Dry Wash car wash review.

This is a review of a sample I recieved of the Dry Wash n Guard product. As you can see in the vid my car was a mess. It had about 2 weeks of dirt and road salt on it.

The little sprayer was a pain, but it is only a sample and not designed for the entire car.

In the vid I say I used about 1/3 of the sample. After rechecking it appears I used much less then that.

Please use the vid to make your own opinions. But it appears to do as promised and left a nice clean and polished surface.

If you are interested in the product you can order it from http://www.dwgint.net/driwashautocare/topFrameset.html?bottomFrame=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dwgint.com%2Fshop%2Findex.shtml%3FdistributorId%3D291301%3FEmail%3Ddriwashautocare%40gmail.com&url=driwashautocare

I am not affiliated with nor have I recieved any compensation for this review.


Maxius Glacious says:

Nothing beats dri wash nothing it’s the best product on the market at a price is very affordable it’s been around for over 20yrs , my ram is 5 yrs it looks amazing and it’s black killer .

Lauro Gallardo says:

Good review, and that’s a beautiful car!

Jack Walker says:

You just rubbed all that dirt right into the paint.  not smart

White Powers says:

Any cloth would lift dirt…  You just swirled all that dirt right in your paint

Si mon says:

pause at 3:33 – ouch look at those love mark swirls

John King says:

This seams like this wax is extremely good stuff.

basketball798 says:


mariothemario says:

Looks like just another WW with carnauba in it.
WW works great when you use it properly.
Next time don’t use a terry towel, fold your towels and wipe in one direction.
I’ve used WW for years now and it works, works well.

Rob Zimmerman says:

Wow all the hate 🙂 First the car had swirls in it befor any test. Any comments made were simply my observations at the time. The car was scheduled for a complete repaint so well was not worried about possible issues. Otherwise I would not rub dirt into paint. Have a great day 🙂

Phil K` says:

I use ONR in winter myself on one of my cars. Never saw this before.

Wesley Stokes says:

There will always be those who look for a reason to bash someone, I have used, sold and run a detailing business off of the Dry Wash products.  If you have a car with oxidiation and are considering repainting it give Dry Wash a try first then come back and post.

Ivan Fedyshyn says:

I have used this product for a long time. When the car is that dirty i suggest to power wash it first. To get big chunks of dirt out. And then to use a dri wash. I had a black CTS-V. So between dri wash and california brush kept my car clean. As long you use dri wash every week your car will look like a million bucks.

White Powers says:

So lazy and dumb.  Always use soap and water

Bill Cardone says:

I’ve been using dry wash and guard since it came on the market, I saw it demonstrated at a car show and bought a bottle to try, it does NOT scratch the paint or leave swirl marks! I’ve used it on my cars, hot rod and motorcycles for about 25 years! I am a custom painter and have NEVER had any issues with using this product! I live in NYC so getting water isn’t always an option.

MXP TV says:

im sure those swirls were there before the waterless wash. i have been doing waterless washes for 2 years and ive never had any paint scratched. because i use a damp microfiber and wipe one way only. and with a dry micro towel i buff to dry. but he said that the directions told him to clean in circular motion so thats what he did…. stop bashing. waterless washes are very good i wont go back to regular washes. i only use chemical guys eco smart.

ColdFlo says:

Waterless wash is for a relatively clean car in cold weather in garage or portable wash something this dirty you want to snow foam first then 2 bucket method wash(with grit guards) with known non scratch mitt like the carpro merino wool or dodo juice wookie fist or a chenille microfiber mitt with thick fingers because the thin finger ones break down and fall apart. You definitely dont want to buff anything that turned to a paste even if you removed 75% of it…. buffing is only after washing, decontaminating with iron remover and or blackfire clay cleaner and extender, then claying(couldnt hurt to panel wipe after claying which is not as fine as polish but overkill)(to make panel wipe get the 91% bottle of isopropanol from walmart then pour up 30% solution with distilled water from grocery store just invert .91 on calculator and multiply whatever 30% of the spray bottle volume is then add some dishsoap with sodium laurel sulfate like dawn or palmolive but if you want something slicker I would go with ecover what you are interested in here is surfactant 1/39 to 1/79 dilution so it spreads and lays down a thin layer people say only 10% isoproponal is safe but that solution will not dry quickly which is necessary when making panel wipe so stick with 30% or more just remember to hose it down because if it gets trapped under paint or nooks and crannies it could dissolve the paint and cause it to ripple looking like paint stripper but short of mixing up expensive toluene or other light chemical solutions really you have one solution thats economical) then polishing, then applying panel wipe then wipe off the polish and oils, repeat as necessary for polishing steps, panel wipe and microfiber polish removal(kind of like a buff but since its only polish the scratches are tuned to a specific level which dirt isnt and is far finer than dirt), then final panel wipe, then glaze application, then buff, then sealant application, then buff, hard carnuaba then buff, then lsp carnauba, in some product systems like chemical guys you might want to do sealant then blacklight ontop of that then hybrid v7 sealant quick detailer wash putting carnauba ontop of that might be a waste if you want flake pop you might want a hard carnauba ontop of the sealant then go blacklight and v7 as the final gloss/glaze because carnauba will not compare to it in razor sharpness.

Ed Rod says:

Rob, I believe this product is meant to be used with a thick microfiber cloth -to pick up dirt better (not just for buffing). One also should be wiping one direction when removing dirt (while folding cloth to reveal a clean side). This will help prevent swirls.

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