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Not all dirt and grime is created equal. Sometimes, detailers need strong citrus soaps to take down road grime and dirt, sometimes they only need light cleaners, or a fast wash & wax, or superior gloss enhancers, or super snow foam washes for a foam cannon. Chemical Guys manufacturers car wash soaps for every detailing application. Check out this Buyer’s Guide to help choose the perfect soap, or soaps, for your detailing applications!

Maxi Suds II

Maxi Suds II Extreme Grape Rush

Mr. Pink

Citrus Wash & Gloss

Hybrid V7

Body Wash & Wax

Wonder Wash

Wash + Wax


Honeydew Snow Foam

Meticulous Matte


Oscar Lopez says:

Which shampoo/soap is recommended for my car that has the hood wrapped with a matte satin black vinyl but the rest of the car is still glossy paint from the factory? Sounds like all these soaps are for only one or the other.

Humberto Zavala says:

Concentration to remove a 3 week old couple jet seal coats? Thanks in advance

Nick Sisson says:

Im a little confused you say the extreme wash and wax doesnt seal the pores but on your web site its says it does. ??

DaltonRayStephens says:

Which of these soaps are safe to use on ceramic coatings?

Promise Onuorah says:

Does the citrus wash and gloss strip off wax?

chris ramirez says:

So which would be used best for semi-neglected paint and obtain extreme shine?

Syan Phua says:

Hi, how can I get your products as I am from Malaysia

Pete Flynn says:

You do not need to add smell to the products!

Chris C. says:

You should do a kit with one of each in it and a premium mit.

steve melendrez says:

I couldn’t find the wash and wax , what do you suggest I get, I drive a white Chrysler that was on the showroom floor

Rick D. Melendez says:

Do the Chemical Guys have a wash that is ecofriendly and will keep the city inspectors off your tail?

Victor Ramirez says:

I wash my car every week in the sun unfortunately what soap do you recommend
Thank you

Eric W says:

This guy is awesome

Nick Robison says:

You guys need to make a new one of these for 2017/18.

kg the great one says:

so everytime I wash my car is going to wash the wax off of it?

G C says:

Anyone of those shampoos good for ceramic coatings?

alex korn says:

Time to do another update on all the shampoos

teknofil007 says:

Hei Its mutch god Shampo here. I bouth Mr Pink 0,5 Liter or 475Ml and I use It In my snow foam lance. I use 1dl Mr Pink and I get one of my best resault ever! I have video on my chanal from that Wash. I was suprised that It make so mutch foam)) It was a mountain of foam. The nexst Product I bouth from you is Honeydew 3,7 Liter! I use It only one time With 1dl. It was god but I have to try It some more before I can give right critic. I collect soape and have mutch of it. My favoritt is Mr Pink- Nerta- AutoBrite Magifoam-. Its 3 fantastic foam soape. I have 3 foam Lance to MJJC-AutoBrite and Sams.

shelbyflf says:

Do you have a detergent type non ph balanced for starting fresh before decontamination process?

Peaches Monroe says:

Can you guys do an update on this with the new products? I noticed my soap isn’t even on here . Thanks.

Oh hi Mark says:

So why would you use mr pink over honeydew?

Cristian Leon says:

witch one should I use if I wanted to remove my old wax on my car

Christopher Sullivan says:

Whats the difference between hybrid v07, gloss works, and citrus wash and gloss

Bryant Paradine says:

can you add more then one together

Mathew Stephenson says:

Can any of the soaps be used in a portable pesticide sprayer? Which would give the best results for a portable touchless washing?

Camera Dave Photography says:

after viewing this 4 times I’ve decided to go with Citrus wash & gloss for my water cannon and Mr. Pink for my 2 bucket system.

Saad Shaikh says:

Please update this video with the new products too please

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