Review of INTERIOR Tools and Products I use (2018 UPDATE) – Interior Car Detailing Products

Here’s a list of all the tools/products mentioned:
Griot’s Garage polisher:
Gray brush attachment:
Detail Buddy Boar Hair Brushes (set of 3):
Carpet and upholstery brush:
McCulloch 1385 steamer:
Aqua Pro Vac Extractor:
Optimum No Rinse:
Super Clean (APC):
Metro Vac n Blo:
Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing:
Chemspec fabric rinse:
Metro Sidekick Blaster:
Black bristle brush:
Kirkland microfiber towels:
Microfiber applicator pad:
Wolfgang Leather Conditioner:
Pet hair brush:
Red Zone Ready:
Gel Break Adhesive:

Pro tip: You don’t need to buy everything all at once or buy the “best” product or tool.

Start with what you can afford and work from there. You’ll always be progressing in your business. Everyone has their starting point.


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Interior detailing products I use

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SW Arkansas Outdoors says:

I know this video was a while ago but I am literally just getting into detailing and if I’m cleaning the carpet and I use the cleaner then use the brush, then what? Do I just wipe it away with the towel or? Thanks for the help!

SuperClean says:

Thank you Oscar for being a Super Clean customer and mentioning our product in your video! We are happy to hear it works so well for you in your business.

Ale D Martin says:

Optimal no rinse is gonna charge you with assault and battery

Suson M says:

Got into auto detailing when I bought my own car and you have been extremely helpful. Thanks a lot bro, you the best!

B&X Williams says:

What do you need use for cleaning clients rims?

Amir Abdullah says:

The power bush works well to for carpets .

D'Andre Gross says:


Max says:

Oscar thanks for the tool information. A lot of these tools I don’t have fabric rinse. Why do you use this product and does it benefit the customer? If so how?

Cynthia Conrow says:

You have a lot of energy! I wish you were near me and I could hire you to clean my mini convertible. I have two questions for you. I have a black interior and I have white-is smears around the car, mostly on the door panel, from makeup/sunscreen/lotion. What will get it off? Also what do you use on a black convertible top? Mine has some marks from being folded. Also I have a steam cleaner for the house, do you like steam for interiors?

bryan1282 says:

I went to the janitorial supply store and asked the guy “what’s your problem” and he punched me

angel peraltaaa says:

Hey i’m a detailer and i have one question. I know degreasers can’t be used on leather or plastic. is this superclean (apc) degreaser both a apc and a degreaser? Can it be used on leather and plastic or will it fade the plastic and the leather?

Srt Jg says:

Like it

Ronnie Mendiila says:

Can u put the link for clay towel .?? Thanks great video

Astro Maddox says:

This guy doesn’t have the tools needed

Daniel Z says:

I like going to my local supply store and talk to them about my problems.

Russell Parker says:

You have got to try a WIPE OUT for Rinseless wash aso ,F Bomb, Valor
American detailers Garage

Patriot Sleeper Cell says:

good video

Klean Freak Auto Detail says:

ONR is a staple in my business. What dilution are you using for a quick detail spray?

Juan Ordaz says:

Lol y ur hair like that bruh

Boot Yeater says:

You repeat yourself so god damn much. Other than that great video.

Victor Benitez says:

What’s the names of the carpet extracter

Erick Varela says:

What do u use to restore interior plastics like Toyota door panels

vasu devakumar says:

What is the GSM of micro fiber towel

carlos aparicio says:

You always right Oscar we don’t need to buy a lot of stuff we don’t need the beginning I hope you make more videos I learning a lot from you. Keep it coming

Marcelo Llamosas says:

Let’s go H town!

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