Cleaning your car with SLIME !!!

Adam’s Interior Goo

A sticky gel-like substance meant to remove dust without scratching your interior surfaces.

• Sticky Gel Pulls Dirt Out of Tight Interior Spots
• Does Not Stick to You or Vehicle Surfaces
• Safe on Plastic, Vinyl, and Leather Surfaces
• Made in China

Adam’s Interior Goo is a malleable gel cleaning material made to remove dirt and dust from hard-to-reach interior surfaces. Interior Goo will shape and form to a surface, fitting down into cracks and crevices where a microfiber towel, fingers, or detailing swabs may not reach, to then pull dirt off the surface and into the sticky goo material. No worries though, Adam’s Interior Goo will not stick to your interior panels.

Use Interior Goo to remove crumbs, dirt, and dust from your cup holders, window and door lock switches, shifter boot, and other areas. It works great around air vents to remove dust, radio and HVAC buttons and dials, and door sill plates where dirt may get down into tight cracks. Once the surface of the Interior Goo is dirty, simply shape and fold it to a new clean surface and keep on working!

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Luis Espinal says:

man this things been around forever and Adams just wanted to jump on the wagon and make it seem like they came up with it. Ebay has had it also forever :/ these companies need to stop stealing ideas and over charging us for it

DJ_PaulTUK says:

Thats really cool. Definitely useful for those confined areas where dust collects. Also at that price, just a handy product to have in your box of cleaning goodies. Im going to order some !

adam aloni says:


steffydog1 says:

Gooey, quality, thanks for the review.

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

I’ve seen stuff like this for electronic devices, guess it could work for cars too!

Chris_AudiTTR225 says:

Like the idea of this stuff. Handy for quick spruce ups. Sure you can use a soft brush and vacuum but this saves you getting the vacuum out. Cheap enough too.

Paul Carpenter says:

You do find some stuff Jon! Personally I can’t see the point of this stuff. It may be fun but I can see it languishing on a shelf until the kids find it and use it for everything other than cleaning car interiors.


Please more updates on Bilt Hamber! I bought everything that they sell and had it shipped to the USA!

Daniel Warren says:

U ever thought about tshirts for your channel

Zain K says:

Interesting this stuff is. Always see the younger cousins playing with this goo. I think this could be a safer option than to use a hoover and brush. On my previous car the tip of the hoover I’d use scratched bits of the interior and brushes sometimes I think cause scratches also. Only other way I can think of of removing dust without scratching is using a microfiber and / or using a lubricant but this goo would make it easier. I’ve noticed with these goo products it makes your hands feel ‘moist’ so don’t know if this liquid gets onto the trims

anthony white says:

Can you give me some advice??
My 2012 insignia is due a seat wet and dry clean. The car it’s self is a mini cab and I do have OCD. So over the summer period and the 1000s I’d Gatwick pick ups the seats need a good clean and protect for the winter can you advise me on the best wet & dry cleaners and fabric protection

James Worley says:

Bye now, or Buy now!

keith hilton says:

Love you’re honest review, a good way for the kids to clean the interior i imagine.

Norman Mendonca says:

Just wait till the kids find this stuff. You will be finding it in the toaster, cd player, and a number of places that will aggravate you to no end. Kids will be attracted to its colour and form. Lol.
Thanks for showing me this product.

steven jones says:

Hello,this seems good stuff to use,i mght get some myself and try it.the review is awkard things like you said buttons and getting stuck but yes its good.

Mini Bigs says:

Next DIY? Borax, or baking soda and contact solution etc

Isaac Hall says:

This is probably a channel I won’t watch much but I did subscribe for two reasons. One this is s very thorough review and two you gave the need to know bits up front. Awesome awesome review.

Gábor Bérczi says:

Sorry for a movie reference again, but…

Dan Hawkes says:

You trying to blow a bubble at the start killed me off haha!!!

1500 Mike says:

So ive had a jar sitting around for a few weeks. Watched your video and decided to give it a go. I am in a humid area. The snail trail did get me. I would prefer my hoover, some interior detail and a micro fiber towel. I will say the smell isnt bad. Cherry lime thing going on. Also its a bit fun to use. However not a day to day tool. Your review is spot on.

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