Okay, so you guys know I normally don’t do this.. but these detailing products ARE AMAZING! I really never thought that actual detailing products were worth it, but man was I wrong! All of these products leave every inch of your car as shiny as it was coming off the lot and smelling better than a fresh set of flowers. I will definitely only use Detail King products to get my 2015 WRX ready for all of the shows we go to!

Want some products? Head over to their site and use the code DKWRX15 for 15% off of your order!

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Dick jolt says:

dude you almost used half the bottle on one wash

Dan Hawkes says:

So tempted to report this video…

Kramer S says:

Such a nice car but he leaves the tags on his microfiber cloths and uses a regular towel to dry it.

Mcpricex says:

You don’t have to be any kind of expert to know that you don’t get a finish like that by washing your car like that

Yung_Guad says:

If people spent as much time on actually learning how to care for the expensive cars they have the world would be a better place. I also cringed when you washed your entire car with the same glove or sponge and went from top to bottom back to top

Emil Lazarescu says:

When you wash a car you start on top and continue to bottom

bomby881 says:

did this guy really used a towel to dry his fucking subie ?

Secziona-Argovia Como-Calcio says:

he used way to mutch soap

Wolfman Jack says:

Stupid music..

Edgar Villa says:

just be glad your paint doesn’t talk other wise it would scream loud and clear..

“you sucK NOOB take me to a professional”

I’m sure their products are good, just your washing game you still need to step it up. you can get the best of the best products in the market but if the person doesn’t know how to wash those products just go to waste.

Craig l says:

Usually not wowed by tuners. But man thats one awesome car.

No This is Patrick says:

And your paint is scratched, you’re washing you car without the double bucket method. You’re just re picking the tiny dirt particles and applying rubbing them against your clear coat.

Kevin C says:

Slow and ugly car

Fernando Arreola says:

what wheels are those?

Brandon B says:

they should have sent you another bucket haha

Darcy Gould says:

car detailers cringe through this vid hardcore

CoolieIndaCut says:


jose713 says:

Not even a spraying nozzle??

Siwulam says:

haha that has to be the worst washing method I’ve ever seen. Was this video made to be a joke or is this really how you wash the car?

B Nelski025 says:

sounds like someone getting a little kickback

Mychal Wright says:

#IHATEMYCAR tutorial

GetJDM says:

Bruh, there were loads of suds because you put half a bottle of soap in the bucket lmao

Hasnain Khan says:

you are just an asshole

horseluvrva says:

The bulge in his shorts when he was opening the box was more interesting 😛

Ryan W. says:

My god, this guy dried his car with a bath towel.

RIP clear coat.

FoolinTv says:

What’s your camera & audio set up?

Evan Martinez says:

man oh man I really wish I could detail your car. or just show you better technique 🙁

Private Duck says:

I’m no expert I’m just a kid but I think your suppose to clean the tires first?

Anthony Madueňa says:

Damn that airplane wing gots to go….✈

Justin Loving says:

no swirl motions! haha

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