Dollar tree top 15 detailing products and brushs


93hb says:

I’d stick at least meguiars from Walmart instead of dollar tree

eman7188 says:

Good video thanks.

deasttn says:

They have a toilet bowl brush that does a nice job for cleaning brake dust off the back side of your rims (lot cheaper than those $30 wheel wooly brushes). Dollar tree also carries some wet-wipes that I like to keep in my car to wipe off the dash before it gets too dirty. I also bought a small duster that i keep in the car. Folks at the traffic light probably think I’m crazy when they see me wiping and dusting my dash, but my car looks good 🙂

AllWheel drivE says:

Only a dolla

Harley Lee says:

Can’t go wrong with basically free products

Allana T says:

yes I love the dollar tree!! you can find just about anything in there! great video!

cripplermaximus says:

potato peeler / brush combo. legit.

Styles says:

another great video.

Bruce Augustine says:

armour all is oil based and pure crap, it stays oily and dirt sticks to it.

jordan wright says:

Orange brush is a potato peeler with brush. Also cool scents cherry and the home store foaming carpet cleaner. Dashboard leather vinyl cleaner

Leonardo Flores says:

Tried wheel cleaner and it went excellent on my BMW (and BMW’s CAKE on the brake dust) just give it a heavy spray and agitate with a dollar tree brush as well. Works good for the budget

Wolfman Jack says:

Thanks Detailer King, didn’t think about dollar tree.

Rashel Williams says:

Man I thought you knew.

Dillon Morgan says:

Great video man.

mike carf says:

do not wash your car with that mitt

Pat B says:

The LAST thing you want to do is use those stuff nylon bristle brushes on your interior vents! It will scratch the hell out of your vents. The best product to clean the interior vents are to buy some of the cheap make up brushes from the Dollar Tree and use those. They are much softer and wont scatch.

T W says:

agree, great deals

Joe Luis says:

I recently tried the car wash and wax soap on my car, only thing was its really liquidy not a thick type of soap concentrate and instead of using the instructed 3oz per gallon I used half a bottle, but it worked well. I didn’t get the wheel cleaner but used the LA’s totally awesome cleaner on my tires which worked perfect as well, not gonna lie because I use Chemical Guys and AMMO NYC but this was pretty good

Mark's Reviews and RANTS says:

I got most of that there got it at Dollar Tree.

Sabrina Jones says:

Armor All at the dollar tree I got to go there.

Pillowzzz Box34 says:

What do you use for interior carpet stains in car.

edmond e says:

I like there towels and armor all products from Dollar Tree

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