Professional Car Detailing Products: Darren’s latest reviews

Darren gives you a sneak peek into his latest professional car detailing products along with a tour f his updated mobile detailing van


Fernando Villarreal says:

+Auto Fetish Detail…Hi Darren…What did you think of the 303 Aerospace Protectorant? I use it alot to protect and dress dash door cards etc…I find it a good product. What is your experience?

Nathan Bachelder says:

Thanks for all your car cleaning education Darren. Learning much from you. Question: Is there a difference between Meguiars Utimate Quik Wax and the Meguiars synthetic Xpress wax? Having trouble finding the Xpress wax at the local stores. Thank you

detailing_101 says:

Do you even own car wash buckets?!

Jay Doaty says:

I highy recomend Castle glass cleaner.

jstu45 says:

Making a product doesnt mean you have to think it is the absolute best on market…trading time for money is the game of the middle class!

joe scott says:

I use and can attest to the 303 aerospace protectant. Lund vinyl tonneau cover looks really rich n vibrant when applied. I’m looking forward to watching your review on it. I can recommend polymer pro paint sealant with confidence you would like it. Have To Place Car Indoors After Application N Removal Though.

John Stone says:

Darrin Off subject , but where did you get the vinyl coated wire racks in the corner of your garage. Looking for some for my spray bottles etc.

Keith Koch says:

Hi Darren, I used to wash my SUV regularly when I was in OC. But since moving in TN for 10 years, I don’t wash anymore due to strange weather. I really appreciated your honesty, real world review. I spent the whole day watching your video review. Also tried many times trying to figure how to purchase the product to give you credit. I am so glad that mentioned about the Ad Block. I am now emptying my Amazon cart so I can go purchase from your site.

Mike G says:

Don’t be to quick to judge white wax. It has more correction ability versus their black wax which has more polishing oils. White wax has the same abrasives found in their M101 compound. It can be used on any color other than white. It’s a marketing thing with both products as the average consumer has no idea like you and I have. I’ve used white wax on a black F150 with a cutting pad and treated it as if it were a compound. Hope these tips help out. Looking forward to your reviews.

Paul Rhodes says:

So glad your back Darren! Van is looking great I really appreciate your attention to detail and organization you inspire me to be better. By the the way I am sure over the years you have used a ton of different wash its which ones would you recommend and do you use one color on the top and one color on the bottom to keep them separated? Thank you for another amazing video have a wonderful weekend.

cantbeat24 says:

I’ve tried the Armor all auto glass and I like Stoner Invisible Glass better

Paul Stevenson says:

What do you think about ceramic pro?

Brian McHale says:

Organization is the key to success. Nice work.

Robert Berry says:

Hello Darren! Out of all the products in your van I was wondering what you mostly use to clean car seats? I know it can very by job. But what if a customer wants all of there seats cleaned? would you just use your steamer? hot water extractor. Or just scrub and clean up the water with your shop Vac?


2 sorts of cleaners there really, a shampoo and an all purpose cleaner ie- sodium hydroxide which for the most part is what you want, well with the shit I clean anyway,

JoseRacingTV says:

Who is Darren? You mention about a Darren all the time? “Darren’s review of….” “People ask Darren about…”

David Andersen says:

where did you get the squeeze bottles

Rogger White says:

Tony backs the way he does it is better than you do he is a pro detailer he no whats up trust me

Greg Symoens says:

Been using 303 aero space for a couple years. Love it one of my favorites for interior

danlc95 says:

Another fantastic video! I also love Menzerna. I do a lot of “one step” polish/wax services, and PF2500 is a tremendous time saver for me in that respect. They recently changed the labels on their entire range. I think the new labels suck, and are even more confusing, but it’s been assured that the formulas are unchanged.

Let us know how you like the PF2500!

1013 Detailz says:

Hey Daren have you tried the ammo products and if you did do they work?

Andrew Van Order says:

Loved this video. Your so organized love it.

Ryan Martinage says:

303 Aerospace is great stuff. Fantastic for Volvos or Avalanches that are heavy on the plastic trim. It is also great for SeaDoo Sparks since they’re all composite. Love 303 Aerospace. Great stuff.

grey fort says:

thank you

Doug Morganstern says:

Nice clip Darren! One thing came to my attention, I saw you use Neutrogena sunblock. FYI, Consumer Reports and other consumer mags rated it the worst for sun protection. It can actually do worse damage then protection, so they say! Also try using an spf of 50/55 rather than 70 because anything above 55 doesn’t really do any better. Looks like you take good care of your health, so thought I’d pass this info on to you and your users! Keep the informative clips coming!

