How To Detail A Car Like A Pro! ft. Leno’s Garage Detail Products – Jay Flat Out

How To Detail A Car Like A Pro! ft. Leno’s Garage Detail Products
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**Products We Used**
– Jay Leno’s Garage – No-Sling Tire Shine:
– Jay Leno’s Garage – Color-Changing Wheel Cleaner:
– Jay Leno’s Garage – Premium Car Shampoo Vehicle Wash:
– Jax Wax Detail Guardz:
– CarPro Reload Spray Sealant:
– MTM Hydro Original Professional Foam Lance:

Often times we get asked, How do you detail your car at home or how can you detail your car like a professional detailer would? Well today we bring you the answer you have been waiting for! Using the hyper quality detailing product line from Jay Leno’s Garage. We take you through the 10 step process we use to home detail our fleet of vehicles. The Leno’s Garage Product Review has been posted previously yet we are back with an in depth how to detail video!

**Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Build**
➥ Carli Suspension King Shocks 2.5” Level –
➥ BFGoodrich T/A KO2 – 305/55R20 –
➥ Fuel Hostage 20×10 -24mm Wheels –
➥ Edge Insight Monitor 84130 –
➥ Pedal Commander PC31 –
➥ Escort 360 Max –

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**Camera Gear I use**
➥ Sony a7Rii –
➥ Sony a6500 –
➥ Canon G7X Mark II –
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➥ GoPro Hero 6 –
➥ MacBook Pro –
➥ Rode Mic Pro –

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➥ Rewayde – Dreams:

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Detailing_Panda says:

Power washer & foam cannon used?

ivR bone says:

If you don’t know how to clean the outside of a fucking car then your an idiot . It’s not hard . Spray water get dirt off . That easy . Not rocket science

Collin Meadows says:

Didn’t even clay bar. Smh

Carlos says:

Beautiful house

Daniel Tillman says:

Another banger video Jay

David Halpern says:

beautiful m3; which wheels are they?

Bianca Russell says:

lol dude you got a white truck doesn’t matter much even if you watch that thing in a car wash machines on gas stations

Gary Howell says:

skip to 1:01 that where the video actually starts.

ToastToGo says:

The houses in your neighborhood are freaking gorgeous. -Scott

Yuio8rddd says:

good video again mate, i found the CG butter wax cheap local to me at £15.95, i can link you if you would like to add it, i wont post it here as i dont know if you like links in the comments 🙂

Adam Lemus says:

Man I have to figure out a spotless water system for my Van. I’m using just gravity pressure from my tank. Not sure how adding the system will effect my pressure to the pressure washer.

Tito Rodriguez says:

A couple of process that where not well done but great quality video.

Sony says:

I remember getting a special Detailingworld liquid wax by Chemical Guys. Was very, very similar to the Butter Wet Wax. Must have been about 10 years ago now. Must see if it’s still in the garage somewhere.

BlueBlood says:

Cool little car

Riaz says:

Dead on review. I can’t get Adams any more but I get the 1 gallon (3.8 litre) bottle of Butter Wet Wax for around $70CDN. Works well applies as easily as you say, it’s a waste of time using the machine.

Internet_explorer says:

What da polisher did you use?

Alex Hartley says:

That coffin joke was spot on… Cause when this video started i was like “wow, thats a pretty looking death trap” lol

stateniland says:

I didn’t hear if it was a “jay leno garage” product….

Glen Pineo says:

Great video thanks for producing. I have a 2015 Mustang GT Premium Black which is my daily driver and I live in Phoenix so when you mentioned about preventing dust to accumulate on the car. I became even more interested. I am constantly dealing with dust buildup. What do you use to prevent? I have to wash weekly to keep the dust buildup down and sometimes during the week I do a waterless wash. Please forward me to the products and videos you did on preventing the dust issues. Thanks.

StarMovies says:

It reminds me of a little rc car from the 60s and it’s so cool

CustomBroadcast says:

I thought you weren’t supposed to wash a car in direct sunlight?

Cris Lyn says:

Hey, what kind of foam canon were you using in this video ?

Juliette says:

Hello Jon haven’t watch your channel for a while. Well finally you got the gloss meter. How much you bought it? I saw one in Esoteric video channel using almost identical like Elcometer 408 Triple Angle Gloss & DOI Meter but man that one cost a bomb US4000 dollars.

Todd Hefer says:

Great video bro. The only thing i hate about detailing a car is cleaning the inside windows and i think there nice and clean and then go for a ride and see there’s a smudge or something lol and Mann keeping a black car clean is so hard lol i wouldnt buy a black car again lol God Bless:)

jrock702 says:

I’ve never seen the hose rollers for the the tires… Pretty cool!

M8 KING says:

How exactly does the ph allow the car to not have to be dried? So a spotless rinse is just water with correct PH?

Anemoodri says:

I was watching anime and i have no idea why this video got thrown out as an ad.

Joee Duong says:

no using rupes cmon now?

Damian Machorro says:

You must get sponsored by Jay Leno big time. You forgot to mention Leno’s pressure washer, Leno’s glass cleaner, and Leno’s micro fiber towels. There’s tons of better products out there then just one specific brand.

CloudComedies says:

Have you tried Collinite 845 yet? Also I think Adams spends more time on their products, you can tell by their quality bottles compared to CG.

Gegore says:

Thanks again for the video John. What and where do you get those applicator pads from? They look good.

Alex Lee says:

seeing you hit the car with the seat hurt a lil

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