How Car Washes Damage Paintwork – Fifth Gear

Tim Shaw shows how much damage different types of car wash can do to your cars paintwork.

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EveryThingSamsungPro says:

just buy a blue car

David Viner says:

I always use the car wash, hot wax is my favourite, love the bubblegum colours and smell

FrietjeM says:

jup I fucked up my paintwork :'(

Vitamin Chip says:

maybe don’t use a car wash that uses the outdated brushes and instead stick to the “new” ones that also uses air pressure to blow away the waterdrops. herp di derp

TheCarWashesChannel says:

Modern automatic car wash systems have carlite brushes (A soft foam material), and these will NOT scratch your car!!!

Col A North East says:

yep I never use the brush at the jet wash

pklongutoobe says:

Just buy an offroader and the dirt is suddenly makes the car look better, not worse.

Saabrito says:

First things first wash your car at home and polish the paint with a good polish and not a cheap one. Wax as well or just keep paying for paint jobs

Comments says:

I have an expensive car. Usually go to a Shell garage and use brush and pressure . I can’t see any unusual affect! Their brush is also soft not like that you sweep gardening debris

kyle hubner says:

and had the actual carwash had a drying procedure not water spots

Preferred Stock says:

My friends think I’m tight for spending 2-3hrs washing and detailing my car once a week. I tell them keep paying someone to ruin your paintwork. Nothing is more pleasurable in motoring care than to see a clean and well polished/waxed car achieved by your own labour. The finish is the fruit. Always tastes so good!

Dennis Smith says:

There is an EASY way to fix this problem… DO NOT use petrol station car washes.. PROBLEM SOLVED!

vial.of.photons says:

The guy in the video used a sand impregnated brush and pushed down as hard as he can. He was essentially wet sanding the paint.

I get much better results using a very clean brush and gentle pressure. It caused far fewer scratches than the car wash.

srinivasan krishnamoorthy says:

And even funnier is people who do detailing for $300 dollars. lol something that is going to last for a month probably …$300 …out of their mind.

Lbj 23 says:

Its a fucking car not a heart.In ten years will be piece of garbage

samiullah shaik says:

Rigged vedio, no way a car wash is good for ur car

BAKER 13 says:

wash and go. Always works fr me.

DevPre says:

Watch ChrisFix’s video on how to clean your car…

livc444111 says:

I would never go to those Eastern European guys or use a car wash. Jet wash wise I only use the lance to clear the dirt from the lower part of the car and the alloys. The rest of the wash is done at home using two-bucket method, microfibre cloths etc. Usually takes 3-4 hours, car paintwork is protected but to be fair only stays clean for two days.

Gezz Mond says:

So much racism

Col A North East says:

do it yourself!

MICHGO1 says:


brad gannon says:

tbf if u jet the brush if 1st no problem

DutyCalls73 says:

I have to throw in there that there was no high pressure only car wash exercise. All 3 methods shown involved some sort of material being in contact with the paint. High pressure only car washes are virtually all that exist where I am from and they are fantastic at knocking down the stuck on dirt and sand without ever touching the paint. Thus causing almost zero damage as compared to the other 3 methods demonstrated. Follow up with a detail spray wipe down and you got a winning combination.

David says:

*I take it that the hand car wash using a microfiber towel instead of a squeegee would get a 0/10, right?*

Kampfhund says:

That’s why I don’t trust anyone but myself to wash my car. I pay top dollar, however, to get my car detailed as that like of work requires carefulness.

yamyam0000nm says:

Not my idea of a handjob lol

Hoax says:

Funny how they only show the scratches on the bottom. Looks like they just heavily scratched the bottom to make this segment.They tried really hard to scratch the car when they were using that broom for the manual car wash.

wa sup says:

What if you just leave a primer finish?

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