Quick and honest review FW1 High Performance Cleaning Wax (fast wax)

Tried this product to remove clear coat scratches.
The result is quite good.

I left the left side of the hood untreated as comparison in the end of the video

I’ll do another video cleaning other parts of my car using this product such as headlamps, windshield etc later

Braver 148


john smith says:

Very impressive. Did you wash and dry your car before using the FW1 on the hood? Is there any ill effect if you use it in direct hot sn

BAF 1969 says:

I just used this on my truck 3 years after I purchased i from a kiosk at Sams Club and it worked great.

Amir Abdullah says:

This stuff is pretty cool. After using Liquid Glass which works real well but has a cure time topping it with this worked and left a awesome shine. Anyone who’s ever used Liquid Glass knows that stuff doesn’t like anything put on it and it won’t stick. This stuff did and worked well. So I’d say wash 1. Coat of Liquid Glass and then let it cure and then top it with this. Maybe between the top you could get some awesome protection for a bit.

angelcso100 says:

Maybe its my screen but I still see evidence of scratches on your car?

M.Rifky.F.N M.Rifky.F.N says:

Bisa dipake di bahan apa aja?

dirtbiketours says:

ABSOLUTE SCAMMM.. < <<>>we have transient Backpackers selling these spray cans in different forms,”FW1″ “SW1” “F1”, the mall carparks here in Western Australia. the price varies from $10 to $50au, depending how desperate they are to make cash. they prey on weak naive people that cannot say no.
Contents has less than 1% wax and 98% liquid hydrocarbon(dry cleaning fluid) in each can.

abdul latief says:

I try to get rid of mildew on the hood of a car but can not be lost

markanthony2370 says:

I have this product at my disposal! like he said yea I bought it to at a gas station but it was at a Kroger gas station! Cost me $43 but I got the wax, tire shine, interior cleaner and all purpose general cleaner for that price.
Now I just used the car wax and it looks good but didn’t try the scratch idea though. My Black 2006 300 is smokin shining just like any wax so I’ll have to wait and see why it’s better than the rest!!??
But I will say the General all purpose cleaner is very quick and useful!! Just wiped my stove top which I haven’t cleaned fid a year now. And this stuff just wiped it like all off like it just got dirty yesterday!!! Smfh
So yes so far so good on this product!!

malbach Hessmenn says:

tried on foggy headlight, its damn crystal now

Ricky Maulana says:

or just use Autan 😀

john moore says:

Can it be used on a boats gel coat?

sub786sub says:

Sir you have new car. Not good test on new cars. You can use any thing and it will shine.
Here is better review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpNUgSXkuXE
After looking at this video I will keep using real wax . Will not buy FW1

Bosco Hemi says:

Tried this on both my bikes. Total Garbage silicone in a can. Just a money grab, you will find these clowns selling this at a gas station near you . Glad my bud bought it and asked me to try it. Junk!

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