Foam Cannon Comparison ($16 Amazon Cannon vs $90 “Professional” Cannon)

Foam Cannon!:

Today i get to the bottom of all these foam cannons all over the internet! Amazon Foam cannons vs “Professional Foam Cannons” or what are advertised to be professional. The TRUTH IS they are all the same! Same product different name on the cannon. You can buy 2000 of these on allibaba for $1-2 a piece they are shipped from china and rebranded and sold to us consumers! Some for way more than others! Dont get caught up in the business tactic! Thanks for watching!!

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Daniel Denis says:

You put that pressure washer way to close to your paint

DREW2THORO - says:

Home Depot 26$ for mine that day

Steven Carter says:


Two Wheeled Waffle says:

Definitely would have helped to have the other product… sprayed half the car with one, other half with the other. Not too informative man.

Lada Beast says:

Everyone who watched ChrisFix will feel the pain. If you did not watched him, I recommend to go and see his-How to super clean yoir car-video

brent horton says:

Is your pressure washer 3000 PSI??? thats probably has something to do with it. You think???

Tim Harrelson says:

Get with it Junior!!!!!!

mattybarringer says:

how much was your pressure washer? and where did you buy it

Cj Foust says:

That shit is pokimain thiccc

AllAmericanGuy01 says:

Thanks for the review bud. I was actually considering the 90 dollar one but I’ll go with the one you recommend.

David Matamoros says:

U need an edc knife Mrspork

AngryItalian says:

Please google the word comparison before you use it again… Moron…


Try HARD to do it in the shade maybe

Gordon Bowman says:

“Going to hit the car with a sponge” instant cringe

China says:

Why you wearing those dumb sunglasses inside the house?

indra soebagjo says:

Cleaning a clean white car…..

Lone Wolf says:

foam cannons are gimmick and a scam

je co says:

a $15.99 foam cannon for a leaking pressure washer… can’t beat that!

N V says:

Do a comparison of $16 vs $90 sunglasses …

David D says:

If going to use a sponge on it then what’s the purpose of the gun? Chemicals should remove all..

Past Times Garage says:

Do you have a link for that foam cannon you used ?

The Blade Runner says:

I use the foam cannon on my dog. Beats having to lather him up. He loves it.

Jacob G says:

The $16 one works awesome. Ive had mine for 4 months and still works great

Richard Myers says:

Nice Cummins shirt washing a sedan

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