Meguiars Ultimate Waterless Wash and Wax review and test results.

I was a bit skeptical when I bought this and tried it but I am truly amazed at the results for not using a hose! This is one product I can give 2 big thumbs up for those of you guys who cant get out and use the hose in the cold weather. Be sure to like and subscribe!


Greater Toronto Area Emergency Videography says:


Bend Em says:

That cars filthy

funbus says:

I use this product & love it, it’s so easy to use & works great, i’ve used it in direct sunlight as well but didn’t get streaks like you did.

houa vang says:

I only suggest you use this product during the winter in a heated garage that’s above freezing temperatures or else as soon as you spray the product onto the vehicle it will freeze and it’s sucks to thaw

Mike G says:

Nice review.  I have used this as well and it works great.  If you want to save some money consider the bulk version from the detailer line D115.  It can be diluted to achieve the same performance as Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere.

Tony Tran says:

can i use  wash & Wax liquid to wash my car then polish it after, Then finish it off with Meguiars Ultimate  Wash and Wax Anywhere? Will that strip away the polish ?

woncho1 says:

Yeah, I can confirm this product works well. The downside is the cost, £15 UK that’s like $22 U.S. In the UK one of the major store had a 3 for 2 offer. So purchase 3 this should last a good while. Wouldn’t normally purchase at the full price as at this price I can get the one Meguiar’s car wash shampoo.

Good to keep one in the car as it is label…anywhere!

Wendell Koger says:

This stuff is great. On some really dirty vehicles, I will pre-pay with detailer, followed by waterless wash ‘n wax, for extra lubrication, and preserving the product. I can be used up quickly. Another great product is Chemical Guys Eco Smart, works even better. Another great video, keep up the great work.

BoredThatsWhy says:

Can this be used on the front windshield? Taking off bugs and stuff after a drive?

عاقل في زمن الجنون says:

تحصله في الغرابي وبعض محلات الزينه سعره ٧٥ ريال

DenDanny says:

Don’t you get swirls using this?
I only bought this to get rid of bird droppings. 

Boosted Cheo says:

This muwww or griots ?

Greater Toronto Area Emergency Videography says:

I look forward to your videos non-stop, check your channel everyday so keep up the good work!

Auto Guard USA says:

I would invite you to use our product in a video. We have a waterless car cleaner that contains Carnauba wax and it does not leave streaks as you said about Meguiar’s.

Aric Beemer says:

You can use this product on wheels, it does a great job.

John Kobzik says:

it would have been nice if we actually saw you use the product and wiping it down

Don C says:

Nice video, I just tried this stuff on my car today, and I’m really happy with it!

I have to ask though, and not be be a jerk, your Prelude is gorgeous, but that P/S mirror stands out like a sore thumb, why don’t you get it reprinted?

Sean The Detail Guy says:

ok this compared to Lucas spray wax or the armor all spray wash what do you think is better

btemplr4 says:

I used it as a salvation method when i used Autoglym Paint cleanser, and accidentally let it dry over the whole car, and this acted as my lube to take it off and that was a good move! it definitly helped take any remaining residue off. 

Boosted Cheo says:

I’ve been to 2 Walmarts near me and they never have it lol the smell alone man is wonderful lol.

Raymond perez says:

does this stuff remove bird poop from the paint?..

Fallenwhun says:

would you use this on the gtr? nissan has really soft paint so i was just curious on your take on this product

Jason says:

For the norm most ppl use about 8 oz or so per car so looks good

R says:

Gonna picks some up from the Walmart

Sam Fisher says:

even when the car was still dirty, it was very shiny anyhow. Could you please tell, which products (coating, wax,…) were used on that car before? Thanks mate!

danlc95 says:

I have waited a long time for a product like this, and when it was released, I was beyond satisfied with the results. Due to the demands of my business, I invested in Optimum No Rinse Wash And Shine, because it’s concentrated. That being said I plan on switching to Meguiar’s D114, and D115. Onr thing about Meguiar’s is that they are reliable and consistent. I’ve been using their products since 1996, and they’ve always delivered high quality, consistently through the years.

I still use my left over stock on my wife’s truck every other day. 100% satisfied.

Kenyon Hicks says:

Sorry to put you on blast with this question I’m about to ask but I was looking into this product along with Mastersons Waterless wash. If you had to choose one, which one would you pick?

Mustang's Understood says:

Hum. I use it on my rims , that’s it,,, One thing in your video you showed us a dirty cloth but never actually used it on the car.

