Review of the Woodstock Laserwash Automatic Car Wash / Touch vs Touchless

Hello everyone! This is a review of the Woodstock Laserwash Automatic car wash. It is two car washes side by side in one bulding and both are PDQ systems. One is a laserwash 360 and the other is a Protouch Tandem. It was a good back to back comparison as to which is the better wash. Be sure to let me know in the comments below, which one you would pick and why? Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy 🙂


carwashnews says:

Your videos are fantastic!! Every one of them!!

The Explore Master says:

Really intresting that you get to pick a choice if you want soft touch or touchless Wash

Alexander Fischer says:

what street is this laser wash automatic car wash on that you filmed here in Woodstock Between the Touch and Touchless bay

Josh Shaw says:

I would pick the laser wash 360 because it does a good job

Breazeale Aaron says:

Most touchless systems use a two step presoak. Low ph and high ph. One loosens dirt, the other breaks down stuck on grime. Most tri foam ( in touchless, and touch)is actually a paint conditioner, which is a low ph cleanser that removes fine dirt and grime. Very few chemical manufactures produce a true polish. Even those ” true polishes” rely on extremely low or high ph to be effective. The scrubbing action in touch systems makes both types of tri foam effective in giving a shiny vehicle. Touchless systems tend to stick with paint conditioners. Paint conditioners can have drying agents ( clear coat protectant)built in them. Car washes use words like ” polish” and ” protectant” to make more money. Every ” clear coat protectant ” that Is available in North America is a drying agent, which makes the water bead up and run off. If you buy a weather protectant, you are essentially paying for a supped up drying agent ( some weather protectants last way longer than a basic drying agent,). Most tunnel car washes market a “wax”, but some use “cheap”synthetic carnuba based products. There are only a hand filled of real commercial car wash waxes on the market. If your car wash markets a wax, smell is the best way to sniff out imposter products. Real carnuba has a banana scent to it, that is subtle, imposters will have an intense scent. Also look at the foam, carnuba creates large airy bubbles, not thick foam. – Former TX car wash GM

Survivor1547 says:

Laserwash 360 is My First Choice At The Carwash.

Brendan WildWood NJ Hancock Dental says:

Good Video

SimPlayz says:

I think Touch less is better because Those Brush in Pro touch can scracth your car

Joshua Lindsay says:

I personally like the tandem system better cause it touches the car. I love ur videos I will post a new one soon

Creaky C. says:

OOOOHH! A TANDEM! It’s obvious that the Tandem would do a bit better than the LW360,just because of the fact that it’s a soft touch machine. And if you are going through two car washes, you have a good idea because the touch free is used to get the surface stuff off, and the soft touch to get deep down into that dirt

CSXT3301 says:

ok i belive the side panel is rocker panel blaster

kelvins auto channel says:

at 18:55 boy that black impala was so pretty and cool video

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