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Car Guys Detailing were nice enough to send us some samples to test and share with you guys on Youtube.
Pick up a Gallon Here
Dont forget the Solo Sprayer
Wheel Woolies
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Ricky Morty says:

Tire shine was a waste of money!

David says:

Who do you think the manufacturer is?

Sha Money says:

Nice video but if u have black how can u tell it’s doing it’s job on black rims

Ron Keller says:

Went back and read most if not all the reviews. They range from Best, Good, Bad and Ugly. Some used full strength to diluting. Added to my Amazon List what you reviewed and the pump.

Milan Jurich says:

I see many reviews on-line of Meguiars Wheel Brightener diluted 4 to 1 as an exceptional wheel cleaner, although for you it might “stain” your driveway.  Have you used it?  Thoughts?

Michael Scott says:

You used Too Much Rim cleaner. For all that you might as well buy super clean and cut it so it doesnt leave white stains on your rims. You’ll have to agitate it a little bit but hey its pretty decent. Nice Mustang btw.

Sushi says:

any kind of maintenance on that Solo sprayer?

Sinister.Shelby says:

Looks like the sprayer Adams and Optimum use. I’m with you, I like a foaming wheel cleaner. Thanks for the review.

Ron Keller says:

Thought the “Acid” might raise some concerns with you! Unlike other products that reviews and YouTube videos suggest gloves, eye shields and clothing with long sleeves, this had none of that. I’ll have to go back and look again to include user instructions if available. I might order the pint and try.

Ron Keller says:

Been waiting for your review of a Wheel Cleaner. I’ve been looking at Nanoskin (NA-SBE 16) Speedy Brite Organic Wheel & Tire Acid Cleaner. Amazon has it in 16 0z. It must be popular because you can’t find it available on any sites to include Nanoskin. It comes in assorted sizes to include 30 gallon barrels. Amazon has it in that size. It has a dilution rate of 1:1, but some reviews suggest using full strength. I’ve watched most if not all the videos on YouTube.

chevyroy14 e says:

you use way to much product

m l says:

is it paint safe? i have painted brake calipers.

Ron Keller says:

Nanoskin also has Nanoskin (NA-NAD128) Non Acid Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner 1 Gallon on Amazon. At $22.75 ordered it and the Solo One-Hand Pressure Sprayer in your link. The product requires a pump that will produce foam. I’ll let you know how it works.

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