Popular Car Wash Products – Test, Comparison and Review

I tested, compared and reviewed 4 popular car wash products to determine which was best using 4 simple criteria. To view the previous video on How to Choose the Best Car Wash Products click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wvJ2gICorA

4 popular car wash products reviewed:
• Microfiber Wrapped Synthetic Sponge
• Sea Sponge
• Genuine Lamb’s Wool Mitt
• Microfiber Knobby Mitt

The 4 simple criteria:
1. Softness
2. Absorbency
3. NAP
4. Releasing Dirt

A very dirty car was used to test the car wash products. The car was taped off into 4 sections — one product per section. Using the 2 bucket method, each wash product was used according to the package instructions to wash its designated section of the car.

In my opinion, I found the Sea Sponge to be the superior wash product overall followed by the Genuine Lamb’s Wool Mitt.

Sea Sponge — Best Overall
• Extremely soft when wet
• Held more water than any other product tested
• Had a tremendous amount of natural NAP
• Released dirt and grit easier than any of the other products
• Low Maintenance — rinse out thoroughly when finished and let dry.

Genuine Lamb’s Wool Mitt
The Genuine Lambs’ Wool Mitt also did a great job across all 4 criteria, soft, absorbent, plenty of NAP and released dirt well, much better than both microfiber products.

Microfiber Sponge and Mitt
The Microfiber products did very well cleaning the car, especially the MF Knobby Mitt; however, I found it very difficult to get the microfiber material to release all of the dirt from the mitt into the rinse water. This is a major concern, because if the MF is not releasing dirt effectively, it will accumulate and eventually become abrasive.

The instructions on both Microfiber packaging say to launder separately after each use. This may remove the dirt left in the MF after the washing the car; however, damage could have already been done before laundering it. Furthermore, I personally don’t want to have to do laundry every time I wash the car.

Overall, I found the natural qualities of the sea sponge made it safer for you vehicle’s finish as well as easier and fun to wash the car. The low maintenance of the sea sponge was also very appealing. I will be using a natural sea sponge to wash all of my cars in the future.


ToniMattTony says:

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47Str8 says:

I think you just saved me some time and money!

jaydenoj21 says:

Hey man like your video been having a hard time finding sea sponge any recommendations where to buy one?

Black Star says:

i bought synthetic wool

paulyyy09 says:

appreciate this video, was torn between buying a wash mitt or just to stick with a sponge because a friend said they were the best hahaa! and now i know what i’m doing haha

Sean Ozz says:

thanks for the video. i was headed to get a bunch of new cleaning stuff today and was already debating a sea sponge. now i’ll grab one for sure.

any suggestions on a good wax finish?

A Jwn says:

thanks … great job
I’ll go for natural sea sponge

makaveliq3 says:

Thank you sir

Nate Carpenter says:

nice video man exactly what i was looking for, over going to get quarters for the DIY car washes LOL

Javier Miranda says:

Thank you for the idea and review Mr.Gibson (: I love the sea sponge!

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