Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax test review. Before and After results on 2001 Honda Prelude.

This is the before and after test review on my 2001 Honda Prelude. Its a pretty good Product im glad I added to the collection! Meguiars makes some great products and this is just one more! Enjoy Sub and like if you also enjoyed:)


T4rTrail says:

this is the only wash that touches my 2016 Tacoma and 2016 4Runner! absolutely zero complaints!!

Zach fewell says:

I used this product on my 2008 Chevrolet trailblazer LT 4×4 and I love it and combined with a good carnauba wax or synthetic wax like turtle wax ice it will keep a shine for a long time

Eddie Yanez says:

Hello +Acc0rd79 i really like your videos they are really helpful thank you, but i wanted to ask for you opinion what car soap do you think is the best in stores? I currently use armorall wash and wax,

Mattmanwow says:

when did you use it in this video?

Redneck Mechanic says:

Hey man does this actually act as a wax job on your car after washing with this? I just bought my wife a new 4Runner and have been watching a lot of your videos. I’ve always cleaned my own cars, but never gave it much thought on what products to use. I got the turtle wax dash and glass and the turtle wax exterior cleaner. I need to get some bug and tar remover and a spray wax next. Can you spray the turtle wax bug and tar on and let it set right before you wash your car and do it that way? Thanks for the videos!

promator says:

what is your brand of gun sprinkler ?

Jonathan Maldonado says:

it works awesome but a little expensive I think

Dan K says:

hey accord79, could you test Nanoskin (NA-WWX128) Wash N’ Wax Carnauba Wash & Wax?

Abraham Robles says:

From turtle waxes new ice ultimate wash and wax would you rather go this one or turtle wax

AntMan 72 says:

So after all the different soap tests which one do you favor and why?

Cloverof4 says:

Helpful review, like the car a lot too!

Step Smith says:

I use both of them turtle on one and meguiars on the other one,lol

hatemeorbreakme says:

what percentage is the tint on the Honda please

carLOS BEATS says:

What do you recommend to dry the car for best results if money wasn’t an issue???

Donovan says:

I completely washed, clayed polished and Waxed (meguiars wax) my car a couple of weeks ago. Now I want to do a maintenance wash. What do you recommend? The wash and wax or the gold class shampoo? I don’t want to strip of my existing wax.Thanks! Love the channel!

Mishal says:

So instead of soap i put this ?

bare left on 138 says:

I use this wash along with the quick wax spray,but since the wash is wax itself do i really need to wax it after washing my car?

Mentock11 says:

Does this stuff mess with compounding and buffing your car since its also putting wax on it? I do use this stuff on my car but i noticed that when going through the compounding after using this, there was some kind of filmy stuff left on the spots where i was compounding. The compound i used with turtle wax premium compound.

Turkee Sonvich says:

i had been washing my s2000 with these cheaper wash..and it was ok…used this stuff, and suddenly the car looks exactly the way it did when i first laid my eyes on it at the dealership

WeKnowTheTruth2012 says:

i use west coast custom soap just because the wax is so good

KillerDeegan says:

can i put this meguirs wash n wax straight on without any water? just
like waxing it after the car is already clean, to give it that extra
clean n shiny look or will it wreck the paint without water n a rinse??

David Clark says:

Your car looks amazing!

Wendell Koger says:

I love this stuff, smells great and really suds up. Price point is right!

melvin arias says:

yeah i bought a bottle for my truck and also went back and bought another for the cars. even my dad old beat up suv looks new.

Jonathan Maldonado says:

It’s 12 bucks here in California

jesus luis says:

hi between this ultimate wash and the gold class witch one is  the best? i want buy the better shampoo but your help was nice 
big hugs from portugal

anastacio martinez says:

Can you show how you wash your car please

Thorsti1810 says:

Ok! Thanks for the information. Maybe YOU changed my mind and I´ll try the gold class!! 😉

hitek9wittafulclip says:

Good stuff! Do you recommend this or Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash?

Lightning35 Delta514 says:

Hello! Been watching your vids lately. Was wondering about this soap. Have you tried making a spray on solution (this soap+water in spray bottle) that works similar to the wash/wax anywhere? I know there’s lots o waterless carwashes out there but a bit pricey for me (teen, just got my first car and trying to take extreme care for it. Searching for job and dealing with school -_-) I was wondering how well it would work as a “washnwax detailer”, an all in one type of thing. I live in a town house and parking is a pain so I can’t wash with buckets or power washer. Was wondering how well a spray on solution would work for daily to weekly car. It’s pretty cheap too (like $8?) so it could be a win win.

hakman239 says:

The dilution is 1oz per gallon

Libslayer007 says:

I’ve been using Meguiars Deep Crystal car wash for years. It leaves a great shine with out any wax.

Of course I still wax my car twice a year, but use any wax from any top manufacturer (Turtle Wax, Eagle One, NuFinish)

Mr330d says:

How long Does that size Of product Normally Last you It looks Like a generous Sized Wash and wax compared to what I’m currently Using And do you recommend it For a white car ? Love your videos Too Greetings From Northern Ireland Buddy

XenomorphLV426 says:

I used this as body wash.

FocusOnDetailing says:

Nice video mate! I use Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax for most of the cars that I detail. It works well and isn’t too expensive. Have you tried AMMO NYC?

aquil Scott says:

i use this only when im doing maintenance washes if i did full correction detail or premium wax detail  i love how it the soap smells but it really enhances the wax application on your car great product!

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