Meguiar’s Wash Plus + Car Wash Full Review & Demo

Meguiar’s sent over their new Wash Plus car wash. Amazingly easy to use, allows you to quickly wash, clean and polish your car.

I show you how it works and also show you the results. Thanks for watching.

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Carl Mazziotti says:

so other videos show this product being used as a wax / sealant stripper. considering it has polish incorporated in its chemistry I’d have to say that’s exactly what it does. that being said you have just instructed your viewers on how to unprotect their vehicles. looks like a great product for prepping for new sealant and wax however. did you not do a water test afterwards? sheeting no beeding…

Ahmed Tha King says:

Wax one a year and shamy… I better put you on the Black list.

houa vang says:

easy to use this on a car thats hard to see the scratches you have just potentially put into the paint of the vehicle.

ChaoSpectrumOfficial says:

You in neosoc or osc?

Johny Hernandez says:

3:53 did you just hit the car?

Joe Bruce says:

Maybe instead of the two bucket wash it will work for the two car wash and save me a bunch of time!!

Siwulam says:

You all bad mouthing him, I do the two bucket method on my vehicles once a week and wax once a week. He is clearly doing better than the normal person. Give him a break. The average public doesn’t even wash their car for 4-6 months and a car wash for them is the car wash. Keep cleaning man and ignore the idiots who think you’re trying to keep the car in mint condition

Search says:

This will be my first AND ONLY time watching you wash a vehicle!!!!!!

Lazaro Carreiro says:

Great job. You addressed the pros and cons of the product. I have not used this product. But it seems to me that for those folks that wash their vehicles maybe 2-3 times a year, this would suit them.

sleepybird09 says:

any updates on the impala? was wondering if you had cleaned the intake manifold? and if so how did you go about it?. also did the tune on the sonic affect your mpg? I’m at a point where I think ima sell my RS I like it but hate the shitty mpg avg 32mpg. Wish I had the ltz 1st & 6th gear. :/

Nathan A says:

Looks nice! How that tune holdin up any issues? Got mine on my cruze ran into miss firing but fixed it

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