Snow Foam Lance Test : Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash Part 1

can you use a car shampoo for snow foam?
can it foam? will it stick? this is the test!

Snow foam is a prewash foam, sprayed onto the car to lubricate and dissolve as much dirt as possible, to help keep the infliction of swirl marks, scratches and abrasions to a minimum.
after this, you can sprayed the car again with water/pressure washer, and continue washing by hand.

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Snow Foam Tutorial

Snow Foam Shampoo Test Video

Car Shampoo in snow foam lance test

Auto Detailing Product Review


Y0RIC HUNT says:

Dem feels when your cleaning setup is worth more than your car.

Varun Chandel says:

hey bro which machine are you using to wash car ???

giantesa says:

ada gk jual alat nya pak,
brapaan harga nya

Morgam Kriese says:

How many gpm is your pressure washer?

Konde as says:

harga foam lance nya brp gan?

transfer2007 says:

don’t understand a word, but i do know how to read. haha Good Job!

DJ TITO says:

I bought this soap at costco! 9 months Ago. and damn it makes alot of soap. !! and lasted

teknofil007 says:

Cool to se this Shampo! I use CarPlan Trade Valet soape when I use snow foam and Its good Shampo too.

Mahila Maseli says:

Thank you so much…I have recently repainted my car and wanted to get into this “touchless” washing method but was worried about the harshness and staining capability of the foaming products I saw people using… I have always used Meguiars Gold Class and now I know how to to use it in the foam cannon – thank you so much for a great video….

Fraggle Rock says:

Great video. Car detailing products are like the 1001 sports nutrition supplements – massive industry with massive markup on production costs. Filtered water, add some car was soap and scent and sell it for 1000% production mark up.. the rest is spent on marketing. I literally ran out of my “super snow foam” and did the same, then saw this video. On my MY2017 Mustang with paint protection, I honestly think the Maguires did a better job (I put in a little more than 100Ml). Save your money on some of these cleaning products. Obviously invest in a quality cleaning mit, drying towel tho!

AsANBER sAN says:

hi friend. how i made foam? u have any recipe to made in home. I can use any soap?
sorry my english is poor

Debadged Power Wagon says:

At first I thought he was gonna teach us to make meth

Ra Dewansa says:

Beli alatnya dimana bang

rivo E says:

Kalo pake meguiars nxt bisa gak sih?

kenny Tee says:

WOW! Fucking amazing!! My Nigga..”

trainNGain TT says:

Kudos (that means “good/excellent) for you for learning English. Great job

Luthfi Amanullah Juidi says:

mau tanya, snow foam lance sama mesin air nya beli d mana?
soalnya saya pake meguiars gold class tapi masih manual pake wash mitt. thanks

Rifqi rvld says:

beli dimana nih bro?

Adrian Devora says:

how much psi will I need for foam like this?

Guillermo Café says:

Very nice videos. I’ve seen a few of yours. In depth, informative, and great camera quality/work. Thank you for the videos


alphy here in puerto rico i cant find a lot of products that you try here and other videos using snow foam gun…. the question is for you whats it the best and really disolves dirty on paint before washer thanks

حہۣۗہۣۗيہۣۗہۣۗدر 07707519567 says:

هذا المضخه شلون توصلني للعراق ارجو الرد

Brian Woods says:

what’s the point? it’s a shampoo, not a snow foam.

Carnage says:

electric or gas washer?

Whiskey Q says:

Chemical guys has “single handily” ruined millions of youtubers with their BS salesmanship. This guy is CLEARLY showing you that regular car wash will work with a cannon but they are STILL pressed to believe it requires something “special” because it smells like mango’s. I have NEVER EVER seen chemical guy’s wash a dirty vehicle…. EVER!!!!!!!

steliostsi says:

wtf is he saying?

10tigre1010 says:

Could you please tell me why my foam cannon only produces foam with the mixer adjustment to the maximum clockwise (-). I had knew that the adjustment has to spin counter clockwise (+) to obtain more foam. I used it with 90 bar pressure. Thanks.

OsNojoke says:

I have the sunjoe spx 3001 and a regular foam cannon. How do you achieve the thick foam with the low pressure? Is it your mixture of soap to water?

Bend Em says:

Gold class is just marketing better off with mild soap at the correct ph

MrX D3ePweb says:

copy from indonesia??

albert lopez says:

what’s the PSi and GPM on the pressure washer?

Praveen Kumar says:

Nice video

Владимир. М says:

Foam lance China?

Chris Martin says:

Quick tip:-

If you want to review a SNOW FOAM lance. please actually put the product it’s made for in…………

Ivan Sinuhe Muñoz Barrera says:

Hi man i love your videos you are like a teacher =) so teach me… How many mililiters should i put in my device to get a thik and consistent foam layer in my car… Device: Karcher FJ6 Foam Jet Nozzle with 0.6 L capacity

Supo Delox says:

mas itu kalo pake wipro bisa

Worlwide Products says:

Haha can’t believe this! Your video is amazing 🙂 Use this normally for the handwash :p Thanks and keep going!

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