Best Waterless Car Wash Product

In this video we show you how to wash your vehicle without having to use any water at all. Our DK Eco Wash is the perfect product for any areas that may be in a drought or have water run off regulations. Check it out!

DK Eco Wash:


zombie killer3228 says:

rofl the bit i always laff at Waterless so you just dilute it with WATER there for not waterless lol

Detail King says:

Zander – It would probably be best to use water when using the Citrus Cleaner since that is a degreaser.

Zander Visser says:

Hi, can you use this product with any of your other products for example the Citrus Cleaner?

Mopar Marc says:

This has to be the most economical Waterless Wash on the market. It looks like it will make 128 gallons of RTU Waterless Wash from one concentrated gallon of product

CAR REVIEWS: 0 TO 100 says:

You make it look really easy. LOL. I live in a drought area, & in a short amount of time– my car gets dirty fast with LA smog. I watched a few Garry Dean videos on technique, but after my own research…waterless car wash products should not be used on a car that is “too dirty” with dust particles; that could scratch paint. A quick rinse is necessary most of the time (for me). Your product does have a nice smooth finish… check out my other water saving tips being in CA.

Roman Brzozowski says:

This product works great, I’ve used it as a waterless wash as well as a rinseless bucket wash… Does DK Eco Wash have any protection qualities in it?

boliviamericano says:

I havent tried this waterless wash yet but i have some products on order. Why does alot of these waterless videos on youtube say not to use the same side of the towel twice? I see that you used the same side to wipe off half of the hood. These other guys say it will scratch the car and best to use one side per section. I see that as alot of towels being used though.

Mario Carrillo says:

Just add the rest of the bottle with water? Instantly lost interest once you said that. Haha

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