Optimum No Rinse (ONR) Review- Auto Detailing Product Review

Optimum No Rinse on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2LCGcjf

Link to most of the tools/products I use: https://detailgroove.co/resources/

One of the most versatile products I use (other than APC) is Optimum’s No Rinse product. On the label it says you can use it as a rinseless wash and as a clay lubricant, but I use it for so much more.

I’ve used it to clean wheels, windows and glass, wood grain, navigation panels, and so forth. This is used primarily for REALLY LIGHT cleaning. You’re not going to get a huge stain off with just this product.

I highly recommend this product. It’s affordable, you can dilute it, and get so much out of it.

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Oscar Gil
Auto Detailing Business Coach
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Optimum No Rinse- ONR review


Tpr1634 says:

Great product use it all the time.

Andrew Reichel says:

any difference between green formula and blue? Have you tested both?

Oliver Taylor says:

Looks like a great product, The Rag company have some great instructional videos on using ONR. Have you tried CarPro ech2o, it leaves a great finish when used on a car with plastic trims in rinseless form.

wendi angel says:

Can ONR Wash and Wax be used on the windows? How much should I use?

Sean The Detail Guy says:

have you tried FW1 FAST WAX what are your thoughts on that

canasion35 says:

Hey man, how are you diluting this to use as a “waterless” type wash? I don’t wanna drag the bucket down 3 floors every time I wanna wash. Lol.

Oscar Mondragon says:

ONR is my shit!!

SevansVII says:

If I had to give an award for ‘Best Overall Product’ in the detailing industry, it would go to ONR.

Patar Ondo says:

Can i use ONR on dashboard etc and door panel instead of apc? Just for basic cleaning purpose not deep interior cleaning purpose. Thx


what product do you use to clean windows… idk y mine started to come out bad now and i have been using the same product..

Chuck Walker says:

I agree, excellent stuff with a ton of uses. I like to saturate a window towel in my bucket after washing the exterior then using that to clean the inside of the Windows followed with a waffle weave towel to buff it off. That works better than just about any glass cleaner.

Juan E says:

Hey bro
You got a video on how to properly store and clean buffing pads

Driveway Reflections Detail says:

Oscar, I wanted to love ONR I really did. But I’ve found it scratches paint. So I won’t use it as a wash, but I will add a cap full to my regular two bucket wash because I do believe it will help decrease the chance of scratching. It’s just not good enough for me as a stand alone wash.

Import Car Enthusiast says:

How would you dilute ONR to be used as a spray-on waterless wash? Would you use the same dilution ratio as you would in the bucket?

Richard Taing says:

What product do you use for a regular normal wash or most of your washes (exterior)?

William Mercer says:

not to long not to short good information. thanks!

Mr Wonderful says:

You should try Armor All Ultra Shine Spray Wash  for claying the car at least 5 cars. It cling to the surface of the paint while ONR on a sprayer will run down the paint. I got this recommendation from Scott a fellow Texan out of Dallas. Just trying to think outside the box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-ZUbojCwjs

Caio Garcia says:

Hey Oscar,
Do you think I can use it in my window cleaning solution to clean home windows?
I get some pretty dirty and full of salt windows, just water and window cleaning soap is not being enough. So if I add this in my bucket, maybe the dirty will go off easily?

Ken Lawton says:

You need to try Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate. Does everything ONR does and is more concentrated. Highly rated, more so than ONR.

Nick M says:

You recommend this one over their version with the wax in it?

GeeStang says:

What’s good or great to used under the hood to clean and detail engine bay

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