GRIOT’S GARAGE – Speed Shine Review & Spray On Wax Review + UNBOXING

Today we do a Griot’s Garage Product Unboxing and also I do a Griot’s Garage Speed Shine review and a Griot’s Garage Spray Wax review. The Griot’s Garage products that I unbox are:
Griot’s Garage Speed Shine
Griot’s Garage Spray-On Wax
Griot’s Garage Car Wash
Griot’s Garage One Step Sealant
Griot’s Garage Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner
Griot’s Garage Interior Cleaner
Griot’s Garage Interior Detailer

I will be doing videos on each of these products in the very near future!
If you’re into car detailing and would like to see my car detailing tips and tricks, be sure to subscribe! I always give a car detailing before and after shot in the video so you can see how well the car detailing products are. Whether you’re starting a car detailing business or you’re just a hobbyist looking for car detailing tips, I hope my car detailing videos help you. I will also be showing some of my car detailing tools that I use. Again, be sure to subscribe and I look forward to making more car detailing how-to videos soon!

This car detailing product video was NOT sponsored in any way. I purchased these Griot’s Garage Products with my own money from my local Auto Zone. If you’re a car detailing company, and you would like to send me your products for a review, please message me. Thanks!
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Corey Tando says:

Great video, and I am a HUGE fan of Griots stuff.
Been using their Speed Shine for years with both a claybar, and now their new claymitts they came out with.
I also use the Speed Shine during the week after I have washed my rig to get off dirt, sap, and other stuff so it looks like I just washed it,

I also use their Best Of Show wax which gives you the wet look, and have also tried the wax you mentioned in your video.
Here is a short video from the 4th of July of me applying wax to my door with the cordless Ryobi orbital sander.
I use to use a Porter Cable orbital sander for years, but I cut the cord so to speak last summer and went cordless.

StephyNicole says:


Billy Murray says:

So the guy at the store is a jerk for saying they have been there for a long time ?

William Wong says:

Thanks for the video!

Killerwhale 6011 says:

Which would be better. Lemonade sale or a car wash?

ResortTV1 says:

Great video! I really wish I had time to wash and wax my car. Having a baby and running a YouTube Channel alongside a full time job definitely takes up a lot of time. lol. One of these days, I’m gonna wash that car though!! By the way, I enjoy having the white lettering on my tires on the outside too, and I used to have time to make them shine.

john russo says:

It’s a detail spray that is used to enhance gloss it’s not a waterless spray cleaner. Waterless cleaners will get ride of the watermarks, bugs and whatnot a lot easier then a detail spray will. they do make one but personally I think chemical guys eco smart and Adams waterless cleaner is better.

RighteousHeathon LordofCali says:

Can you post a video using rubbing compound wax?

John Basedow says:

I got my car washed the other day. Not quite detailing but…Baby Steps…love your vids, my friend.

Griot's Garage says:

GREE-OHS 🙂 Great video!

Sam S says:

How do they compare to optimum spray wax?

The Wolferton Network says:

I think I’ll try it on the Wolfmobile! Thanks for all you do bro!

Jacob Frey says:


joe watson says:

Funny. Jerk. I feel the same about my local auto zone

Charles Espinoza says:

The Griot’s pinky wash soap is great. I’ve been using it for a few months now. Can’t buy any off the shelf product that’s better. I’ve used Mothers, McGuires, and the Griots is night a day differences in both foaming and slickness. I’ve even used a few profession line products and the Griot’s I would have to say is just as good and I didn’t have to wait to have it shipped.

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