ac says:

I dont mind waiting. But can I just buy your subaru when youre done with it?…

M says:

Just buy a new car… FFS!

Teetwo Dev says:

It seems it’s much easier to get a divorce!
Btw, how do you apply Rain-x without leaving a haze or streak?!? I love the product. But it’s such a pain to get on clear.

Island Mike says:

O.C.D comes to mind when hes talking about cross contamination..

8 8 says:


OneOneEight Rvolution says:

Can you make more video’s that also focus on garages? efficient designs, recommended shelving, things to consider (lights, flooring, paint, etc)? =)

Paolo Inigo says:

It feels great driving a clean car inside and out! Job well done as always, Larry.

Alec Aagaard says:

What kind of water system is that? It looks high pressure but doesn’t look like like a pressure washer


I would buy a used car from Larry.

My England speaks not so happy says:

I would rather buy a new car

Antonio Fernández says:

Good job and nice car .

Adam Williams says:

What kind of pressure washer you use

j d says:

I would love someone to do all of that to my car

Anthony Jerak says:

Love your show you freak LOL

Elijah Eli says:

What is the foam gun used during 4:37-4:40

Chakar Khan Rind says:

How much u charged ur wife after job?

Xavier Naipal says:

I was my cars just like this

Kin T says:

All this time I thought washing my truck with the wheels still on was a lot of work! Lol Very informative! I will have to skip a few steps lol

Nab Sol says:

How did you feel about the microfiber’s performance as a wash mitt? What were your thoughts on the 400gsm? Thanks.

Alejandro Navarrete says:

servicio profesional nota 10 aprobado

James Runyon says:

good god man! you do have a beautiful disease. this car wash took all day?

Richard H. says:

Yeah! Festool.

MarkLan says:

Really want to wash my car like this but the province Im in wouldnt allow us to do that :C

Harry McGrory says:

Remove salt? Honey the only salt on the roads this time of the year is cause someone threw there McDonalds chips out the window

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