Chemical Guys Car Shampoo Wash/Wax/Polish Product Review

I get to do a product review of chemical guys citrus wash and gloss car shampoo and the blaster 6 foam gun. I also go over the steps I take to make my exterior really shine. Thank you Chemical Guys for making my white, bright white, and my black, jet black.

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Cajun W/a Hemi says:

Great video man ! It usually always rains when I wash mine also . Ha ha ha . I use the Barrett Jackson car shampoo wash & wax . I use a sponge to wash , then I use a Shammie to dry it off .

Rated PG Charger says:

Don’t you hate when the damn fingers get in the way. ☝️

ouzo lou says:
My son and I have made a few detailing videos

Yourpar says:

Chemical Guys make great products I have also had great results with Adams Polishes. They have some good info on their website on how to wash a car and how to fix and prevent paint damage. GREAT VIDEO BTW!

Siwulam says:

damn brother you bought a $40 foam gun but don’t have a bucket and mit?  save your paint and spend the $10 to get both

Blu3 Dreamin says:

This was a great review of the product, I’ve never bought into the detailing products but this one looks pretty good compared to some of the retail stuff thats out there. The Foam gun is the game changer for sure.

Mopar//Mike 570 says:

Awesome video! I love chemical guys products I use the gloss-works its really PH balanced so it won’t affect any type of wax or top coat you might have! Be careful not to use too much citrus W&G per wash because it will strip and wax you might have if you want to use that on a daily basis.

Blu3 Dreamin says:

I think i’m going to wash my car now. Good job, it looks great.

GoMangoRT says:

That stuff seems to leave a nice gloss on your car. I think I might try this next. I’ve been using meguiars wash and wax for a while which works fine but I’ve been itching to try some other products. Btw, I hate that water channel by the trunk! no matter how much I dry it down there the water keeps coming!!

SouthTX R/T says:

I basically do the exact thing. Rarely use brush. It’s great to clay wax once a year, get out all the chemicals. Wax to protect the finish. And like you said, the more you do, it becomes a rain dance hahah
You forgot to mention the 500hp increase when washed regularly hahah

FLA HEMI says:

Damn you have 20x10s in the front? No rubbing? No spacers needed???

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