FW1 review, After 2 weeks

link to initial FW1 review video
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Joshua Boyd says:

Maybe when u keep using tbe product. It cn build up to 6 week??? Maybe

dirtbiketours says:

FW1 is a total scammmm. Dont be fooled

Russell Williams says:

I just purchased some of this an hour ago when filling up. Thought I’d check the reviews and found this. Still looks impressive after two weeks.

Reginald Green says:

Dude, you sound real petty. I guess when you wash your car, you don’t expect for it to get wet?

Michael Evans says:

the hydrophobic part you mention is not to bead the water up but to make it run off as it did when you showed in the first video.

Marcelo Mota says:

NO CAR WILL LAST 6 WEEKS WITHOUT BEEN WASHED AND STILL BE CLEAN AND SPOTLESS SHINE. I use this product for 6 years i apply it and light clean every week or so and only will apply it again in about 5-6 weeks. JUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Clement Te says:

Any wax i tried will give you that result after two weeks with rain. The difference should be on how easy it will be to wash the car and how shiny it should still be with out reapplication of wax.

Garett Machine Tech says:

I have used this product for a year and my opinion is that this is a good maintenance wash if ur the kind that doesnt like to see ur car dirty then I would use this once a week

Michael Evans says:

after the second wash you might have found that it washed off easier.

arthur conrod says:

I think the FW1 is great, been using it for years now, there is nothing is perfect, I use it and in between cleanings I dust it off, my van look still new after 3 years

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