CarPro Detailing Products: Brand Review !!! (ft. CQuartz, Reset, HydrO2, Inside, Reload and Perl)

CarPro detailing products brand review. In this video, I do a review of all the CarPro car detailing products that I own, explain what they do and even show you how to use some of them. CarPro is an awesome car detailing products company based out of South Korea and they are well known for high quality detailing products, including ceramic coatings like CQuartz. CarPro covers all your detailing needs from cleaning, restoring, shining and protecting your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

►Here are the links to all the products discussed in the video:

►US buyers:
Reset car shampoo:
Reload spray sealant:
CQuartz UK Edition ceramic coating:
CQuartz ceramic coating (standard version):
CQuartz leather and vinyl coating:
CQuartz DLUX plastic and wheel coating:
IronX iron remover:
Hydro2 Wipe-Less silica spray:
Spotless water spot and mineral remover:
Perl plastic and rubber protectant:
Eraser oil & polish cleanser:
TarX tar and adhesive remover:
Fabric and leather coating:
Inside interior all-purpose cleaner:

►Canada buyers:

►UK buyers:
Reset car shampoo:
Reload spray sealant:
CQuartz UK Edition ceramic coating:
CQuartz ceramic coating (standard version):
CQuartz DLUX plastic and wheel coating:
CQuartz Leather and Vinyl coating:
IronX iron remover:
Hydro2 Wipe-Less silica spray:
Spotless water spot and mineral remover:
Perl plastic and rubber protectant:
Eraser oil & polish cleanser:
TarX tar and adhesive remover:
Fabric and leather coating:

►France buyers:

►For more information on CarPro products, visit their website:

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woncho1 says:

Perfect timing for this video. I just started using some CarPro products mainly Essence, Reload & PREL. Reload is just amazing the gloss level is the best I’ve ever seen. I try it on a white car & just made the white paint pop out!

Have you try Essence? Another great product.

Will give Cquartz a try on my paint in the future.

Have you try Gyeon products?

Patsy Ralls says:

I love your videos and I am going to try several of these products. What do you use to clay the cars with? I am learning a lot. Keep the videos coming.

Ecisl decor says:

How are you doing sir,do you have an email or we way we can private chat you sir?

Henry Liu says:

Pan, i got a question for you about CQuartzUK. Can the buffing towel reuse after buffing off the coating? I heard even the applicator cloths are one use item.

Wing Nut Bert says:

Hey Pan: With the Reload, is it safe on plastics, glass, etc. so I don’t have to tape off trim and such?

hozi salehi says:

2:56 a great lubricant you say….. hmmph 🙂

Metamon7 says:

Where is the hydrofoam? Probably similar to Hydro2 though. Love your helpful videos, and your dedication to answer most comments

jvera2331 says:

Love all your videos. I’m giving some serious thought to adding a ceramic coating to my car. My question is, after I do that, will I not be able to take it to a regular hand car wash anymore after that?

Minhtam Dddwww says:

Hey Pan have you done a video on what compounds/polishes you use and which pads to suit?? Thanks great video.

Yednoreki says:

Will Eraser remove the old wax, sealant from the panel to prepare for a new coating??

MrMrdeadman1994 says:

Hey Pan, can u do a review on tac system?

Marc v.d westhuizen says:

Awesome video as always! I was wondering if you have ever tried CarPro polish? What are your thoughts, I am considering purchasing CarPro Fixer Nano Polish.

Mark7 GTI says:

Is this better than gyeon?… they are both from Korea


Excellent review. It is certainly worth buying these products than cheaper alternatives

hawkinsrod says:

reading that some people use a bit of RELOAD and ECH2O with distilled water as a great detailer, but I can’t find any specifics regarding dilution amounts. Anyone have any ideas?

Pavel Nikolov says:

great review. how many bottles with ceramic coat need for one car. your car

Steven M says:

CarPro is great! I live an hour away from their facility so I just go to their store and do my shopping. I’m also an hour away from AutoGeek… buying detail products is a disease and living next to these stores can be very dangerous.

Zenon Moreno says:

Pan, i have some oversized wax that got on the convertible fabric of my 2006 911 Carrera S. Any suggestions for cleaning convertible tops?

Nick M says:

What an excellent review, I rank CarPro near the top with this exceptional product lineup. Would have been great to see CarPro Ech2o in the mix, as rinseless/waterless products are so popular here in the US. Thanks!

Tom Fanshawe says:

Great review. Informative and very well presented. Just subscribed and am waiting on my shipment of CarPro products in Australia!

Juan Perez says:

Thanks pan ill try this product thank you great video

PetrolHeads says:

Awesome product review! always thought carpro is legit now just need to save up some cash 😉

tom colls says:

Hey Pan, I know you like Tar-X and Iron-X. I’m wondering if you have managed to try TR.IX yet?

Rizzy4magic says:

I see you have a lot from Chemical guys you should do A review on them

johannes zentio says:

I really hate the suede buffing cloth, it’s sucks at removing residue…

blade000007 says:

Really love your videos. Very detailed! Thanks for these

TheNotimprezed says:

I sampled the Hydro2 and Reload and have to say, my preference was the Hydro2. It gets diluted 1:6 so 1 500 ml bottle will cover ~25 cars. Spray on the clean wet car, 1 panel at a time and rinse. Very easy to use and can complete a car in under 5 minutes. Perfect for someone that washes at home or coin-op due to ease of use. Perfect for a business for the speed and cost of about $2.50/application. It has easily held up for over 3 months now on a daily driver that has seen a lot of rain this year. The Reload has also performed well over this time period, but was not as easy to apply. It does leave a bit of residue in places that I used some QD to even out (yes its the latest version). Perhaps reserve it for its intended use of topping up ceramic coatings, as a stand alone product I give Hydro2 the edge, mainly due to quick and easy application.

Elkay says:

Do you buy all this stuff or is it sent to you?

Farhad Kazemi says:

So compound and polish should be removed? And what comes after that, sealant and then wax, or wax then sealant, or just one of those two?

Lawson Ireland says:

Excellent I need to decontaminate before waxing??or do I just wash then wax.not a detailer as you can tell!!should I use eraser before waxing,even thou I’ve not polished??

Biney Dhillon says:

hello mr.Pan, do we need to clean with IPA after compound + polish or separately like compound( clean with IPA) then polish(clean with IPA) and then wax?

Transcendent detailing says:

What a great video! Thanks Pam

Luke Reinikka says:

Does this guy sound like Yogi Bear or is it just me?

protouch detailers says:

great review as always, will surely try them out.

hawkinsrod says:

I use car pro Cquartz and the use reload every 4-6 months. I am a little confused, What is the next step that I would use every wash, after I wash the car to provide another level of protectant like a “spray wax” but designed for ceramic coating (either car pro or other brand if it is superior)?

ocsnI dahC says:

Do you think the TarX is better than Citrol?

Todd Halstead says:

Pan, you have outdone yourself! This is an amazing review of the CarPro line. I use the IronX for my wheels, since my SQ5 makes quite a bit of brake residue. It works great and it is very satisfying when you see the purple color running off of the wheels. I just wish it smelled better! As always keep up the great work, these reviews are incredible!

jamiecaskenette says:

Pan all of the products you review and use must be ordered on line and shipped from the USA. Are there any good products you would recommend purchasing in Canada say for instance Canadian Tire.

D CarrStar says:

Aother quality video sir. Thank you Pan!

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