Review: Ebay / Amazon Clay Bar

My impressions on a cheap $4-6 blue clay bar that is common on ebay and amazon. I go through how to use a clay bar, how this one works for removing contamination and imperfections on the paint, applications of a clay bar, and whether or not I’d recommend this one. The car in the video is my 2007, MK5 CashedOutCars Volkswagen Rabbit. There’ll be more auto detailing videos to come!

Here is an affiliated link if you wish to purchase these clay bars:

Ads for this one include:

5PCS Magic Car Clean Clay Bar Detailing Wash Cleaner Sludge Mud Remove Blue auto

Merry 3M Orignal Car Washing Mud Auto Magic Clean Clay Car Detailing Cleaning Clay Care Car Tools High Quality Inexpensive


Sergio Matencio says:

you have a funny accent

shayww says:

Lol not exactly what I thought you was going to use the clay for

CashedOutCars says:

If you wish to purchase these clay bars here is an affiliated link where you can do so:

Ric Dee says:

Excellent video – I just bought a clay bar and will give it a try on my 93 300ZX – Thanks

emigrate says:

Real nice upload for us people who don’t have a tonne of money. Thanks

Dave Johnson says:

Dude sounds like a ESPN Sportscaster!

Pro Grief says:

the left already looked better

ikosimi simo says:

Quick and precise, thank you so much!

Catalin Pascu says:

That is a wrong use off a clay bar 🙁

Hasheem K says:

link for Exact same clay bar ?

T2D says:

good revieuw, but please, don’t use a sponge on your car, if you don’t want scratches

the Gonz says:

Is this kids dad an importer?

Jawad Arif says:

iy rubbish. doemnt pick no dirt. just pay the extra and get a proper one

Lew James says:

Ignore those mortals below what criticize your speech. You are well on your way to YouTube demi-god status!

pablo castro says:

A good short video!

CarGuys says:

Bro do a review on mothers clay bar kit also

Charles H says:

Great video – straight forward. Thanks 😉

prajeeth k says:

Good job, mate. Wonderfully done…

Jeffrey Grant says:

GOOD video. Done very well no bull straight to the point. Thanks for posting.

Gio Verde says:

Just goes to show, it does the same job as one three times the price with great results.


Wounder if you can use Bluetack instead of a clay bar, they feel similar

Pedjo Gt says:

Guys…you must be sure what type clay you use….you have for any clay soft, medium or hard type….if you have soft color (japanese etc) dont use hard clay, if you dont want to polish car after you matte the clear coat…..if you have better vehicle Merc, BMW, Volvo with ceramic color….use medium or hard etc…..clay is not just a clay….with wrong clay on soft color you may produce little nasti lines….

World Of Car Models Craft says:

Cant i use plasteline?

Simon99 says:

Good job!

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