Review: ArmorAll Ultra Shine Wash Wipes

I liked this product however, I would personally just use this for cleaning the door jambs, etc. I prefer to wash the entire car the old fashioned way. But that’s just my opinion.

At the time of the video this product is not available at amazon. So I will link to Walmart so you guys can purchase, read reviews or look at the information.


Don Cankook says:

The TV commercial doesn’t even follow the instructions you mentioned, as the blonde chick in the commercial is wiping the car in big circles! I’ll bet you a bag of those wipes that the third one will be so dry it scratches: The baby wipes we use dry out by the third one because you really can’t ‘seal’ the pouch like the assembly machine does. just keep a bag for wiping the glass, IF you have some glass cleaner to spray on first.

Anthony says:

Your def right about asking for scratches. Take into consideration these wipes are made for the uneducated, uniformed, for people that just never had the knowledge passed along to them, and for the people that just don’t care. Just as you stated, you never knew the damaging effects of dish soap on a cars paint until it was to late. Unfortunately there will always be companies, that will continue to produce products like this, just to make a quick buck.

John Miller says:


Rene Salcido says:

you use these on a dirty or slightly dusty vehicle, you will leave scratches.wash your car first then you wont need these.

watagump1 says:

This company selling something like this is disgrace to car care.

hakman239 says:

How to scratch your car 101

Megatron2013 says:

I had to use two wipes on my car. It works for what its worth.

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