Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash test results and review on my 2009 Nissan 370z touring.

So this is the Meguiars I was asked to record, its on sale right now at Walmart for just 6 bucks! I hope you enjoy this and subscribe if you enjoy this sort of thing. Thanks


Dmitry Chayka says:

Thanks a lot for that overview. I bought the same size bottle from Canadian Tire two days ago and wasn’t sure how much water vs Gold Class to pour. I poured roughly the same amount you did and the result was amazing. It does smell nice and has a nice feel to your skin (non-irritating). Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase. Thanks again.

Lux Aeterna says:

It suds like crazy. I use a third of the recommended dosage/

Spencer C says:

Nice vid, big difference!

SHANE 102588 says:

The car isn’t even dirty lol

DonHill93 says:

Which product do you think is the best between Meguiars gold wash and turtle wax Ice wash and wax? I never tried this product, I always like to stick to the ice wash and wax, or the high shine by turtle. Which one is the best to you? If you had to put them in order from 3 to 1?

Paulie Sanders says:

$6 bucks….. It’s nearly $30 bucks here in Australia, man we get ripped !!

James Evans says:

Blah blah blah…

David G says:

On sale at costco here for like $8 for a massive gallon size

BoredThatsWhy says:

Great vid man, I just got a new 370 couple weeks old. I park outside in the California heat. I want to keep the shine and protect the paint. Any idea how often i should get it professionally waxed?

melissa romans says:

that stuff is great to use……

Ash Ash says:

Fill the bucket up 80% water then add your soap, and activate the suds after. You’re not wasting product (Suds overflowing) and your bucket is almost full instead of 80% suds 🙂

GhettoMist says:

I’m kind of a car noob. Do you have to wax every single time after using this?

zombie killer3228 says:

you don’t do detailing for a job really you should consider taking it up

Julian Monaghan says:

hi buddy thats cheap. wow have you got the ford meteors there in America. not sure if there called lasers there. i liked that new video you did.

Joseph Elmajian says:

Overtime I’d wash my black 2015 Toyota Camry, it would never look clean so I heard about this.

What do you use to wash and dry? Any site that shows how to properly wash it? I got this Meguiar’s shampoo, the microfiber cleaning mitt, and the drying one.

I just need to find 2 buckets. Do I need a grit guard for the buckets too honestly? It’s getting past my budget lol.

Kitty Kitty says:

In the UK, this product in the 1.89 litre size (64 ounces) retails for GB£17.99 which is currently about US$23.40. That works out to less than 37 US cents per ounce.

jing713 says:

+acc0rd79 do you need to wax after using this? or does it have some sort of a ‘protective layer’ like a wash and wax product?

bazin ga says:

ultimate wash and wax is king.feel the difference between the gold and ultimate! u decidemeguiars products are the best, period. 🙂  love the reviews btw!!

imrichardkhoun says:

The interior of my nissan rogue 2008 has a soft touch dash and I was wondering what product/cleaner will treat a -> Soft touch dashboard. Please reply I’ll appreciate it!

Jo 2Times says:

can you put this in foam gun?

SkaGirl84 says:

What meguirars shampoo is the best? As I can decide which one to buy?

raymond palermo says:

what size is that bottle.

ian jimmy says:

Now I just bought Zymol Auto Wash, which one is the best between gold class and Zymol ? A lot of comment I read said before Zymol slightly better than goldwash. Your car looks perfect btw

MrSleesch13 says:

This shampoo is in Germany about 25€ (about 21-22$) and you have to pay 6$?! But one of the best shampoos and the smell… 😀

Richard Langlois says:

I really love all Meguiars products. Thanks for the video.

Eddie McQ says:

Was hoping to see the difference it made to your car, but your car was already clean, so didn’t really see the point

3DFX says:

Nice Video! Just ordered the following car care products for my 2017 GTI Clubsport here in Sweden. Car is Coat Protected with 6 Layers of Nano Pearl Hydrophobic Coating, meaning zero amount of Wax is allowed. 1.) Meguiars Gold Class 2.) Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer 3.) Meguiars Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner (Working for both Wheels & Tire, as it says). If you have commments or questions bout it please post here.

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