Realtime Reviews says:

What’s the price on it? I use chemical guys eco wash $29 for a gallon

thomas4776 says:

Good review. I might try this, thanks for your video!

Proshine Detailing says:

Just picked this up at wally world, gonna try it tmrw on a Tesla and see it works (its gettin a FULL paint correction so no worries) Tesla’s actually use an organic paint (similar to the water based paints/clearcoats use in modern day vehicles) and it’s extremely soft. I usually stick to Chemical Guys ecosmart as its a great company and i had used it on a tesla that i had done a correction on to get road salt and junk and it took it all right off without a single scratch, micro or macro. Keep in mind when doing the paint correction i had accidently put some micro scratches (aka swirls/spiderwebs) on the rear quarterpanel just to give you an idea of how vulnerable the paint is.

heavymechanic2 says:

Have you tried any other no rinse wash products? Turtle wax, Duragloss, Optimum: all can be mixed in a spray bottle with a similar application or used in a bucket.

edrick mendez says:

WOW..looks Meguiars products..keep up the good work!!

Proshine Detailing says:

Quick update. I tried the product out, and I am dissappointed. Meguiars quality has been suffering lately even the pro line products are a last resort. Its sad because i used to love megs. Chemical guys ecosmart is MUCH better and is priced better as well (you get can a 16oz of concentrate for a few bucks more which is equal to 2 gallons rtu product) I do like using it on windows though.

david hall says:

How long does the wax last ?

raymond palermo says:

I am worried abut scratching my paint.I just ordered chemical guys ready to use wash and I am going to get 6 really good grade microfibre towels.The towels may not come totally clean but I will use hot water and wash them seperately.They say to soak the area well so you have good lubrication on your surface.I paid 30.00 for a gallon so it will last along time.

Mike Driscoll says:

Almost wanna move to Florida just so I can clean my car all the time lol. I should start posting vids of how clean I keep my car

UltimateCydiaSource says:

I know your all about OTC stuff. But this stuff is pricy, what I recommend you maybe consider is Ultima Waterless Wash+ Concentrate. It’s available on auto geek and is only $20 but dilutes to make 5 1/2 GALLONS. So while it may not be cheap, it’s significantly cheaper and I find it to be equal in quality if not slightly better.

areasevenpro says:

I love the smell of grapefruit.

TDNomad says:

This stuff is like a spray detailer, only it has whatever else in it to actually clean a dirty car & not just light dust or dirt. Im still on the fence with these waterless or rinse freewash/wax products. I guess ill try it on somebody elses car 1st. Haha.

studiotime says:

I just picked some of this at my local Oreily’s here in Texas solely based on your review. I decided to give it a try and it is simply amazing. I had washed my car a couple of days ago but that did not even come close to the nice deep shine this product left on my 13 Focus Titanium (Black) Great video, thanks for the recommendation.

David G says:

Would b more helpful to show some techniques, do’s and don’t ‘s. I live in CA where there are severe drought issues and I live in a condo complex with no place to wash. Thank you for all your efforts.


Can I wash my car with this every week or two if my car isn’t very dirty like yours?

ZyraFX says:

Could I top this product off with a wax after using it?

Connor Chambless says:

This product is KILLER with the Meguiars Supreme Shine microfiber towels, found in their clay bar kits or online! Also the Griots spray car wash microfiber towels!

Logan Cruz says:

How does this compare to the ultimate detailer/quick wax?

Brian Wilson says:

Is your car really dirty?  lol

Brendan O'meally says:

Ive had this product for about a year and never got around finally got around to trying it because i am almost out of griots spray on car wash. Not going to lie i was kinda disappointed. I live in Maryland and pollen is really heavy right now but not alot of rain so perfect time for spray on car wash. The product did work but i noticed its very watery and seemed to leave “smears” on my paint even after following up with a 2nd dry microfiber. About 3/4 of the way through detailing the sprayer on the bottle just quit working. I ended up finishing with the remaining griots i have. Dont get me wrong it does work but im very anal and hate when products smear. They wernt terrible but they were there. I also noticed i had to apply much more pressure on more difficult spots than i do with the griots. Even after reapplying product and letting it sit. All in all its a good product it does what it says it will but imo if you want an excellent spray on car wash go for the griots may cost more but get what you pay for. And in case any one is wondering i only used griots micro fibers when using product which are excellent quality. Acc0rd you should definitely try the griots spray on car wash. Unfortunately most retailers arnt selling the larger bottles with the nice spray triggers but the smaller bottles are available at advanve auto. Ino you can get the larger ones online

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