David de Mafate says:

Any product you’d like to have for Christmas ? lol

Juan Perez says:

thank you for the tips! i have spend most of my time watching all your video! Im in houston starting my own detailing business and it would be awesome if you checked me out on instagram @drapedupdetailing big fan!

Crystal Clear says:

Darren love your vehicle I’ve built one based on it will post a tour of it

heavymechanic2 says:

Darren, I had a polishing pad separate and found a solution. Place a piece of 1-inch masking tape on the edge of your backing plate (the size of your finger), it will allow you to pull on the hook & Loop material and not on the foam. This should prolong the life of those polishing pads since they are all made overseas.. I had the same experience with a 3-inch pad the first time it was used and that is my solution.. Another great video and a neat truck makes an impression on any customer.

Dan Wilson says:

Hi, love your videos. We have some products we’d love to send you to review, hit us up!

Guy Ewen says:

Nice vid….very organized!

LeadMunitions says:

That made me chuckle…here is my stool because I’m old….HAHAHAHA I’m right there with you Darren!!

Tony Backs says:

I don’t agree with the shampoo and cleaner statement being interchangeable. Most shampoos are made to be rinsed out of the surface it is used on. That is why if you use a carpet “shampoo” and not cleaner on your carpet and not rinse it out with a extractor or similar it will seem dirty again very quickly, the shampoo is still in the fibers grabbing a hold of dirt. Cleaners are made to flash off and not need to be rinsed off that is why APC’s dont typically leave a film or residue on the surface.

Duvey Gaming says:

this was a awesome video. you outdid yourself with the re organizing of your the fact that its practical and everything can be put away without hassles. Wish you were in South Africa. would have used your services on a weekly basis. Darren have you got any advice for me.recently i bought a new Ford Ranger Pickup( called a Bakkie) in South Africa. most people i know says i should get it waxed and detailed due to all caes being stacked cor weeks at rhe factory and is only washed acter its been transported to the dealer. so okay this makes sence to me but is there products you could recommend to me. basically in South Africa we got Maquiars as a top rated product. Then we have the Turtle wax range. Between those two can you recommend your top rated product. ibwould like to know is their any multi purpose product you van recommmend . lets say for cleaning windows end window trimmings plus the tonneau cover at the back of the bin.
like your videos. alot. i anvy you .you really got a nice space in your garage cor those endles stock of products. thats awesome. thanking you in advance for the tips and advice

Jesse Smith says:

great video Darren! have you tried Adam’s polishes?? I recommend them! also have you every heard of detail king? if so do you somewhat like them? I won some polish, a sealant, and a water activated sealant and I haven’t really liked them but I’ve seen some mixed reviews about them.

Tat2Dragons says:

Great video Darren, thanks for sharing.

Rogger White says:

Darren that is true you can use class cleaner on about any thing

Gerardo Esparza says:

Hey that white wax for white or light painted vehicles works great… I use it on my 04 honda accord and love the shine..

David Vanderson says:

I called Griot’s about using their Interior cleaner on my carpet.  You’re correct, it is the same product however the carpet cleaner is a more concentrated version.  It worked but I needed to use more of it.

Robert Morena says:

Hey Darren thanks for all the great detailing videos keep it up. I noticed on your van: “Paintless Dent Removal” do you do that as well or sub it out?

Ctyler93 says:

I’ve found that space for microfiber towels seems to be the most difficult if you really need to do a complete detail from A to Z you gotta have a lot of towels ready to go and with keeping them separate it’s A pain in the ass especially once they get dirty and you cant put them in the container that has the remaining clean ones drives me nuts

Martin møller says:

you should get a rupes polisher 🙂

uk beast mode in the making says:

is the little green bissel any good?

Kurt Sturtevant says:

I’ve used my fair share of spray nozzles in the portable restroom industry and I have to say the best I’ve ever used so far are the gray ones in this video that are also distributed by chemical guys. I use them with corrosive chemicals and they still work great even after weeks of punishment.

Acclaimed Sheepdog says:

how come you didn’t include the ecosmart waterless wash on the shelf behind you

5jjt says:

What is the word on the street in the town of Anaheim regarding Living Stream Ministries? I’m in Ohio and want to know their reputation to help decide if I will go there.

wendi angel says:

Darren, where can I purchase the 5 gallon containers that you utilize for your concentrated products?

chris patirot says:

the scholls is great however it’ has heavy price and auto geek does not carry s.20 normally i use 3m perfect it with good results however it’s still a minimum of two steps possibly three depends on the color and condition

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