McCulloch MC1385 Steamer Review For Auto Detailers – Auto Detailing Steam Cleaning

McCulloch MC1385 on Amazon:

The McCulloch MC1385 Steamer is a compact and versatile tool to have in your arsenal. No, it’s not the most expensive or high end tool on the market, but for the price, it does a great job giving you the result you want.

In this video, I give you my honest review of the MC1385. I explain when I do use it, when I don’t use it, and the pros and cons to the steamer.

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McCulloch MC1385 Steamer Review

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Juan Lopez says:

Does anybody know the difference between the 1375 and 1385 or just a size difference?

Tyree Allen says:

hey oscar would you recommend a handheld portable steamer for like 40 bucks until Im able to properly purchase a more expensive one? Ive been getting mixed reviews on them. – Love the channel and keep it up!

Topnotch Lion says:

I ordered from the link so you get the kick back

Kelly Greenidge says:

Hello Oscar,

Does your Honda inverter generator power this while you’re out and about doing a job. I got the Briggs And Stratton P2200 inverter generator.

thomfoz says:

You should first learn how to use a steam cleaner.

Glenfin says:

Good video. Thanks for sharing. What cleaner were you spraying on the carpeted mat and door interior?

Roberto Lee says:

Is it good on fabric seats and also can you plug in to a house wall socket

Brad Boustead says:

Where I live, Home Depot has a detailing extractor for rent for $15/ 4hrs. May be useful for occasional hobbyist or pro just getting started on a budget.

roberto carlos Arechiga says:

where you can buy the spare parts

Ronald Munoz says:

Hey so I’m about to try and open up my own mobile detailing business in about a month and I’m only offering simple hand wash and dry along with vacuum interior and dash, door panel and door jam for a good price and also headlight restoration. I’m a bit scared that it might not be enough to even call it a detailing business. I just wanted to know what you think about how I’m starting and if should first wait and try to learn more first or just go for it.


I have this steamer and the VX 5000, I bough the McCulloch 1385 as a back up since one time my vx 5000 needed a small repair. The 1385 is worth for the money since is very good machine but the attachments are very low quality, the triangle brush didn’t last more that a few details. The attachments on the VX 5000 are really good, mines are holding up after 6 years like the first day.

Joseph Quam says:

Great video, man! What do you think about using the steamer and removing the moisture with a wet/dry shop vac? Thanks for posting!

Paul Coleman says:

Will this help deodorize a car that was from a smoker? Can I use it on cloth seats as well as carpet?

Rodney Johnson says:

What kind of Generator did you have to start off with before you got the Honda

Matt S says:

Do you use this and the just a shop vac for carpet cleaning?

05tech says:

Just got this on Craigslist for $100 whoo hoo!

glimmerstar1 says:

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT! I ordered this for a xmas gift on 12/15/15, got it on xmas eve. It was supposed to have a 2YR. WARRANTY. It has been used exactly 3 SHORT times & when I tried to use it before xmas this year, it wouldn’t turn on. I kept trying to contact them through the email given but got no replies. I just recently found a phone# & finally got hold of a rep. I was told I needed my receipt when I explained it had been under warranty when it quit working & I couldn’t get hold of anyone. When I told her I didn’t have it but could look it up here online, she then changed her story & said it didn’t matter anyway since the warranty was now over. (I did find my receipt here online). I then told her I was even willing to PAY for the part & unbelievably was told THEY DON’T CARRY PARTS, CAN’T ORDER PARTS, & DON’T HAVE A SERVICE CENTER ANYWHERE since it is made overseas. In other words I have to pitch a new condition $200 steamer because of a starter switch. I was shocked! I bought the best steamer on here, it is in new condition & all she said was sorry-y-y! Their Phone# is 1-800-711-6617. Call if you don’t believe me. I will look for a product made in the USA next time which I thought this was

Master Detail says:

Why don’t you just pressure washThe mat but some of the greaser on it pressure watch it and you’re done

Luster waterless detailing says:

have you used on exterior for car wash

max detailing says:

Merci Mr Groove, tu es un très bon dans ce que tu fais. Je ne connaissais pas ta chaîne youtube , mais maintenant je vais la suivre avec fidélité. Sympa de partager tes expériences , merci encore ( bonjour de France )

R Cole says:

Nice video with great points made! This video is geared towards car detailing and does cover household uses, but I like the fact he shows when to use it and when it’s use would not be warranted. I’m trying to compare this against steam cleaners costing about $100 more to see if they’re worth it or not and so far I’m not seeing having a lifetime warranty on the boiler makes any sense. Oscar talks about psi and I’m sure the expensive model he refers to has psi far exceeding the MC1385 which maxes out at 58 psi and drops quickly to 29 psi with constant release of steam. Some of the slightly more expensive models don’t give you even 58 psi and any steamer when the trigger is locked, will drop in pressure quickly. It’s how they work. McCulloch steamers are made in China, as opposed to Dupray or Vapamore, which are made in Europe. But, I like the way Oscar pointed out the pros and cons and he’s just pointing out these machines for auto detailing and discussing their best uses between engine cleaning and interior auto detailing. For cleaning gunk out,of your car trim and upholstery, the MC1385 looks decent. While this wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, it has been helpful to a point. Also, there isn’t stupid music and someone cleaning using different steamers which most all steamers do efficiently, to a point. Oscar speaks to the task at hand. Good job!

Justin Williams says:

Do you ever have any problems with the flow of the steam not being consistent or very abundant with the small nozzle attachment? I just got my Mcculloch 1385 and it has great steam with no attachment, but as soon as I put on the small nozzle it kinda sputters and doesn’t spray as much steam?

Ronald Munoz says:

Hey so I’m very interested in starting my own detailing business but I would love to talk with you sometime if that’s ok. Also your videos are awesome man!

D CarrStar says:

For ANY detailer or enthusiast, this is hands down the BEST off the shelf low cost commercial steamer on the market. I’ve done lots of research and Karcher model steamers are close or maybe equivalent but not as accessible in the U.S.A. VX5000, Dupray, etc. is stepping into a higher class for pros wanting top notch results. GREAT REVIEW!

Uncle Drew says:

Any specific water you fill it up with?

Charlene A Bugg says:

I bought a McCulloch MC1275. There’s no way to drain the water and I hear the heat makes the parts fall apart. Does this one have this problem?

Gary Pleasant says:

Hello,I wanted to ask you about a new steamer I have a 1385 but I want more pressure. Will a vx 5000 be that much better I would like your input on that.

Deluxe Vehicle Detailing and Paint Correction says:

I just bought the 1275. Like you said in the video, it’s not for all cleaning situations. I’ve been using a small handheld that I picked up online for $35 and honestly for small areas to just heat up really hammered interior areas, it starts the cleaning process just fine. I just wanted MORE STEAM for a longer duration, plus with the floor attachment, it will come in handy around the house. Your video was just what I was looking for, Thanks !

Luster waterless detailing says:

nice dude your info

Tom V says:

Does this work well on dirty stained leather seats? Bought a new to me car and it’s rather filthy and saw this and hen came across your review of it so I’m curious if I should spend my hard earned money on it or just pay someone to clean the inside of my car? Thx love the vids man

Jim Forte says:

Thanks a lot….a great quick overview..

Tim Lamplugh says:

Can you use a steamer on Jeep wrangler soft tops to clean

Jerry Zambrano says:

Use steamer for motor cleaning. It is amazing.

Eva Lynne says:

I should be outside working on the client’s Acura instead of watching this, but, it’s hard to pull away. I could watch your vids all day. Appreciate all you do and share. Feel the love.

Kenji says:

Do you use a steamer to clean seat belts?

No: Six says:

Have a need to replace the hose yet? Is it holding up well?

Jordan Thistle says:

Hey man great video but that isn’t the best way to do the mats. Best/easiest get mean Green ( degreaser) or anyother heavy duty degreaser. Don’t worry about spraying down with water first just get the dirt and rocks off (lol rocks off) spray it down wait a minute scrub lightly with a good hard brush then wash off.

For extra Brownie points with the car owner get meguiars natural shine protectant. They will look like new and won’t be greasy

Master Detail says:

See if you pressure wash the mats and then extract the water you’re going to get all the dirt out basically you’re just scrubbing the dirt back in there I know the microfiber is lifting some dirt then you going to vacuum it best thing is to just to pressure wash it and extract the water and the dirt

Atl Fat says:

Hey wat was that u was spraying on the doors an floor mats ??? Was it multi purpose cleaner??


Hey Oscar!! I just want to know where did you bought it!? Or where can I find it!??

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