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This video was a completely independent review undertaken by the Forensic Detailing Channel. Bilt Hamber were approached by the channel to do this feature as I had been impressed by the quality of their products. No form of payment were taken to to produce this video and there was no involvement from Bilt Hamber in the conclusions the channel came to about the products. All the information provided in the dialogue of the video is just my opinion of the products…

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Mirsad Begic says:

After carefully watching this review, I went ahead and ordered BH Snow Foam and two pieces of clay bar 🙂 Thanks!

Eric Ventura says:

I’ve been watching your videos this weekend, have purchased some of your recommendations. Love your videos really…except for this one…You’ve said OK over 100 times…I stopped counting after 83. 😛

Ian L says:

Fabulous, informed, discursive, objective. Fabulous. I’ve bought some of the products so it’s persuasive too.

Mark Aitken says:

Great video. I’ve been using the clay bar and the double speed wax. I’ve also just bought the surfex hd which I was going to use instead of the snow foam. I was also going to buy the auto wash. Anything else I need to get a great look. I’ve got a silver car which is a bit of a bugger to get a good shine!

xlcrider says:

Thanks for the tips on Bilt Hamber Auto Clay. Checking the Dollar Pound rate, I found a merchant on Ebay that sold medium clay for 29.45 pounds. That is two medium clay (200 grams) plus shipping to USA . I thought that was the most reasonable price.
Yours Respectfully,

Lock Cracker says:

Forensic Detailing Channel can you do a video of the application of Bilt Hamber Dynax UB Firm Film Under Body Anti-Corrosion Wax?

AlexVids says:

i want all this shite in the usa. not sold around here. damn it.


Who sell this products in the US?

Ben Yetman says:

Thanks man. Your videos are going to save me a fortune in trial and error. Especially when the internet is full of every opinion, leaving noobs such as myself confused. You obviously put a lot of thought and effort into your research and testing. Much appreciated sir.

Ollie S says:

I really like Bilt Hamber products. I love the wheel cleaner the soap and the speed wax.
The clay bar is great as you can just use water instead of expensive fluids.They are a no bullsh*t company with products that just work and are good value.

greenalero1 says:

How is the Bilt Hamber Auto qd repelling water? Is it as good as the double speed wax?

MrAVA says:

That is a beautiful M3

Alan Wong says:

Ive had the opportunity to try the bilt hamber auto wash car shampoo and i have to admit it you were right, its great. The cleaning power and no residue left over after washing it off. I also tried the one bucket wash method you use with the wash mitt with the short pile you advised about. This will be my new way to wash, works brilliantly. Thank you.

Martyn J-C says:

What’s your thoughts on clay bars vs clay mitts etc

AM4N18 says:

Are Bilt Hamber a british company?

Steven Morgan says:

Come across your channel today. I found the Belt Hamber product review captivating. You put the case for Bilt Hamber products very well. Well enough it seem for me to purchase some of their products to test against my best to date product, Auto Finesse.
I will be purchasing the Auto Foam, Auto Wheels, Korrosol and Surfex-HD. I already have their Auto Clay. Once delivered I will put BH to the test.
Thanks for a fantastic channel.

Jay G says:

Thanks for the video! One question, can you use the surfex hd as a pre wax cleaner? Thanks again!

Steve rawlings says:

Is there any need to have both surfex hd and korrosol in your arsenal,or wouldt surfex do the same job?

JWL says:

AVOID Wheel Cleaner! Awful smell, subpar performance. Don’t trust the hype.

Background: I enjoy looking after my wheels sometimes cleaning them twice in a week using a Waterless product. The wheels are waxed and the car only has 5K miles on the clock.

Performance: I wanted to try this product after so many positive reviews to have the option to perform a deep clean every now and then. I wanted something that would be spray on, rinse off. Considering that the wheels only had a week of break dust and other contaminants, I thought it would be a walk in the park for the product.

The Awful Smell: upon opening the container to put the spray head on I realised that the smell was very, very off putting but did not want it to stop me so I sprayed it on wheels and waited 10 minutes. That was when I realised how powerful and awful the smell is. I was working in the back garden and it took over the house, even the neighbours shut their window! I was so disgusted and intoxicated that I couldn’t wait to rinse it off.

The results: the week old dirt? Got 80% off with a garden hose. I didn’t want to have something that required taking the power washer out. Hosing it off would not do so had to use a microfibre brush to finish it off.

So this horrible product is going back to Amazon. I’m glad I tried it so that people reading this review don’t have to!

I’m back to using Prokleen’s Waterless wash which takes 15 minutes of my time, 2 MF towels and leaves wheels clean and shiny with the advantage of no mess on the garage floor nor people intoxicated!

Genysmen runner says:

Have you tried auto finesse avalanche? Their citrus power formula is present in the snow foam

Munir Khepi says:

Quick question, is Auto Wheel safe on all alloy finishes?

hakman239 says:

how long does auto qd last

Lauren Massey says:

this review was really honest and really helpful, no hype. Keep it up dude!

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