Rick’s Review of Jay Leno’s Garage All-Purpose Cleaner

In the first of what I hope to be many reviews, I share my impressions of JLG’s All-Purpose Cleaner. Using video footage, I demonstrate the various ways in which I put this APC to the test. If you would like to see the entire videos that I have used in this review you can click the links provided below. I look forward to your comments and questions and be sure to check back soon for more of my reviews of Jay Leno’s Garage Advanced Vehicle Care products.

World’s Most Spoiled Audi SQ5 Series:
Part One: https://youtu.be/JGQwZZgR-ls
Part Two: https://youtu.be/r4meWNjbcFc
Part Three: https://youtu.be/34ia0GkNnDM

Extensive Detail of Volvo XC90: https://youtu.be/CRnMIvXxwmA


Michael’s Detailing says:

It is Coming from the makers

Jeffrey Barry says:

He SPEAKS!!!! Great to hear from the man behind these incredibly well edited videos. Keep up the great work and we’ll keep watching.

Big Quevoo says:

Still shocked you only have 1k subscribers

Madhu Ganesh says:

Have you tried optimum power clean? how does it compare against this one?

Juan C. says:

What specific vacuum do you use?

Michael’s Detailing says:

Adams Products Just relabeled

trapcracker says:

That stuff looks really impressive.

MTobin1000 says:

Rick, how do you only have 1300 subs?  Your channel is unbelievable !  (Mike in Ohio)

caljoundi says:

Fantastic quality video review. I really enjoyed watching this. Keep it up!!

Nadine Edwards says:

I wish the JLG products were available here in the UK. If they are, I’m yet to track them down!

Mr Sparkle says:

I flippin love when I receive RAD notifications!!!! Its drop everything and watch at that moment!!! Lol!!!

Nikhil Vanmali says:

Do a review on the garage floor

Craig Penrose says:

Nicely done Rick! I’ll need to order some of this cleaner.

Ronald Moll says:

Good morning Rick. Hope you are having a great day so far. Is Jay Leno’s & Griots Garage the only products you have used? What are your thoughts? If you had to choose one company which would it be? Thank you for your time. Buy the way I love your whole setup. Great job.

HitmanAtM16 says:

Great video. My only concern is that this product seems very similar to Adams APC, which I have a gallon of and was not impressed. Its great for light duty cleaning, but does not have the strength of a real APC, such as Maguiars D101 which blows it out of the park. Plus, the D101 is diluted down anywhere from 1:4–>1:10+. Its also a fraction of the cost.

Brandon B says:

Lots of good tests. That stuff looks legit!

Jeff S. says:

I have been looking for a new all purpose cleaner, used to use adams which is thebest in my book, moved I kind of moved away from that company. This cleanerlooks like a good one, what does it smell like?

Kyle D says:

Great review Rick! Looks like a winner my friend.

Nicholas Lim says:

Awesome video as always!!! Thank you Sir!!!

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